3 Fun Group Games


It’s the season for get togethers, whether with friends or family, and group games are one of my favorite parts! I know some people aren’t big game people (I’m looking at you Justin!), but these are a few tried and true games that I’ve played at get togethers that usually lead to laughter and fun for everyone.

  1. Telephone Pictionary. There is no talking in this game. Everyone will be doing the same thing at the same time. Each person gets a stack of paper equal to the number of players in the game. For example, if there are 10 players, give each person 10 pieces of paper (flashcard size is good!). Start by asking each player to write down a phrase on the top sheet of paper within 30 seconds. If you are doing a holiday theme, it can be holiday phrases like “Dashing through the snow” or “Christmas cookies”. If it isn’t themed it can be anything that another person is able to draw. After 30 seconds has passed, tell each player to pass their entire stack of papers, with their phrase still written on top, to the left. The player to the left will read the phrase, then place it on the bottom of the stack, face up. The player is then supposed to draw whatever the phrase is in 30 seconds. When 30 seconds are up, the players will pass their entire stack of papers to the left, with the picture they just drew on top. The next player looks at the drawing, places it at the bottom of the stack of papers, and writes the phrase they think they were drawing. This process of drawing & writing repeats until the stack of papers gets back in the original players hands (so for 10 players, the stack would go to each player until it’s back to player 1. Then each player goes through the stack to see if the images + phrases match or if it got way off track somewhere down the line. This usually leads to lots of laughter because inevitably someone will misunderstand something about a drawing or a phrase and completely derail the original theme!
  2. Reverse Charades. Typically charades is played in a group of at least 6 people and one person acts out a phrase from a sheet of paper that other players submitted. In reverse charades, the group is split into 2 teams and the entire team less one person acts out the phrase. For example, if there are 12 people playing, there would be two groups of 6 players. Begin by collecting 14-20 phrases for people to act out. When it’s time to play, group 1 will send 5 people up to act out the phrase, leaving one team member behind to guess. Each group takes turns until the winner is determined by number of successful guesses!
  3. Killer. This is best played with a large group. One person will need to run the game so he/she will not be participating. In this game everyone sits in a circle. The person running the game tells everyone to close their eyes and walks around the circle a few times and selects a “killer” by tapping a player on the head. This person knows they are the killer but no one else should know. The game is played by everyone looking around at everyone else in the eye without saying a word. The killer, who is still anonymous, will “kill” by winking at players and if you get winked at you have to make an obvious display of your death. The goal of the game is to guess the killer before you get killed! If you think you know who the killer is you raise your hand to pause the game in order to say your guess aloud. If you are wrong you are still in, if you are right, the game is over and the winner gets to choose the next killer!This game usually goes by quickly and is a great way to kill time in the airport if your flight is delayed (pun intended!).

Of these 3 group games, Telephone Pictionary is my favorite. We’ve played it every single year at our Christmas party with our friends. It always ends with lots of laughter and completely skewed phrases or drawings by the end of the game!

Do you have any fun games you play during holiday get togethers? 

Breaking down the Performance of Pampers Pure Diapers


We are nearly 6 months into using Pampers Pure diapers with Emily and I have been so impressed.

When I first learned about these diapers I was still pregnant with her and both of my boys were potty trained so I had to wait until she arrived to really put them to the test! It was so helpful, though, to see a demonstration of how quickly the diapers absorb liquid and pull it away from the baby’s skin. After feeling the diaper, literally ripping one apart to see each individual layer, an comparing the breathability of the Pampers Pure diaper against another competitor, I was so excited to use these with Emily.

I’ve mentioned before that Emily has been a pretty great night sleeper from early on and I *needed* her diaper to last an entire night while also keeping her as dry as possible. And 6 months in, I haven’t had a single leak or overflowing diaper in the morning, even after many nights of 10 hours of sleep!

Since it was so helpful to see the diaper in action, I thought I’d show you the same demonstration that I saw so you can witness the speed and effectiveness of the Pampers Pure diaper!

So not only are these diapers soft and breathable, but I TRUST them to perform!

This post was created in partnership with Pampers Pure.

The moisturizer that saved my dry skin


I’ve shared a bit on Instagram that my skin has been going through a tough time since about 2 months ago. I believe that it all started with a whey/soy protein bar that I began eating which triggered deep, cystic blemishes along my jawline and throughout my chin.

Then it spread to my t-zone. And to top it off I started battling extreme dryness around my nose and throughout my eyebrows.

My skin was angry, sensitive, and I needed to figure out how to treat it.

I skipped makeup as often as I could, went easy on products, and only used gentle hydrating options, and booked a facial.

I don’t get facials regularly but a specific esthetician was recommended to me so I set up an appointment with her. She ended up doing a salicylic acid peel during the treatment that tingled and was uncomfortable but it seemed to kill the bacteria on my face. After the facial I began using the Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Serum + Moisturizer and I’m pleased to report that my skin is significantly better.

Hyalouronic acid is something our bodies naturally produce so adding it in via a moisturizer is just piling on with the good stuff. It is able to hold it’s weight by 6 times with water so it’s like a magnet for moisture in the air. I’ve been told that appling it on top of slightly damp skin or even with damp finger tips will make it even more effective!

There is no doubt the salicylic acid peel was a major contributor to get me on the right track, but the hope is that I don’t need to do something like that regularly because my skin isn’t usually oily–it’s dry!

I stopped using my beloved vitamin C serum and Fresh moisturizer for the time being and switched fully over to these two products. Once everything calms down I’ll integrate my other products in but for right now calm and simple is working for me. My skin feels extremely soft and hydrated and I love that.

Have you tried a moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid in it?

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