Hair and Makeup Tips for Glasses


I’ve been wearing glasses more and more these days ever since I got my cool frames from David Kind. Prior to these, I never took the time to invest in frames that I liked so I simply reserved my glasses for evenings or sick days.

I love having the option of wearing my glasses and have enjoyed playing around with my makeup a bit to balance out the darkness of the frames!

Some of the most common issues for glasses wearers include the overall look of darkness around the eye area, makeup smudging where the frames rest on the nose, and losing the impact of pretty eye makeup behind the frames.

As far as hair is concerned, bangs can either add to or really take away from wearing glasses. Through the years as a stylist, I learned a good gauge for an idea length of bangs if my clients wore glasses regularly.

So, let’s start with makeup.


frames are Mia by David Kind

Follow the guide of your frames. If they are bold or dark, feel free to go pretty thick with your eyeliner (especially on your upper lid) and layer the mascara. If your frames are more delicate or fine, go for a slightly thinner, crisper line.

A great way to help your eyes to pop behind glasses is to use a slightly iridescent eyeshadow in the center of your lid. This will reflect light nicely, and help brighten up the entire eye area. If you don’t want to use an iridescent shade all over your lid, just focus it right in the center, above any eyeliner you are wearing. Use a small brush to add brightness right to the center of your lid, and while you are at it, hit the inner corner as well.

Don’t skip highlighting the brow bone, or the top of the cheeks. The more brightness you can add, the better! Also do not forget to fill in your eyebrows! Don’t think they’ll just be hidden behind the frames. It will make a big difference in how your face is framed, and your makeup will look more complete.

If you struggle with your foundation collecting around the nose part of the frames, first try setting with translucent powder. If you are still dealing with that issue, skip applying foundation to that area altogether, and just dab lightly with concealer. Then set with a translucent powder. This should help avoid excess product build up.

Be creative with your lip color! I love the look of a fun, bold lip on a woman wearing glasses.




one, two, three, four, five, six

I have heard great reviews of the Maybelline The Nudes palette. It has a nice mix of shimmery and matte shadows, and plenty of dark ones to add depth to the crease of your eye. Bite is known for highly pigmented lip color, so if you prefer something a little glossier and subtle, check out the fresh Sugar lip tints.

Benefit’s They’re Real! Push Up Liner will give you a dark, inky, pigmented line. Perfect for being seen through lenses. And Mac’s Zoom Fast Black Lash has become a recent must have for me! It delivers serious impact without the weight of a heavy mascara.

I love It cosmetics’ Bye Bye Undereye, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this highlight stick.

As far as hair is concerned, it never hurts to add a bit of volume to the back of your hair. Proportion and balance are important not only when it comes to the cut, but the styling as well. While you are wearing glasses, you are adding something that takes up more visual space to the very front of your face, so balance that out by teasing the back a bit.


If you like to wear side bangs, or are considering getting them, it is vital to wear or bring your glasses to your hair appointment! Request that your bangs are cut dry, so you can determine the actual length of your hair while styled. Wet hair can shrink quite a bit, so having them cut after they are dry will ensure you don’t wake up to a surprise the next morning.

There’s nothing worse than a “shelf” of bangs, whether you wear glasses or not, so asking your stylist to “point cut” or texturize your bangs will help them lay nicely, and taper into the rest of your hair.

If you prefer a full face frame, I’d recommend not cutting your bangs above your eyebrows. Any space left between the top of the frame and the bottom of your bangs may “disconnect” your entire look.

Of course, none of my tips are hard and fast rules. They are just my suggestions if you need a little guidance in that area.

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Links + Loves


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I love this “Cat Lady” gift guide from Grace!

Dying to make these mugs!

I wrote David a letter for his first birthday. I ended up writing it in a journal that I plan on adding to over the years (thanks to a sweet reader who left that suggestion in the comments last week!) I distinctly noted how profound it felt to write “love, mom” for the first time ever. I call myself “mama” all day in order to teach him how to say it, but I’ve never signed the name “mom”. I was surprised at how that hit me, in a really special way.

Perhaps the most beautiful watch I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I wish I had pretty hand writing. This “thank you” card is beautiful.

I’m 5 days into being a van owner (Honda Odyssey) and not only do I love it more than I thought I would, but I love it so much more than I thought I would. One of justin’s most repeated phrases is “having the right tool for the job” and let me tell you the van is the right tool for me. I was getting along just fine in my SUV but I got pretty tired of trying to squeeze David out of his car seat and lift him between myself , a half open door, and the car next to me. I can barely believe I’m about to have 2 car seats in the back seat, but I’m excited for the space and storage.

I asked for these for christmas after seeing them on my friend Sam. Any and everything “hands free”, even small things like putting on my shoes, makes getting out the door easier! If I get them, I’ll let you know if they are as awesome as reviewers claim them to be.

I’m loving this tinted lip treatment in “lips + flowers” from anthropologie.

