Our Beautiful Family Room by Bassett Furniture


In the 12 years that Justin and I have been married, we’ve lived in 6 different places. Over those years, we’ve used the space in our homes very differently based on what was happening during that particular time in our lives.

When we first moved to Raleigh, just 3 months after we were married, Justin was in school full-time and I worked at a salon doing hair. We had a small townhome with 3 bedrooms which we designated as the primary bedroom, a guest room, and a shared office space. I started my blog while we lived in this townhome, and have so many memories of hearing Justin come in late from studying at the library to find me upstairs in the office pounding out blog posts!

As we started having kids, and then we both transitioned to working from our home, our needs and how we “used” our house changed. We migrated our TV up to the playroom and shifted the family room area to act as the space where we gathered with friends or family to talk. I wanted to update our family room to feel really welcoming and comfortable. The kind of place where you slipped your shoes off, shifted the pillows around on the couch, and really settled in. We love to light fires in our fireplace when it’s cold enough, so the idea of sitting and enjoying company in this space was for a long time what I imagined using this room for. Practically, we needed different seating than what the furniture we moved from the other house offered us.

I was intrigued when Bassett reached out and shared their Power of American Home campaign with me. I loved the idea of storytelling through one’s home and sharing what their home means to them. A home can carry so many significant memories and special moments with loved ones, and as someone who values creating a warm, inviting space in my home, I knew Bassett would be the perfect place to create that with.

I am thrilled to share our newly decorated family room with you today. It was my dream to put two couches in this room, facing each other, and it is even better than I imagined! My mom arranged two couches facing each other in the home I grew up in, and it’s where my family would often end up spending the most time together. It’s not as formal-feeling as sitting around a dining table, and we’ve already used this space so much now that we have more seating!

To kick off the process of redecorating this room, I headed into my local Bassett Furniture store and met with designer Michael Perry. I shared with him what I wanted the room to feel like, and how we wanted to use it, and also shared a few things that I wanted to avoid like mid-century modern or anything too white/crisp. Beyond that, I really let him take the lead on fabrics, finishes, and pillows. He chose fabrics that I would have never initially grabbed, but seeing the swatches all together allowed me to envision an inviting, warm, transitional family room.

Bassett has such a vast offering of fabrics and materials, the customization options are expansive. I was very glad to have the help of a designer since there is so much to choose from!

I didn’t want anything that felt overly formal, but I did want the space to look refined. The round coffee table makes it easy for kids to gather around and work on a puzzle, and the leather ottomans offer a bit of warmth and additional seating for little ones.

Justin sits in one of the Pippa accent chairs every morning. I love the contrast detail on the fabric of the Pippa chairs, and Michael Perry hit the nail on the head by choosing a black chair frame to add a bit of drama to the chairs.

The rug is such a statement, and I love how easy it is to maintain with 3 little kids running around.

Beyond this room looking unbelievably gorgeous with the new furniture from Bassett, it’s incredibly functional for our family as well. Justin and I love to host friends and family, so to have a beautiful space where people can relax is truly so delightful.

It’s everything I could have hoped for in a family room and every day feels like such a treat to be able to sit in here and enjoy the space. I’m happiest with all my birds in the nest and love sitting in here with Justin and recapping our days after the kids go to bed.

Here are the family room items from Bassett Furniture:

Huge thank you to Bassett for partnering with me and gifting the furniture for the Power of the American Home Campaign.

One Simple Swap to Modernize your Eye Makeup


I tend to stick with the classics when it comes to style and beauty, but I also like experimenting with some trends as long as they feel true to what I like. This makeup tip I’m sharing today is something you may have heard of already, but I’m curious if you’ve ever actually tried it.

Are you ready for it?

Ditch the black eyeliner.

Don’t throw it away, let’s not be ridiculous, but push it down to the bottom of your makeup bag. Replace it with either *no* eyeliner, or something that is just a shade darker than your favorite, most-worn eyeshadow. And if you don’t wear eyeshadow much, just look for a soft brown shade that will give the illusion of depth without any of the harshnesses of black.

Black eyeliner is great for adding serious impact and definition to the eyes, but it can be harsh sometimes and it often ends up making eyes look a bit smaller than they actually are. There are tricks and techniques to using black eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger, but for the most part, I imagine many of you use it in the most straightforward, traditional way: a small line along the base of your lashes on the top of your eye.

I’ve been reminding you to smudge it out, soften the line with a brush, etc. for years, but now I want you to try skipping the black eyeliner altogether.

Not only will it make your eyelashes pop (no black line visually breaking up the length of the lashes), but it may make you look a bit more awake with wider opened eyes as well.

For this makeup look I used: Bobbi Brown Cream shadow in Nude Beach, Sephora Collection eyeliner in Shimmery Taupe, Hourglass blush in Luminous Flush, and Laura Mercier lipstick in Brun Pale.

Effortless Athleisure


I tend to share more of my “dressed up” outfits on Instagram during my workdays but today is all about my wardrobe on my days off which is almost always athleisure. In the summer, it’s a lot of shorts and tanks, but as it starts to cool off I’m incorporating some joggers and t-shirts into the mix.

When I’m wearing leggings, I try to find tanks or outfits that have a shirt hem long enough to cover my butt, but with joggers, I’ve got more options for throwing on a casual tee or a more fitted, cropped tank.

I’m wearing a bunch of my favorites from Zella, a brand you can find at Nordstrom. In fact, the day before my sprint triathlon, I rushed over to Nordstrom to buy a long sleeve top from Zella because it was going to be a bit colder than I was expecting that morning! I can always count on finding a great variety of what I may I be looking to add to my wardrobe from Nordstrom. It’s been one of my go-to retailers for years, and besides the vast selection, the free shipping and returns is always a win in my book.

Zella has a great mix of comfy lounge clothes, as well as high-performance workout gear. Some of my favorite long sleeve shirts are from Zella, you may remember me sharing them a bit last season. They have a scooped hem and thumb holes on the sleeve. They came back this season with new colors and a few striped versions!

The white t-shirt I’m wearing in these images is lightweight and stretchy enough for a low-impact workout or easily thrown on with a pair of joggers to run errands in. I paired it with black joggers that have elongating details down the front and sides of the legs, which are also nice and high-waisted!

Switching to my favorite color palette (black), I paired the slightly oversized and relaxed black tee with the stretchiest pair of joggers I’ve ever put on my body. You have to feel these grey pants to believe me, but they are extremely comfy and fit like a glove.

The long puffer jacket is just taunting me right now, hanging in my closet waiting to be worn. It’s still quite warm here, but I loved the length of this jacket for wearing with leggings. Plus, it’s lightweight enough that I won’t get too hot in it.

I rounded up a handful of my other favorites from Zella below!

01.     02.     03.      04.     05.     06.     07.     08.     09.     10.   

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.

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