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Jordan filmed a fun hair cut I got to do last week on a friend, can’t wait to share it with you!

Light posting this week, sorry about that! It was one of those weeks I guess, it sort of slipped away from me in a sense, which was completely unexpected!

Anyway, happy friday to you! Have any plans for the weekend? I’ve got a few play dates set up and I’m going to see how it goes to drop both boys off in the childcare center of my gym at some point this weekend so I can work out. David has been before, and has an absolute blast, but this will be Luke’s first time. Wish me luck. Well, wish them luck!

I’m excited to share that I got to work with Petunia Pickle Bottom on a little Pinterest collab and was featured in their newsletter! You can read the little blurb here!

I was **this** close to buying this last weekend, but I couldn’t cheat on my bite beauty lip mask so I passed. Have you tried the Fresh lip balm? What do you think?

My sister visited this week, right after Kacia left, so it was two very important people back to back under my roof! I made them both Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Taco Salad because it’s basically all I eat these days.

Snapchat. I feel like it may stick around. At first I wasn’t sure if it was just a blip on the radar like Vine, but I actually quite like seeing the unedited and random “behind the scenes” of people I follow.

I love how simple this is, I’m going to try it soon and report back, I know you are on the edge of your seat.

Okay, get outta here. But thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking around despite the light week!

How to Fake a Blow Out

amika_the small things blog-3 copy

Despite being able to do blow outs on any of my clients, it’s always been a hard thing for me to execute on myself. And as my hair gets longer, I like playing around with new styling options, like just bumping the ends under. This also is a great way to style my hair on day 1, and then be able to work with it again on day 2!

I’ve been an Amika fan for years now and was really excited to give their Thermal Brush a try. I was a bit skeptical, to be completely honest, but the softness and bounce was so nice that I became a believer almost immediately. While it may look like a blow dry brush (a round brush that also blows out hot hair to dry and smooth your hair at the same time), it is just a round brush that heats up to smooth the hair. No air is involved, so you need to use this on completely dry hair!

I shower in the evening, wash my hair, apply Aquage uplifting foam to my roots, and blow dry upside down. Usually I add some kind of blow dry spray too, and lately I’ve been loving Matrix Turbo Dryer Blow Dry Spray. I put it into a very loose elastic, and this is what I wake up with.

amika_the small things blog-2-2

I used the Amika Thermal Brush (sent to me as a sample from the company) to smooth out the frizz and soften the ends. So this was the before and after:


Watch the tutorial below! If you don’t have a thermal brush like the one I used, try a large curling iron. If you don’t have a large curling iron, turn the temperature to about half on a smaller iron to get a similar effect!

amika_the small things blog-2

amika_the small things blog-3


Makeup brush cleaning hack

pondsnewuse_the small things blog-1

Raise your hand if you are guilty of not washing your makeup brushes as often as you are supposed to.

::hand raised::

It’s time I share my sneakret (sneaky secret) with you about what I do in-between deep washes.

I have a few favorite brushes by Sonia Kashuk that I love, and if I’m switching between a light shadow and a dark one, I’ll swipe it back and forth on a POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelette and give it a little time to dry. If I’m in a hurry, which is pretty much all the time, I’ll then brush it back and forth on a tissue to soak up any leftover moisture. I’ve found that it dries quickly since it isn’t becoming over saturated in water. This works great for powder eye shadow and also for cream eye shadow.

pondsnewuse_the small things blog-2

The biggest difference can be seen on my white brush below.

pondsnewuse_the small things blog-3

pondsnewuse_the small things blog-4

pondsnewuse_the small things blog-5

So while this doesn’t cut it for deep cleaning brushes, it frees me up to use my favorites without transferring dark eye shadow onto a part of my eye that is supposed to be light. And ,of course, this trick could be used for any makeup brushes as well. This may be a great habit to get into if you use a liquid foundation and apply with a brush. This could temporarily and lightly cleanse off any excess before you are able to really shampoo the brush off.

pondsnewuse_the small things blog-6

I have a few other hacks using POND’S Wet Cleansing Towelettes that I thought I’d share with you today as well:

-For sunburn, use POND’S Exfoliating Renewal Towelettes (with cucumber and citrus extracts) to soothe sunburned skin. Keep them in the fridge for extra cooling! 

-Try wiping down your cell phone with a POND’S towelette to remove any makeup reside that could becoming a breeding ground for bacteria, celebrity makeup artist and POND’S partner Kayleen McAdams came up with this tip.

-For puffy eyes, refrigerate and use POND’S Evening Soothe Towelettes by cutting in half and laying over eyelids.

Do you have any tips or tricks for cleansing towelettes? I’d love to hear them! Oh, and POND’S is running a campaign called #skipthesink right now, and along with it they are hosting a sweepstakes for a $50 AMEX gift card and one (1) package of POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes (30 count) for TEN winners! Find out how to enter, and all the terms and conditions here!

 this post is a part of my ongoing ambassadorship program with POND’S, a brand I’ve used and loved for years.

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pretty way to store nail polish

WELL I’M OVER THE WHOLE30. And I only got into the RESEARCHING part of it before I cut it out of my life. I don’t dispel that it works, but I can’t eliminate dairy and live my life to the fullest. It can’t be done. I need creamer and cheese. Facts are facts folks.

So now I’m looking into the 21 day fix because Grace keeps singing it’s praises. She always talks me into things (She’s to blame for the Zella leggings obsession. Thanks for nothing everything Grace!)

Jordan recently sung the praises (so much singing from my friends) of Dermablend, a brand I’ve never really explored. Have you used it?

Since I’m talking about my fraaans, Kacia is visiting this weekend! Did I ever tell you how we met? On Twitter. A mutual friend mentioned her to me and I was all,”Oh I’ve seen her blog, she seems to cool” and as a matter of fact she is cool. She, also, was the first friend I told both times I’ve been pregnant. She’s visiting with her 11 month old Jones (Cat Kate misses you Harlow!) and she’s given me the challenge of providing gluten-free food. I say that lightly because she’s all, “oh I don’t really care when I’m on vacation” but if I know one thing about gluten-free people it’s that introducing gluten back into your system in a big way can mess you up somethin’ fierce. Plus, it’s been good practice because my neighbors are gluten-free too.

My love language with my friends is food and gifts, so I’m happy to try to help Kacia feel right at home here.

Remember when this style of necklace was popular in about 2010? This was trending around the time my sister and I started our (now her) jewelry biz. Everything in fashion is so dang cyclical.


“My body is the sight of a miracle” -love that language from Kerry Washington.


Alright, happy weekend guys. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for fall.


Fresh in Fifteen 002


OKAY I WAS ABLE TO DO IT! It’s a miracle I tell you.

15 minutes to looking fresh with a few seconds to spare! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see this!

How is your fresh in fifteen challenge going? I love seeing the before and after’s on Instagram! Use #freshinfifteen when you share a pic!fresh in fifteen_the small things blog-1-2