Slough Slough Slough it Away


I love an exfoliator. As someone with dry, dehydrated skin that is prone to lots of flaking, an exfoliator is a product that I use at least twice if not three times a week.

There are varying degrees of exfoliators, from liquid-based acids all the way to thicker, grittier products. I’ve found that the grittier products work and feel the best for my skin and I’m sharing a few favorites below!

Ole Henricksen Pore-Balance Facial Sauna Scrub. I love that this warms up in your fingertips and then feels warm on your skin while it works. It has a decent amount of grit, but nothing too rough for sensitive skin.

Ole Henricksen Transforming Walnut Scrub. This is the strongest, grittiest of the bunch. It’s great on days that you wore a heavy foundation or heavy sunscreen because it truly sloughs off all the extra dead skin.

Fresh Sugar Strawberry Exfoliating Face Wash. This is the most gentle of the bunch but still has a little bit of texture to help lift off dry areas of skin. I love Fresh products and this new launch was a success in my opinion!

Do you exfoliate regularly? It’s a good routine to get into if you aren’t doing that already because it will ensure that the products you are using are penetrating past the dead skin, as well as make your skin glow! 

(My dress can be found here!)

A Few Things That Caught My Eye from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


I did a quick glance at the inventory available for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this morning and was most drawn to the shoes and jackets. This is a good time to shop for fall/winter items as a lot of the products offered are NEW but on sale during this time.

I shared a few beauty finds that I have personally used and love on this post, so be sure to check that out too!

One. Dr. Scholls makes such a comfortable slip on shoe. I’ve had a few pairs over the years and am always pleased with how instantly comfortable they are! No break in time necessary.

Two. AG jeans were some of my absolute favorites from years back. I actually don’t really know why I stopped wearing them. These look like a great basic jean with a little detail at the ankle.

Three. I’m not much of a sweater girl but this ruana looks like it’ll be perfect over a thin basic tee throughout the fall and winter.

Four. I’ve been very pleased with the two Tory Burch bags that I have. They are great quality and the brand just nailed the sizing and organizational pockets within the bag. This tote is beautiful and comes in a few color options.

Five. One of the best Christmas gifts my husband ever gave me was Ugg slippers. I still wear them nearly every day.

Six. I can’t look at jeans without including a Madewell option. These are crop but the released hem looks like it will hit at a good length on me! I ordered these and am anxious to try them!

Seven. I like the notch detail of these booties. I feel like that little cut makes the booties more flattering on the leg.

Eight. Another great but smaller Tory Burch bag!

Nine. Perforated booties work great in the warmer autumns that we have here in North Carolina. And these are under $100.

Ten. I feel like this looks like a $500 coat but it’s only $119. It’s gorgeous and would look beautiful with a dressed up work-friendly outfit, or even basic jeans and a tee.

Eleven. I have a jacket similar to this but it’s more sweatshirt material. This looks like an ideal winter coat!

Twelve. I’m not much of a blazer person but for some reason I had to buy this to try it. I like the way it’s styled on the model and it looks like a great outer layer option that is still very comfy.

Thirteen. Everyone needs a good trench coat, and I’m a firm believer that once you buy the right one you can keep it for life. I love the removable hood option from this one!

I’m planning to shop in store next week and see if anything else catches my eye. More than anything I just love an excuse to browse with my friend since we shop this sale every year!

A Few Tried & True Favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in open for “early access” starting today. This means if you are a Nordstrom cardholder, you can get early access to the sale. If you aren’t a cardholder, you can access the sale starting on July 19th.

So what is the big deal with this sale? It’s usually stocked with great options for fall and winter, and includes a lot of new merchandise that wouldn’t otherwise be on sale.

I’ll share my finds over the next week or so, but I did want to take a moment to share some of my tried & true favorites that I found on sale! The items below are things I use regularly and can highly recommend from personal experience!

Items I Love on Sale!

I have and LOVE this bra. It gives all the lift without the push.

The Cura blow dryer is awesome. It dries my hair very fast and is not heavy to hold. I love my T3 curling iron too! It has adjustable heat and my curls hold all day when I use it. The T3 flat iron is a great flat iron as well. Really anything T3 does is very high quality.

The NARS balms are great. The deliver a tiny bit of color with a bunch of hydration!

I’ve had a Slip pillowcase on my pillow for years and it makes a huge difference in how good my hair looks in the morning.

These are two fantastic Anastasia brow products. I’ve used both taupe and blonde shades.

This is a deeply, deeply hydrating moisturizer and face primer. It’s thick, rich and feels wonderful on dry skin!

I’ll certainly share more as I find them, and if I get a chance to pop into the store and try some things on, I’ll talk about that in Instagram Stories!

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