Casual, Family Friendly Spots to Eat in Raleigh, North Carolina

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After recently gushing on Instagram Stories about a burger place my family and I went to last weekend, I thought it was time to share a post about our favorite casual places to eat as a family in the area.

We don’t eat out much, but when we do we keep it pretty casual!

Smashed Burger – gets busy over the weekend, like most places, so I’d recommend a reservation. They make – wait for it – amazing smash burgers, which are the really thin patties, with a creative menu of different burger styles. The kids menu is decent as well!

Cristo’s Bistro – an unassuming Italian spot at the end of a grocery store strip mall that makes the best Grandma’s pizza!

Gonza – great Mexican food, fantastic margaritas, and the location near us is situated near a park so it’s a great spot to choose on a nice day to allow the kids to kill time on the park while we wait for our food.

Bocci Trattoria & Pizzeria – another great local Italian spot that makes great pizza and Stromboli’s!

Torchy’s Tacos – we only ate here once, but the kids tend to crush some queso and enjoyed their quesadillas!

We sometimes eat at Mod or Blaze pizza, as well as Shake Shack!


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Ashley says · 01.30.24

We moved to Charlotte from Houston this past year and the fact that you have Torchy’s in Raleigh gives me hope we may get one in Charlotte! It’s an absolute family favorite. I will have to enjoy your recommendations when we get to visit Raleigh sometime!

Janice says · 01.31.24

One time you recommended an arcade/bar in Raleigh and I shared that with my son at NC State.
He loves that place!
I’m sure he’d enjoy trying a few places on this list. Thanks!

Arlene says · 02.01.24

Check out Taco Bamba on Wade Ave at the Beltline, near the Whole Foods, excellent!

Elise says · 02.06.24

I think it’s called Smash Burger, not Smashed.

Kate says · 02.07.24

It’s called Smashed Burger.