Having another baby: things I’m looking forward to


My kids will be 4 and 3 years old, respectively, when the baby arrives in May, of course assuming this baby doesn’t come early. While the baby stage feels like an eternity ago in a lot of ways, I can still remember so many moments of that 0-1 year of each boy that were the essence of newborn and infant life.

Spit up, teething, first foods, wearing the baby in a wrap, watching them sleep, first words, adorable outfits, first steps, and so much more.

David was only 6 months old when I shared the news that I was expecting Luke. He was then 14 months old when we brought newborn Luke home from the hospital. The first few weeks were blissful and lovely. Then colic struck and it was a hard few months. In general I would say that entire first year was a blur, but despite the challenge I would do it again in a heartbeat. I love, LOVE having these boys so close together. Love. It.

I’m looking forward to the newborn smell and the little noises the baby makes while he or she eats. I’m looking forward to wearing the baby again and when he or she is big enough, putting him or her in a carrier on my back. Life was still slow when Luke came because David was still napping 2 times a day, but this time it will be significantly different.

I’m truly happy that we have a pool in the backyard (and I can’t always say that because the pool also contributes greatly to my stress level due to the dangers that it can present) because I think we will live in it next summer. We practically lived it in last summer, and it’s the perfect thing to do with two active boys in sweltering 100 degree heat.

I don’t know what life will look like, and I imagine juggling work and motherhood will continue to be an uphill battle, but I can truly say I’m looking forward to nursing again, and having a sweet little baby to care for.

When Justin and I talk about what we guess the baby will be, neither of us can imagine a girl. It’s funny, I thought I would feel hopeful that this baby would be a girl, but I can honestly say I don’t feel a leaning one way or the other. The idea of a girl sounds so foreign yet fun, and another boy would be so fun as well!

We had the anatomy ultrasound earlier this week but choose to NOT find out the sex of the baby. I was really wresting with the decision, and even in the ultrasound room while the tech was checking everything out, I said to her, “OKAY I don’t want to know, but I kind of really want to know, but DO NOT tell me, but I’m so curious. . .” Poor thing did not know what to do, but she kept her lips sealed! Justin and I looked away while she was looking at the bladder just in case anything obvious popped up on the screen.

Beyond learning the sex, we were deeply thankful to learn everything looks healthy and normal with the baby. That is such a gift. I’m feeling the kicks more and more, and now I cannot WAIT until May to meet my son or daughter!

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An Easy Knotted Half Up


A half up is always my go-to for pretty styles that aren’t overly dressy, and I love how pretty this knot looks in the hair. Check out the video below to see how to recreate this style!

These are my favorite bobby pins! They hold so well and don’t snag the hair. I styled my day 2 hair using a 1.5 barrel from the T3 Convertible Collection.

Post any photos of this style that you recreate over on Instagram and use #smallthingshair so I can come check it out! And follow me on Instagram to find 60 second hair tutorials as well!

p.s. For more recent hair tutorials, check out here and here!

The easiest gift that everyone will love


Remember when scrapbooking was big? I remember watching my mom get into it, though not FULLY committed like some others who may attend conferences and spend hours upon hours scrapbooking, and she made my sister, brother, and I our own scrapbook of our life until about age eighteen.

It was never my thing, but I loved having that book! When I had David back in 2013, Justin and I were noticing rather quickly that all the photos were sent via text message, and all the videos were 20-30 second clips that just lived on our phones or our hard drives. He mentioned a few times that he likes having tangible photo albums to look through, and that he misses the fact that no one sits down to go through old photos anymore.

I was juggling a newborn, work, and first-time motherhood when I first heard about Chatbooks. Instantly, I knew that would be the way I would easily and quickly create books of photos of David for family members. All my photos of David were on my phone, and many of those on Instagram as well, so selecting a bunch and creating a Chatbook on the app was totally doable.

As time has passed, I regret I haven’t been terribly consistent with yearly Chatbooks of the boys, but I did recently create a Chatbook of photos of Luke since he loved reading the Chatbook of baby David at my parents house.

Luke has LOVED the book of himself, and I kid you not, I will find him quietly sitting in the playroom flipping through photos of himself from birth to about age two and a half. When David first flipped through the “Luke” book and saw a photo of me holding newborn Luke he asked me why my face was different. I laughed so hard and thought, “Well, that was nearly 3 years ago and I didn’t have as many wrinkles as I do now!”

In thinking about Christmas gifts for both sets of grandparents this year, I thought an updated Chatbook of both the boys would be something they would appreciate! I started culling photos of the kids from all of 2017 and put them into an iCloud folder on my laptop and iPhone.

I picked a pretty cover that felt festive for the season and got them ordered!

If you are struggling with a gift idea for family members, or even your spouse this holiday, Chatbooks could not be easier and it’s a gift that loved ones will cherish forever. You still have time to order some Chatbooks to receive them before Christmas too! Just place your order by December 16th! All it takes is a little bit of time selecting your photos, picking a cover, and then hitting “order.” You can create a Chatbook from your Instagram feed, Facebook photos, a photo album on your phone, or manually upload them to Chatbooks website.

I’m happy to share a promo code for a 1st Series Book free or 10% off of a Custom Book! Enter promo code “Smallthings” in at checkout, and capitalization doesn’t matter! Have fun creating your books!

Thanks to Chatbooks for partnering on this post! 




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