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There are certain “adult” things I imagined I would have all figured out by the time I was 30 (let alone 3 years AFTER I turned 30). One of those was having a bed that I loved with comfortable sheets. As an adult, when I return home to my parents’ house, I notice how nice the bed and sheets are when we stay for a long visit.

It makes quite a difference in how put together and “complete” a room feels. Beyond that, life is just too short to sleep on uncomfortable sheets!

I started a quest to find the most comfortable bedding and sheets for Justin and me last year. You may remember this post where I shared that I had purchased a duvet and sheet set from Brooklinen. I loved both of those items os much and was so pleased they lived up to all the hype. You can imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to partner with Brooklinen for some new linens at the new house. I still have the same duvet and my original sheet set from last year, but I happily added a linen set, along with a new duvet cover, to my bed linen options! The duvet cover is a pretty light cream color, so I added the pure wool throw in “Greige” to the end of the bed to tie in some of the darker greys from the rug and nightstands.

Justin and I both tend to get hot while we sleep, so breathable linen sheets and the lighter-weight duvet were perfect for us. I love the relaxed look of the crinkled linen too. It seems to make the bed much more inviting.

I also, though, really love the Luxe sheets. That style was my original exposure to the brand and I was immediately hooked. I have to say that they come packaged so nicely that it is basically begging to be given as a house warming gift.

Since I had so much success with their sheets and duvet, I had an inkling that their super-plush towels would be great as well. They truly feel like the nicest, softest hotel towels!

There are still so many things in the house that I need to organize, decorate, or simply just set up. It’s truly a gift to have sheets and a comfortable bed that I can crawl into at the end of a long day. I loved Brooklinen when I tried them for the first time last year, and have loved even more of their products since using them at the new house.

This post was sponsored by Brooklinen, all opinions my own. Get the Luxe sheets, you will “love” them. Use code “smallthings20” to get $20 off any order over $100!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.02.19

Brooklinen is definitely one of the top brands for sheets out there! Thanks for sharing, Kate! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Meg says · 10.02.19

You’re making me want to upgrade from my Target Threshold sheets…

Diane Mark says · 10.02.19

I just bought a down comforter from Brooklinen and LOVED it!!

Natalie says · 10.02.19

The Brooklinen super plush towels are the best ones I’ve ever used! I also bought the luxe sheet set as a gift for my son and daughter-in-law and now want to buy some for myself!

Evelyn Nunes says · 10.02.19

I’m moving and I think I gift them to myself! How long is the code good for?!

Ariel says · 10.05.19

Do you have the link/info for your bed!?

Tawnee Keene says · 10.06.19

Love your bed frame! Where is it from?

Nicole says · 10.06.19

Will you please share details on the bed frame/headboard. Thanks!