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When I had boys I always heard about how boring it is to shop for boys and how fun it is to shop for girls. Since I was only shopping for boys I actually found it to be pretty fun and easy. I actually looked at the girls clothes that were full of tulle and sparkles and it didn’t look very comfortable.

I’m not really into dressing my kids stylish at the cost of comfort, especially with two boys who love to jump and wrestle and generally MOVE.

When Emily was born and we learned she was a girl I was immediately so excited to buy her clothes! My mom and sister took a trip to Target while we were still in the hospital to get her some basics and I loved every single thing. I found it so fun to dress her up!

I still look for comfort, though, and find more often than not that I’m leaving her in footie sleepers during the day since it’s gotten so chill outside. She’s at the stage where she yanks her socks off so I don’t want to mess with lost socks and cold toes!

I rounded up a few of my favorite items for her above. Like the boys, I try to stay within smaller color palette so I can mix and match everything and naturally that color palette is PINK!

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How was your week? Mine was a little slower than weeks past which was a welcomed change. I took the boys to see the Polar Express at the IMAX theater last weekend. It was so nice to do something with just them! It’s a little complicated to leave Emily for a few hours since I’m nursing, but Justin and I made it happen!

I’d say the movie was a little intense at parts for David. Mostly the volume in the theater is what made scary parts seem overwhelming. Luke did fine and after it was all said and done they both said they loved the movie! David did have to sit on my lap during the scary parts but I welcomed that with open arms since that is a rarity these days.

I’m pretty much finished with Christmas shopping for the kids and almost finished with Justin and my mom. I still have several people to buy for but it’s nice to have a few people completed! I am still updating my gift guides if you are shopping as well!

I started back at burn bootcamp and it feels *so* good to be pushing myself hard during a workout!

I’ve been loving the shades Last Nightie and Princess Charming on my nails this season. I used to be a dark nail kind of girl but I’m liking the lighter shades these days because the chips aren’t as obvious. I still get the longest wear from Gel Couture.

This $15 tee from Amazon is perfect for layering and long enough to work for leggings. I’ve been wearing it a lot this season under ponchos!

I shared an updated curling tutorial earlier on in the week, did you catch it?

I also wrote a post answering a lot of questions about Lash Lifts as well!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Winter Wardrobe Essentials


I rounded up a few closet staples for winter based on things I’ve loved for a long time and new additions to my wardrobe! I’ve said before that I don’t buy outfits, I buy pieces that can mix and match. I found that is the best way to get the most use out of my clothes.

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve.

Striped long sleeve tee – To me a striped tee or tank (or both!) is one of the most versatile options in my closet. I can wear it alone, with a statement necklace, with delicate jewelry, with leggings or denim. I can dress it up or down with my makeup and hair, and wear pretty much any pair of shoes that I want to. I can layer a poncho, vest, or a light jacket over top, too. It’s a step up from a plain tee but functions as a completely neutral basic in my mind.

poncho (similar) – I got a great poncho last year in a trunk from Trunk Club and just added a pretty camel one to the mix this year.

open cardigan – I mention this open cardigan a lot because I get so much dang use out of it. The length is great and it’s perfectly casual for every day life.

bright winter jacket – This is a new addition this year and I love the bright orange-y/red color.

ankle boots (similar) – I usually wear slip on sneakers, ankle boots, or knee high boots throughout the winter. I love an ankle boot because it can be dressed up or down.

knee high boots – A classic, in my mind. And a rich brown shade can’t be beat.

simple bag – I don’t like changing out purses often, so a few good neutral choices that I can wear year round are perfect.

great jeans (also great!) – A great pair of jeans goes a long way in making me feel good about my outfit. I love that these are high waisted and don’t loosen up throughout the day, while still having some stretch to them.

blouse (similar) – My wardrobe is pretty casual but I like to dress up a pair of jeans with a blouse from time to time.

leggings (similar) – I’d call these unbeatable because they are the only leggings I’ve found that don’t slide down during the day. If I could add up the money I’ve wasted on other leggings, I’d have a few pairs of these.

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