Justin and I have a few boy names picked out but we cannot seem to settle on a girls name! I had no idea how hard it would be to pick a name for a girl!

Lauren and I cannot wait until Sunday for the Lou & Grey shopping event. I’ve got a few hair tutorials to demo, and she’ll be sharing a couple styling tips (she posted one on her blog today!) , but the rest of the time will be shopping the store! If you are planning on coming, can you RSVP for us? It will help to make sure we have enough food and beverages! Thank you! Hope to see you there!


The Van Stash + a Petunia Pickle Bottom Giveaway


I’m a double check-er. When I’m heading out for an errand with David, I have a mental checklist that I go through to make sure I have everything I need.

For the first time, on the eve of David’s first birthday, I mistakenly forgot dinner for him as Justin and I headed out to buy my van.

We thought it was going to be a pretty quick process since we had narrowed down exactly what I wanted and found that van at the dealership, but after the normal 5:30p dinner time passed, and we still hadn’t signed any papers, I knew I was going to have to run out and scrounge up some food for him!

He had some puffs to much on, but he needed more than that for his meal!

There was a Target about 5 minutes down the road, so I grabbed some food, including a food pouch like this, and we set up camp in the little Target cafe and had dinner while Justin signed all the papers back at the dealership.

Despite always having my diaper bag with me if I’m out with David, there are certain items that I tend to forget to replace when I’m back home cleaning the diaper bag out. While I’d love to stash a food pouch or two in the van, the weather where we live is sort of erratic and I wouldn’t want the food to get funky.

So, I gathered a few helpful extra things up, put them in the powder room case, and stashed it in the van. It’s sort of my emergency kit for things often forgotten in my diaper bag.


1. I love these disposable bibs for eating meals out. It makes clean up a breeze and the bottom even flips up to catch food that doesn’t quite make it to his mouth.

2. These spoons are made for screwing onto the food pouches like I mentioned above. David is preferring more finger food to purees, but they still come in quite handy!

3. My consta-drooler goes through several bibs a day. I hope I never run out of clean ones for him so he doesn’t soak his shirt!

4. Socks. The most fun game in the car is to pull off socks in David’s world. And without a doubt he’ll lose one in transit that I simply cannot find between the seats. So a back up pair of socks will stay in the van at all times. I love these cozy warm ones that were a gift from Stance.


I’ve been a huge fan of Petunia Pickle Bottom for awhile now, and I’m happy to offer a great giveaway today! Enter to win a weekender bag + a powered room case using the giveaway tool below! TWO of you will win! USA only please.
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New Hair


I’ve been a partial highlight kinda gal for the past million years. I went brunette once and almost immediately regretted it. I missed my blonde!

Since my minimal heydays as a brunette, I’ve stayed somewhere on the warm blonde to nearly white blonde scale.

But you know what got to me recently? The hashtag yolo.

I’m dead serious.

And I was like, you know what. It’s time to spice things up around here ya grey wearing, neutral eyeshadow loving, boring person. This was the main source of inspiration.


So I decided to start softening my new growth a bit, and go for a more natural look. It was a bit of a process, but I’m glad I did it gradually instead of diving in head first.

I mean, it is my hair after all. I’d like it to look nice.

So, starting around the early fall, I asked my stylist to balayage highlights in around my part and hairline, but add more slices of lowlights through the middle sections of my hair.

Balayage is the act of painting color on the hair instead of using foils or papers. Balyage is often confused with ombre. Ombre is a coloring technique focusing on darkness to lightness. Balayage is similar in that it’s a painting method so it’s challenging to get extremely close to the scalp like you would with a foil, but it is not necessarily focused on only lightening the bottom of the hair.

Slicing simply means coloring a thin slice of hair, from roots to tips, instead of pulling out a weave pattern for foils. Slicing provides more color coverage in wider panels.

Because I had been highlighting for so long, my hair looked mostly one color of blonde, so my goal was to add depth from the inside out, leaving my root area and “outer most” sections of hair last for the darkening.


After that appointment I basically let my hair just grow out. That, my friends, is the perk of balayage versus traditional foiling. (OH ALL THIS HAIR TALK MAKES ME WANT TO GET BEHIND THE CHAIR AGAIN). Balayage is supposed to look quite natural and soft, and it grows out that way too.

So once I had about 2 inches of relatively distinct new growth, it was time to take the plunge. And I was doing this myself because I’m a control freak like that.

So, on a Sunday night I added more slices of Redken Shades EQ 6gb + 7g into the middle and top of my hair. I washed it out, and waited until the next day to do anything else.

Monday night I added more slices of the lowlight shade mentioned above, as well as pieces of blonde above my ears and near my temples. I washed that out and waited until I styled it the next day to see how that looked. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to hair color so I knew what to expect based on what I put in the night before.

