Ask Kate (random questions from YOU!)


It’s been a long time since I filmed an Ask Kate! That might be because I’m always answering questions over on Instagram, but I wanted to resurrect this video series so I can answer a bunch of questions for anyone not on Instagram!

  1. Have you ever considered microblading? (01:16)
  2. Would you consider trying magnetic eyelashes? (03:23)
  3. How do you find a good hair salon? (04:51)
  4. How do you stop dark lipsticks or glosses from getting onto your teeth? (06:10)
  5. How long does it take you to get ready? (07:13)
  6. How do you organize your makeup? (09:00)
  7. What are you most nervous about with having a third child? (10:31)
  8. Why did you move to Raleigh?  (12:06)
  9. What do you use for stretch marks? (14:22)
  10. Have you tried GrandeLASH? (15:20)
  11. Do you always wear makeup primer? (16:23)

Notes and links from the “ask kate”:

The lipstick I’m wearing is Sephora #Lipstories in Oui! If you are interested in blow dry tips, watch this! And watch this tutorial to get volumized straight hair!

This is an example of magnetic eyelashes. I haven’t tried them, just FYI!

Here is another blogger’s experience with microblading!

Check out my post about my vanity.

I’m using Mama Bee from Burt’s Bee’s for stretch marks!

Check out GrandeLASH here!

3 tips to help make traveling a breeze


While I’m certainly not a jetsetter like some, I find myself traveling quite regularly either for work or pleasure. I used to take multiple flights home to Illinois to visit my family, but lately I’ve been taking lots of road trips to visit my sister up north or my parents down south. My brother and his fiancée are still in Illinois but we are hoping they will migrate south in the future too!

I’m a light packer, and I tend to wait until the night before my flight to put things in my suitcase. My husband is an even lighter packer than me, and sometimes he only travels with a backpack if he can help it!

I know holiday travel is past us, but perhaps you found yourself experiencing travel frustrations over the holidays that you are hoping to not repeat the next time around. Today I thought I’d share a few tips from my experience over the years to help simplify the travel process!

Toiletries are the biggest challenge for me because I like to have a lot of options. But unfortunately options with cosmetics or skincare usually means excess weight.

Purchase either a few contact lens cases or these containers from Sephora. You can divide up your skincare, or even foundation, into these little containers so you aren’t hauling large, glass jars in your bag. Not only does this force you to make some decisions (instead of just throwing a bunch of options into your bag), it’s also very convenient. I prefer to use something like this since I can use my mobile label maker (it simply connects to my phone and I make the labels in an app!) and clearly know which product is which!

When traveling by plane, I typically have 1 checked bag and 1 carry-on bag. I’ve found that I prefer to pack my purse in my checked bag, and simply slip a little pouch of essentials into a side pocket of my carry-on. My carry-on is usually heavy with a laptop and/or a camera, so eliminating unnecessary weight (from my Nordstrom card to 8 more options of lipstick) makes everything a bit smoother. A pouch like this is perfect for just tossing into your bag when you are ready to carry it, and this would be a great option as well because it can charge your phone!

Finally, always pack a back up charger in case your flight is delayed and you need to charge your phone. There is something about just being in an airport that sucks all the battery out of my phone, so having a back up charger is key! Just don’t forget to charge it before you head out the door!

Do you have any fun travel plans coming up? Heading anywhere warm in the spring to temporarily escape winter? My sister and her husband just got back from Mexico and it looked like paradise based on her Instagram stories. Now I’m craving a trip to a tropical climate!



Spring Clothes on Sale! (maternity and non-maternity options)


My sister and I were texting each other links to the cute new arrivals at Old Navy last night. I’ll admit that I already purchased a few items that I can’t wait to get in the mail because they were running a 20% off sale (it’s good through tomorrow 1/17!). Unless I clarified the sale next to the item below, it’s from Old Navy and you too can get it at 20% off if you hurry!

01. This bag comes in 3 colors

02. Love the sleeve detail on this tunic because it’s subtle and won’t get in the way of daily life activities! (40% off, no code needed at Loft)

03. I love buffalo check! (20% off when you spend $100 at Madewell)

04. Easy sunglasses that go with any outfit.

05. An easy layering tee.

06. Perfect long sweater to throw on over a dress or even a simple tank.

07. Nothing screams spring quite like pink and floral.

08. You can never have enough stripes.

09. This looks like a great basic maternity tee.

10. I purchased this adorable maternity top today. I love the windowpane pattern!

This makes me crave 68 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze but instead it looks like yet another snow storm is heading our way tomorrow. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t throw a wrench in our travel plans!

p.s. I forgot to include this in the graphic but it looks very similar to a dress I found at Target last spring.

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