Primary Bedroom Refresh

A Dimensional Dining Room Update

When it came to updating our primary bedroom decor, I really was just looking to modernize it a bit. The furniture we had in that room was from many, many years ago and the decor/accent pieces felt tired. We kept much of the big pieces of furniture and simply updated art, accessories, and smaller decor. Swapping out the rug made a huge difference, and I think the primary bedroom looks fresh light, and beautiful.

You can see the process where we received the original furniture here.

And if you’re interested in seeing where we started before this recent update, read here.

Abstract Beach Art (similar)

Botanical Prints Set – I really loved these for the wall that is often in the background of my filming.

Valley View Art by Chelsea Fly

Secretary Desk (similar)

Upholstered Bed (similar)

Kindred Avin Area Rug – this rug is durable and dimensional.

Block Print Square Pillow

Rectangular Decorative Pillow

Ceramic Table Lamp + (similar)

Artificial Peony in Vase

Nightstand – I love that the nightstands have iPhone chargers attached to the back of them!

Giana Rug

Desktop Vanity Mirror

Vanity – I really like the cane accents. It adds texture without feeling too busy.

White Boucle Accent Chair

Dresser (similar)

Artificial Accent Plant

Candle Holder (similar)

Oro Natural Walnut Wood Side Table

Since this design, we ended up choosing a different vanity than the one pictured above.


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Jenna says · 02.25.24

Two things I didn’t see on your list were your wall paint list and throw blanket on the bed. Can you share those?

Kate says · 02.26.24

The paint color is “blanched” by Magnolia. The throw was brought in by my designer for photos but didn’t stay. I’m sorry I don’t know more details on it!

kati says · 02.26.24

Is the rug linked the same as the one you used in your bedroom? The color and pattern look very different. Love the refresh, great choices!

Linda says · 02.27.24

I’m looking for a vanity chair like the one you have. Can you share where you purchased from? The one listed is a little different than yours.

Linda says · 02.27.24

Thank you for posting your bedroom and vanity area updates. This is very helpful.

Do you remember which color of rug you purchased in the Giana?

And do you know where you purchased your specific vanity chair?

Thank you!

Linda says · 03.03.24

Is there a preferred place for questions?

Curious to know where you purchased your vanity chair from. The one listed is different.

Thank you.


Kate says · 03.05.24

My mom found it at Home Goods actually!

Linda says · 03.05.24

Thank you!