Tuesday morning I was pleased with my hair, but I felt like the top was a bit too dark. The “ombre” look was a bit disconnected for my taste. So, Tuesday night I added a few more 1/2 inch to 1 inch slices of blonde in the sections above my ears and near my temples. And I added a few thin pops of blonde in through my bangs too.

By Wednesday morning, I was really happy with the color! It was much more of a soft balayage highlight than ombre, which I prefer for my style, and it felt really casual and natural. I liked it immediately!

I also love the warmth, the softness to it, and the brighter pieces closer to my face. And I feel really cool with cool hair now so that helps a 30 weeks pregnant lady feel pretty cool. Also I just traded in my cool sporty SUV for a minivan so I needed a boost in the cool department. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled about my minivan, but, well, you know what I mean.

The thing that I’m anticipating loving about this hair color the most is how low maintenance and flexible it is. I can add more blonde if I want to, or just let it grow out a bit.

Below are a few tips I have on going darker from blonde. I do not recommend doing this yourself unless you are a licensed professional (like myself). Home hair color can be risky sometimes, and doing a complicated coloring technique like balayage should be left to professionals.

Tips on going darker as a blonde:

1. Find a stylist you trust and will stick with you through the process. This isn’t true in every case, but it often is prettiest do to the transition in stages. Laying dark color on top of blonde can sometimes lead to the color looking flat.

2. Know how warm or cool you want to go with the darker shade! This should be covered in the consultation.

3. Lowlighting is a soft way to introduce a darker color into existing blonde hair. This won’t often contribute to a “major hair change” reaction amongst your friends, but it’s setting you/your hair up to accept darker colors well and hold on to them!

4. You can never go wrong keeping a bit of blonde around your face if you are afraid of your hair looking dull. The brightness and lightness right next to your skin will not only be pretty but also keep you somewhat familiar with your hair.


(written late on the eve of Davids 1st birthday)

I can’t remember what I was feeling last year on the night before I had David. My family was in town, and my mom was a little under the weather, so I think I was probably focusing on her getting better.

I don’t remember being nervous or anxious about anything. And perhaps that is because I had no idea what was in store for me.

If you haven’t read this blog for long, you may not know that it took Justin and me about 14 months of trying to get pregnant with David. While those were easily the most challenging months of my life, particularly when it came to relinquishing “control” to the Lord, I can see now how valuable they were in teaching me about faithfulness, persistence in prayer, and a general shift from “what I want when I want it” to what God has for my life.

The day I learned that I was pregnant will forever be ingrained on my soul. I wrote about it here, but it can also be best described as putting on noise canceling headphones in the middle of a crowded city street. As I held up the pregnancy test, and saw the 2 pink lines, silence and focus surrounded me as I absorbed this incredible news.

The noise of e-mail, to do lists, grocery shopping, etc, had all gone away, and I stood in front of the mirror, with my hand over my heart, and mouthed the words, “I’m pregnant” through the massive smile that had spread across my face.

It was rather unbelievable, given the months of negative tests leading up to that point, but it only took about 3 minutes before I went in to total “first time pregnant” mode and began to google everything. What can I eat? What cleaning products can I use? What prenatal vitamin is best? And the list goes on.

My pregnancy was a dream. Sure, I was sick in the beginning, but I’d still say I had an easy pregnancy. I’m thankful for that. And the scheduled c-section was a smooth process as well. I loved being pregnant, and am thankful to be pregnant again!

Motherhood, while deeply challenging at times on levels I didn’t know existed, has been an incredible gift. I am truly humbled that I am able to experience being a mom, particularly after learning of so many women that, despite their desire and greatest efforts, sometimes travel quite a journey to get there.

It was so hard for me to celebrate friends or even loose acquaintances on their pregnancies when Justin and I were trying to conceive. And when I shared about our struggle, I was overwhelmed with the response from so many of you that had been there, or were praying, or had just come out of a tough time of trying. And I thought, “Well this is why I blog. To connect with women that I would not otherwise meet, and be able to understand each other on an intimate level.”

And so many of you have kept in contact, and followed up through e-mail, and I just feel so richly blessed by that. The kind comments on my “david wednesdays” posts mean so much to me. I just sit at my computer with cat hair on my pants, writing about lipstick or a sweater you need to check out, but so many of you have invested time in getting to know me through this blog, and therefore getting to know my son.

I didn’t intend on writing anything particularly emotional on the eve of David’s first birthday, but I had just finished frosting his birthday cake, and topping it with sprinkles of course, and I couldn’t help but think back to the very beginning of all of this.

And I guess I just want to say thanks. Thank you to those who have been so sweet and thoughtful with your kind comments. Thank you to you who encouraged me and offered helpful advice. And I also want to say that I haven’t forgotten about you, you who are trying to become a mom. I still pray for you and hope you get to experience your hearts desire.

On this note, I need to get to bed. I need all the energy a 7.5 month pregnant lady can muster to celebrate my boy tomorrow.

Thank you, readers, for everything.

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