How to Deal with Postpartum Hair Loss


First things first, postpartum hair loss is completely normal and should be more or less expected after having a baby. During pregnancy hair, skin, and nails all grow stronger and are more healthy thanks to all the wonderful, extra hormones that are present in your body. Sometimes, though, this can lead to skin issues or problems DURING pregnancy since said hormones are changing all the time.

Every body and pregnancy is different!

Postpartum hair loss is very common and for some can be more than just an annoyance of having to clean out the shower drain more often than before. It can be extreme and as if it isn’t enough to be dealing with the new body changes after having a baby, feeling like you are going to be bald doesn’t exactly boost one’s self esteem!

So now that we know it’s normal and very common, here are a few tips to survive the season of hair loss!

Supplements like biotin or vitamins that promote healthy hair, skin, and nails will help. If you are breastfeeding, you must speak with your doctor before starting any new vitamins or regiments. Since healthy hair during pregnancy was impacted from the changes inside of your body, adding a vitamin to boost strength and growth from the inside will impact the hair as well!

A trim, or a few inches cut off the ends, can help you survive until your hair begins to fill back in normally. Even something as simple as balancing the length out with the new growth by cutting more off the ends than you cut off the layering can help the hair look and feel thicker. Tell your stylist about your problem areas and see if he or she has suggestions about haircuts that will make your hair look fuller in the meantime!

When the hair does start growing back in you may notice extra flyaways or frizz around your hairline near your temples, ears, or even the back of your neck. The easiest trick for smoothing down the new growth in these areas is to spray a boar bristle brush with a bit of hairspray and smooth the hair down. A skinny teasing brush like this one would do the trick as well!

I wish I could tell you a secret for avoiding the hair loss altogether but I’m afraid that is impossible! If the loss is particularly severe you can speak to your doctor about it and see if he or she has any suggestions on how to assist. A temporary solution would be to add thickening extensions to your hair. Extensions don’t always have to add length, they can be cut to the length of your hair in order to just add fullness. Something like this that can be worn anytime you want to would be the fastest and easiest way to feel better about your hair until it fills back in.

Personally I don’t experience dramatic hair loss as much as extreme dryness! My hair becomes brittle and fragile along the mid-shaft to ends, and I usually cut it off because it is so unhealthy and breaks off every single time I pull a brush through it! Using products like the Bond Repair from Alterna or a deep conditioner like Redken’s Extreme Mega Mask is vital to keep my ends as healthy as possible! This split end healer from Redken would also be a great option to help repair damaged ends!

p.s. See this post for tips on how to treat your hair better in the New Year!

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Those drugstore products pictured above have been some great finds for me! The L’Oreal Lift cream blushes are absolutely beautiful. I originally found them years and years ago but I rediscovered them recently at Walgreens. Drugstores (like Walgreens or CVS) seem to have a much wider range of products available than Target, is the same true for you?

The Revlon Insta-filter foundation is a great foundation except the applicator. I’ve heard from a few of you that you simply remove the applicator and twist the product out onto your hand or whichever tool you are using to apply! I need to do that to mine. This is a medium buildable foundation that looks really beautiful on the skin.

L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara is one of the best drugstore mascara’s I’ve ever used. I was loyal to Cover Girl Lash Blast for a long time but Lash Paradise beats that one now.

I don’t often wear lip gloss but I love the Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine from Neutrogena. It has hyaluronic acid in it which is great for deep moisture for the lips!

A great, thorough review of Madewell jeans!

A few great snack ideas (would also be good appetizers!)

I tried the YSL Touche ECLAT All-in-One Glow via a sample from a recent Sephora order and dang it’s pretty. I tried B30 and it was a very good match for my skincolor.

What a cute travel bag set!

A makeup eraser pen that could come in quite handy when attempting to pull off a liquid liner cat eye.

If you like a sneaker but still want a tiny bit of feminine flair on them.

I never dress up but if I did this $69 jacket would be mine.

Do you have anything on tap for this weekend? I’m enjoying the sunshine of today while it’s here because we’ve got a rainy weekend ahead!

Little Ways to Refresh your Home


I love the empty look of the inside of my home after taking down the Christmas decorations. Don’t get me wrong, I love when the decorations are UP during Christmas time but come December 26th I’m ready to organize, declutter, and lighten up the house a bit.

I’ve been working on so many different decluttering projects around my house and it feels so good. So good!

Have you heard of the whole Marie Kondo concept of Tidying Up? She wrote a book and now has a series on Netflix too! I have neither read the book nor watched the series, though I know both are very popular right now! No matter what, I’m always in the mood to declutter and organize at the beginning of year, whether it’s “trendy” or not.

I’m focusing on taking things *out* of the house instead of buying new stuff to bring into the home to refresh it, but I wanted to share a few very simple ways to update your space without doing an expensive makeover by redecorating!

one. two. three. four. five. six. seven. eight. nine. ten. eleven. twelve. thirteen.

Adding greenery, faux or real, is the quickest way to breathe some new life into a room. Most of my greenery is faux, not only because I have cats but also because I can’t keep house plants alive. Well, I have kept my snake plant alive thus far, but everything else dies.

Faux greenery has come a long way and can look quite real in some cases! Adding a small plant to my mantle, side table, or the center of my coffee table is my favorite way to trick my mind into thinking it’s spring.

Justin and I are in desperate need of a new quilt or comforter on our bed. The cats have *ruined* the current quilt so it’s kind of pointless to invest in a new one only to know that it will likely get destroyed as well. But I did try out some Brooklinen sheets a few months ago and the simple act of updating my sheets makes my bed feel new. I’m not a throw pillow kind of person, so adding new pillows would end up being a bit of a burden, but refreshing the sheets was a strategic way to update the bed without wasting money.

In the kitchen, sorting through my kitchen towels is a 5 minute task that not only gives some space to that drawer, but also let’s me determine if any need to be replaced. I usually get my kitchen towels at Target or Home Goods!

I decluttered my jewelry collection and thought through strategic places to organize everything I have. The “dailies” hang on my jewelry tree that is placed on my nightstand, but the statement pieces are in a jewelry organizer like this one within my closet. If I’m wearing statement earrings, I’ve likely given my outfit that day a bit more thought, which is why I would spend more time in my closet. Grabbing the earrings while I’m picking out my clothes makes it quick and simple.

More than anything, though, cleaning up a room is the best way to refresh a space. I try to repeat the saying “a place for everything, and everything in it’s place” in my head while I’m cleaning up so I can determine whether or not I need to establish a place for things, or if things simply need to be put back where they belong.

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