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Don’t Buy a New Blowdryer Until You Read This

The weather has warmed up a bit here in Raleigh and I couldn’t be happier. And while I know pollen season is impending, it’s worth it. It’s worth it for green grass, flowers, and warm sunny days.

I hope you were able to catch the blow dryer comparison I shared on stories, YouTube, and here on the blog this week. I wanted to compare 5 different dryers at a wide range of price points and offer details about who would be happiest with each one! You can read the post here.

This weekend is going to be a full and fun one. I’m co-hosting a baby shower for a friend, we’ve got some kid sports on Saturday, and then I’m heading to a hockey game on Sunday with a different friend. I’m trying to set myself up for success and do my weekly meal planning on Saturday afternoon so Sunday can feel restful.

And here are a few things I mentioned on Instagram Stories recently that you may have missed

Spanx Crewneck

Best Winter Boots

VRBO in Park City Utah

Current nails are Live.Love.Carnaval

Verb Ghost Oil

New Patrick Ta BlushesShe’s the Moment (coral color)

Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer in Shade 4 – will cover literally anything.

MAC Studio Fix Powder

Bright T-Shirt from Old Navy

Easy Long-Sleeve Tee

Boden Slides

Spanx Red Air Essentials Pullover

Yummy Pasta Recipe

Stripe Button Down

Shirt Dress

Budget-Friendly Shirt Dress

Kevin Murphy volumizing products

Power Lift Volume Booster – I’ve used this a few times and really like it!

Gorgeous Dress

Safe Box Cutters

Target Sandals

The Greatest Night of Pop

Have you seen something on IG Stories that you want to reference? It may be in the last links + small things post if it’s not here.

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Olivia says · 03.14.24

You are in fact, a liar. That Rosie Jane perfume was almost full and that is your first bottle. I know for a fact that you did not already go through that first bottle OR you would have immediately recognized the scent on your friend. Go ahead and pass this comment off as being from someone ‘unstable’ (your word), but I know that you know I am right. You are a liar. 🤥

Kate says · 03.15.24

You don’t seem okay. Take a breather, go outside. stop following me so closely.

Sherrie Glazier says · 03.17.24

What are people so mean, it has to be so exhausting! I’m so sorry Kate that you have to put up with this negativity. I just love everything about you and I really hope these haters a find peace and potentially treatment, ugh!

Kate says · 03.18.24

You are so kind Sherrie! thank you! It does baffle me how dedicated some people are to following me while hating my guts. Seems counter-productive to me lol

JJM_63101 says · 03.15.24

Paris? Really? Leaving your family for a holiday with the girls in France just because? Typical Kate.

Kate says · 03.15.24

Heaven forbid a woman travels for work! Alert the press! Headline news coming in hot: “Woman with self-made career has buisness trip”.