White Sneakers for Spring

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Sneakers are a go-to shoe, and with upcoming travel on my calendar, I wanted to make sure that I had a great pair of sneakers to go with a handful of outfits.

I tend to lean towards more plain and white versions of sneakers, even though my eye always goes to the metallic details or colorful details. Whenever I try them on I find myself wondering if I’ll be too picky about how to coordinate them with my more neutral outfits. I get the most wear out of an all-white sneaker, so these were a few that caught my eye!

One (similar), Two, Three, Four, Five (more sizing), Six, Seven, Eight, Nine.


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Rachel says · 04.10.24

I bought the New Balance (1) above and made the mistake of not wearing them before I took them on a trip where I would be walking a lot. The right shoe was fine; the left inner heel support seemed to dent in half way up, and I ended up with a gigantic blister. I did contact Zappos when I got home, and they did exchange them for a second pair. I hope these will be better, because I love the look of them.

Kate Stephens says · 04.10.24

Have you tried these? I’d never purchased an Oncloud shoe before….just wasn’t sure I cared for the look, and I finally caved and bought these and they are AMAZING. Way more flattering than they appear off the foot in my opinion. And I have a borderline wide foot and they give me plenty of room. Not a bad price point either. https://www.on.com/en-us/products/the-roger-advantage-w-3wd1065/womens/white-rosehip-shoes-3WD10652349

Eri says · 04.12.24

I’d love if the graphic included the price for each, that would I could click right to the one in my budget.

Kate says · 04.12.24

I’d love that too! We aren’t able to do that right now : /

Barbara Cave says · 04.13.24

I like #4