Hair Tools under $100


One.     Two.     Three.     Four.     Five.     Six.

A few of the tools on this list are some of my FIRST hair tools! When I went to beauty school, I was given a box of books and tools that I needed for the 2-year program, and in the box were a few Hot Tools curling irons and a Hot Tools dryer!

If you spend much time around my blog or youtube, you’ll repeatedly hear me mention the “heat dial” on tools, whether it’s a curling iron or a flat iron. Even a blow dryer should have multiple heat settings.

Most people crank their tool up to the MAX heat because they think that will make the strongest/tightest/longest lasting curl. And it will for most people, but usually that level of heat isn’t required to create a beautiful, long-lasting curl. The same holds true for flat irons. I always recommend turning the heat down to about half what the max capacity of the tool offers, and then work your way back up to the appropriate heat for the look and longevity you are going for.

Excess heat is a great way to damage your hair. Speaking of which, if you are trying to repair your hair from heat damage I would recommend checking out this post!

When you are shopping for a new hair tool, you want to look for something with a heat dial, smooth plates or barrel, and something that doesn’t snag or scrape your hair when you use it.

If your hair is getting caught in the spring of the clamp on your curling iron, return it. If you run your finger along the edge of your flat iron plates (when turned off) and it feels rough, return it. If your blow dryer smells like things are burning when you use it, return it. 


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Skincare during this Season of Mask Wearing


I live in North Carolina and our Governor has mandated that everyone wear a mask in public. There are a few exceptions to that rule, but generally, most people should be wearing a mask any time they are in a public place or around others.

All this mask-wearing is taking a toll on the skin, so I’m sharing a few skincare face masks in order to prevent “mask acne” or “mask-ne”.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Pore Purifying Mask – This is one of my very favorites for times I need a deep, pore-cleansing experience. I use this much more often in the summer than in the winter.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Clay Mask – This is a clay mask I’d use year-round because it isn’t overly drying. Sometimes my skin can feel tight after a clay mask, but that does not happen with this one!

Laneige Mini Pore Waterclay Mask – I love the gel/clay consistency in this mask and imagine it would be nice for dry skin that still needs to be cleaned.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores – This is one of the first clay masks I tried and it worked wonderfully.

More than ever before, though, it’s important to keep your hands off your skin as much as possible. When safe, take the mask off at let your skin “breathe”. Wash the mask regularly and if you’re able to choose a lighter coverage makeup for this time, you may be happier with the longevity and look of your makeup! I’ve decided just to press on with my normal makeup routine, including setting it with Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, and touching up when necessary.

As far as masks go, I’ve tried a few and have a couple recommendations for you:

My friend Jordan highly recommends this mask if you have acne-prone skin. It’s made with a special fabric that has Silvadur antimicrobial technology to help keep bacteria and other unwanted elements from settling into the mask.

I have a silk face mask from Slip that I wear occasionally, but I’ve found it to just be too thick in the heat of the summer.

Beyond that, I’ve been most pleased with the pleated face masks from Nordstrom. Here is a similar version. They tie around your neck and the ear loops are adjustable. They are the most convenient and comfortable masks I’ve worn yet!

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Madewell Favorites


One of my favorite brands of all time, Madewell, has started their Black Friday promo early! I rounded up a handful of my favorite things from the brand and will highlight a few pieces that I own and love below.

One.     Two.     Three.    Four.     Five.     Six.     Seven.     Eight.     Nine.     Ten.     Eleven.     Twelve.     Thirteen.     Fourteen.     Fifteen.    Sixteen.     Seventeen.     Eighteen.     Nineteen.     Twenty.     Twenty-One. 

The Perfect Vintage Jean in Rosabelle Wash – I love the small distressing in this jean, and it’s perfect for casual weekend outfits.

MWL Superbrushed Contrast-Stitched Sweatsuit – This set (sold individually) is so soft and warm. I’m a big fan and love the subtle detail in the stitch colors.

The Estate Cocoon Coat – I have this in grey but the soft taupe shade available this year is beautiful!

Supima Cotton Essential Tee – This is a medium weight t-shirt that is no-frills but yet a wardrobe essential in my mind.

10-Inch High Rise Skinny Jean – I love a 10-inch rise on a skinny jean, and the Hayes wash is the perfect dark denim color.

I share a lot of my outfits on Instagram so if you aren’t following along over there, you should!


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