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Stunning Formal Dresses

Well! We made it! We made it to Friday.

I managed to find absinthe at the ABC store (the liquor store near me) and Lillet Blanc at the wine store near me so today is already a great success! On Instagram stories, I asked which gin-based cocktail I should make, a Corpse Reviver or a Tom Collins, and the Corpse Reviver won by a landslide per my DM’s.

Who knew absinthe was $50 a bottle? Not me. I’m skipping that for the drink, and I know that makes so many of you roll your eyes but I am the way I am and I think the drink will still be good! Maybe I’ll ask for a bottle of absinthe for my birthday this year. I just cannot spend $50 on something that I would only use literally a drop of in a drink that I’m not even sure I will like!

Anyway! Are you covered in snow and freezing temperatures? It’s been kind of mild here today but tomorrow the temps drop to the 30’s. My kids have declared they “don’t get cold” so we’ve had the same conversation each morning before school.

“Bring your jacket! It’s FREEZING! You WILL FREEZE.” I declare.

“Mom, I don’t get cold”, says literally all of my kids.

“I am your caretaker! You can go without your jacket when you’re 18!” I reply.

And they all stuff their jackets into their backpacks and head to school. At least I tried to have them wear them!

I hope you caught the post with some stunning formal dresses for any event you may have this spring! It was fun to round up so many beautiful gowns!

And here are a few things I mentioned on Instagram Stories recently that you may have missed

Prime BBQ

Madewell Suede Bag

Madewell Jeans in petite

Caroline Hurricanes

Aerie Sweater

Fuquay Works – Use code smallthings10 for 10% off your membership or email for 10% off of a day pass at this co-working space in Fuquay Varina.

Vicious Fishes Brewery

Gorjana Parker Necklace

Maya Brenner Initial Necklace

Walmart Belted Utility Dress

Walmart Classic Shirt Dress

Holy Grail Cricket Pro35 Comb

Brown Raw Hem Jacket – great alternative to a jean jacket

Cropped Utility Jacket

Mango Drapey Trench

Microstitch Tool

Miranda Frye Kate HuggiesMiranda Frye: Use code “Smallthings10” to get 10% off and free shipping

Have you seen something on IG Stories that you want to reference? If it’s not here it may be in the last links + small things post.

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Sherry says · 01.28.24

Shades/colors on your latest reel (Mario bronze, blush, lip liner, gloss, etc)?

Kristin Hart says · 01.30.24

Hey Kate
I must have made you mad as you blocked me on Instagram for some reason. Apologize, if so, can you please reinstate me… I love your content and have been a follower for a long time.
Either way, have a good day.

Kate says · 01.30.24

please send me an email!

Reply says · 02.01.24

Hi! Where is the above picture taken at?I want to go there!

Charissa Hunter says · 02.04.24

I think you’re great! And I love that you do, too. 🥰