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Welcome to my master bedroom! When we moved in last year (2019) I was so thrilled to be able to reuse so much of our bedroom furniture from our old house. There is more space in this bedroom than our last, and we switched over to hardwood floors in this place.

Check out the video below to see the tour!

Bed (same), Rug (similar), Bench (similar), Secretary (similar), Bedside Tables (similar), Lamps (same),  Artwork (similar), Tree (same)

Desk (similar), Desk Chair (similar), Pouf (similar), Standing Mirror (same)

Floor Lamp (similar), Vanity Mirror (same), Clothing Rack (same) Rug (same)

Dresser (similar), Standing Mirror (same)

I love that our master is on the second floor of our house, along with all the kids’ rooms. It’s a place that I spend a lot of time in since I work at the vanity area when I’m creating content, and I simply love the way this space turned out and how peaceful and calm it is.

Common questions:

One. What is the paint color? The paint color is Blanched by Magnolia in eggshell finish.

Two. Do you like hardwood floors in the bedroom? I like it because hardwood floors are easier to keep clean than carpet, plus it’s better for my husbands’ allergies, but it did take some getting used to! Rugs are essential to help the room feel warm, cozy, and to diffuse a bit of echo.

Click here to shop for any of the same or similar furniture! Also, you may enjoy the post I shared recently on my major closet makeover! 

P.S. My linens are from Brooklinen and *yes* they are worth the hype.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.14.20

Such a gorgeous bedroom! Great tour! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 04.14.20

I swoon over that secretary every time! What do you keep in it? I can’t justify the cost of the one you linked to but I do like seeing how people use furniture like that in different ways.

Kate says · 04.14.20

Jewelry, books, small accessories!

Livia says · 04.14.20

Love the whole setup! It’s ideal. The windows are amazing. What direction is your light mainly coming from? Trying to figure out if that paint color would work in rooms with west and north-facing windows. Thanks!

Kate says · 04.14.20

The light mostly comes in from the windows by the vanity area!

Megan says · 04.16.20

I think she’s asking what direction do your windows face, e.g. are the windows north-facing? She’s trying to understand how the paint color of your bedroom would look in her home.

Genevieve Cordery says · 04.14.20

I love how you decorated your room! I’m in the process of redoing mine, but the furniture can’t change for a while sadly. Bookmarking your dresser cuz it’s gorgeous.

Genevieve |

Terry says · 04.14.20

Thanks for sharing! I LOVE your filming area.. it’s like a mini sunroom in your bedroom 😍

Meg says · 04.14.20

I love your plantation shutters! Did you get them when you moved into the house, or where they already there? I am interested because I am local and looking to get similar shutters. Thank you!

Natalie says · 04.14.20

Thank you for sharing! I just love your new home…. it’s beautiful!

Lindsay says · 04.14.20

What a beautiful space! I feel like a dolt saying this… but how do I view the video? I can’t find where it’s linked, either in text or in the photos. Thanks!

Angie says · 04.14.20

Same! I only see pics. No video

Amanda says · 04.14.20

We have been contemplating making the change to hardwood floors upstairs. With cats and kids, floors need to be easy to clean and like yourselves, it will be an enormous help with allergies!

Jennifer says · 04.14.20

Okay, that little “nook” with the mirror/pouf is so amazing! It must be so nice to work there, especially when the sun is coming through the windows.

Kate says · 04.14.20

It really is so nice, I’m thankful!

Lyni says · 04.14.20

What lamp shades goes with the lamps on your night stand?

Kate says · 04.15.20

I’m sure I just grabbed them at Target:)

Ashley says · 04.14.20

It’s so open and airy! Beautiful!

Chelsea says · 04.14.20

Such a beautiful bedroom! I love how you’ve decorated it!

xx Chelsea

Nicole says · 04.15.20

I found the same rug by your vanity for less on RUGS USA! Plus it comes in more colors!

Patricia Hanneman says · 04.19.20

Love your make up mirror with the lights on it! Do you remember where you got that? It would be perfect for our Lake home.

Victoria says · 06.18.20

Love the combination of colours! The windows really help brighten the room as well, but the soft touches of pink give the room a subtle warmth too.

It looks like the shutters can open inwards for even more light if I’m not mistaken?

Kerry says · 06.23.20

Beautiful bedroom! Do you have a link to your comforter on the bed?

Kate says · 06.24.20

It’s brooklinen!

Glenna says · 09.10.20

I love your dresser. Wish they still had it with the drawers. The similar one is doors which is a bummer. :(.

Isabelle B. says · 04.22.22


I would Like to know the rug size under the bed of the master bedroom ? Or what is the best size (king size bed) we need to use to have a Nice bedroom look. Thank you