The Textured Ponytail



Well, since I shot this tutorial I’ve cut about 4 inches off the bottom of my hair! Looking back at these photos is nostalgic. Okay, I’m kidding. It’s only been about a week for crying out loud.

And you know what? Long hair is not for me. I gave it my best effort, I really did, and in the end I’ve resolved that collarbone-ish is the perfect length for me! You can see it a bit on Instagram, if you’d like!

My hair, though, at this length wouldn’t work too well in a messy bun so I wore it in a low ponytail quite often. And I loved messing it up a bit so the pony looked relaxed and undone, as that is my favorite way to wear my hair.

In the tutorial I use Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast for texture!

I love seeing your versions of my hair tutorials on instagram, so tag me (@k8_smallthings) and use #smallthingshair so I can come and see!

Another ponytail tutorial here and here!

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If my style could be summed up in 1 outfit, it would be this. (topshoes, denim

A great post on realistic fake Fiddle Leaf Figs!

I love a high neck work out tank, and sometimes they are hard to find. This looks like a great option though!

I made this this week and it was SO good! It’s a staple busy weeknight meal in my mind. The sauce was a bit runny so I’d either add cornstarch or more flour, but the flavor was great!

Have you ever tried Benefit Hoola bronzer? I just saw they are coming out with a lighter version in April! I’m VERY intrigued!

I live in these t-shirts from Gap, and my secret is to order them in TALL, whether you are tall or not! I also size up because they are bit fitted, so “medium in tall” is my perfect shirt. They are currently 40% off, so I suggest you invest in one or four immediately!

My sweet 3 year old David was hit with something yesterday that led to an afternoon of vomiting. I hated seeing him so sick. As he was laying on the couch, he whispered to me, “Mama, I’m not talking.” I told him that was okay and it’s because he doesn’t feel well. My mother-in-law showed up later that evening (Justin was out of town and I so appreciate her coming to help in case I was incapacitated in the night!) and that was right about the same time David perked up a bit. He requested a bath, so I put him in one, and he started to play and talk more. “Mama, I’m talking now!” he said to me, with a big smile.

It was so sweet to understand that that was his way of explaining to me that he knew something was wrong.

I hope you have a fun, healthy, and sick-free weekend where you are!

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Lifestyle Favorites Video


It’s new! It’s unedited! It’s a lifestyle favorites video.

You know sometimes I feel boxed into BEAUTY here on the blog, so here is my attempt to break out of the usual video content and share some lifestyle favorites.

I’m talking about a delicious treat, a bag (or two), and more.

LOC Playful, starbucks cup, cloud pants, zip pouch, purse, phone case

Would love to hear your thoughts on this content! I share a lot of this sort of thing over on SnapChat but I thought I’d bring it over to the blog/youtube for those of you not on that platform!

More recent favorites here and here!

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