Lash Fibers + Mascara Routine


I’ve been using fibers along with mascara for awhile now. I love the bulk and length it adds to my lashes, but the commitment to applying them is not for the faint of heart! I’ve tried several different kinds of fibers, and the three I’ll touch on are Tarte’s Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers, Cherry Blooms, and Younique Moonstruck 3D Lashes.

The fibers I used the longest, and had the easiest time with, are Tarte’s Best in Faux. My main gripe with the other two sets (Cherry Blooms and Younique) was the gel mascara that went on to “seal” the fibers. I hated that stuff! The fibers, though, from all three kits are pretty darn good.

I found that the Cherry Blooms lean toward the shorter end of the spectrum in terms of length, but it was still rather easy to slowly add length layer by layer. Tarte’s fibers were the cleanest of the bunch for me, and Younique’s fibers were the longest and probably required the most “fine tuning” after application. So, each product has it’s ups and downs, but I found that they all added bulk and length to my lashes in one way or another.

I no longer even attempt to use the gel mascara that comes in the Cherry Blooms or Younique kits, instead I use my favorite mascara with the fibers.

Because I’ve gotten a few questions about it, I filmed a very short and rather boring tutorial to show you the process that I follow with the fibers. To some it will seem tedious and pointless, but I hope this helps if you are curious about the whole fiber lash phenomenon.

Mommy Mailbox Review



I’m a sucker for a subscription box service but a lot of the times the cost becomes a little hard to justify once the novelty wears off. So what I’m finding more and more is subscription boxes aren’t always super practical for personal use but they make AWESOME gifts. Like, really awesome gifts.

If you ever don’t know what to get someone, get them a subscription to something. It’s always fun to receive mail, and each box has it’s own surprise!

So, I followed a rabbit trail down the deep, dark hole of the Instagram Explore page and came across Mommy Mailbox. It looked enticing, so I bought a month-month subscription that I can cancel at anytime (this is not sponsored, they don’t know who I am). But ultimately I thought it would be a good trial run to see if this makes a good gift for my mom friends!

My first box arrived and I was really curious to see what was inside. At about $30/box I was really hoping I didn’t just waste a bunch of money.

And as it turns out, I don’t feel like I did!

The Turkish beach towel was such a treat! I’ve always wanted one of these so it was really fun to see this, in colors I love, in the box! So right then and there, this box was a win for the towel alone!

I’m a big guacamole fan, so the Avocado slicer was a win as well. Is it a MUST have? Not really, but it’s a “nice to have” sort of kitchen utensil.

I have yet to try the chips, but barbecue flavor is high on my list. I’m not so much of a chip girl (I’d rather have pretzels), but the protein part of these chips looked interesting. And while that scrub looks a little bit like it belongs in my kitchen pantry, it’s actually an exfoliator to be used on the body!

Lastly, the card is cute! It’s a nice “completer” product to the box. I’m creating a dream command center room in my house where all the bill paying, package sorting, mail collecting, etc will happen instead of my kitchen counter, so I’m hoarding cards as well to store in that room so I’m ready for any occasion.

So, my first box was a success! So much so that I stayed signed up for the subscription! I’ll share my thoughts on next month’s box when I get it!

My Most Used and Favorite Apps


Instagram – I love seeing little pics of moments from my friends and bloggers that I follow. And I also love inspiration from brand type accounts like West Elm or Real Simple.

Vsco – This is what I use to edit my photos before putting it up on Instagram. There are a lot more options for filters and even basic adjustments than what Instagram offers.

Evernote – This is where I keep an ongoing “to do” list, grocery list, and reminders. It integrates with all my devices so I can add something to my list on the computer, and it will sync with the note on my phone!

This American Life – Justin and I aren’t big into any shows, or really watching TV in general, and with all the projects around the house sitting in one place just feels like we’re wasting time. I love this app for listening to really fascinating or interesting stories. So, we can be working with our hands but listening to a story.

The Wonder Weeks – I used this a lot with David, and find myself referring to it this time around with Luke. David is pretty much at the end of the calendar, but Luke is just starting the cycle of growth spurts. Even if it isn’t exactly accurate, it’s interesting to see what your baby either just went through or is about to go through.

My Utmost for His Highest – During a rare still moment, I’ll check this app. It offers a daily devotion with a verse and a paragraph or two of expounding upon that verse. It’s very short, and I appreciate how the writing isn’t overly flowery and wordy. It’s straight forward truths about the Gospel.

Bloglovin’ – This is what I use to check my daily reads, although I hate reading them within the app. So I just use this to keep up with the blogs I love and click through to read them in Safari.


I love discovering new ones too, do you have a favorite that I haven’t listed above?

June Beauty Favorites


I’m throwing my June Favorites video up early because it’s hot and ready! It’s the first video I filmed in my new working space. I still have several tweaks to work out but I’m so excited to have an actual space to work and film in. I’ve already filmed a new hair tutorial and am hoping to get back into the regular video thing here soon!

This is probably the only favorites video that didn’t have a lot of makeup in it lately. And part of that reason is because I’m not really wearing much other than mascara these days since most days I’m hanging with the boys and every night is spent working around the new house!

I did explore a few hair products though and that was fun as usual!

Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara

KMS Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal

Matrix Turbo Dryer

Tarteguard 30 SPF

Blax clear elastics

Shea it isn’t so Super Rich Foot Cream

Sleep Deprivation and Reality are My Birthday Gifts

It’s probably not a good idea that I’m writing right now because I’m sleep deprived and annoyed.

It’s my 29th birthday. I was awoken by my husband who was tossing and turning in bed at 4:00a because he’s sick. It’s some sort of full body ache, waves of nausea, cold all the time thing.

I heard a chirp come from Luke’s room and my blood ran cold.

Please don’t be waking up. You slept in until 7:30a yesterday. Do that again. It’s my birthday, give me the gift of sleep.

And sure enough, the pacifier battle ensued from 4:15-5:00a. I resolved that he was likely not going to fall back asleep for good so I headed downstairs to make his bottle.

As I walked past David’s door I heard him rolling around and talking to himself in there. At 5:00a. He normally sleeps until about 6:30a.

Why does everyone besides Justin and I hate sleep right now?!

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I muttered to myself, and made my way downstairs.

By that time Luke had gotten ahold of the pacifier and was at least acting asleep so I, of course, let him be.

I decided to run the iced coffee I made last night through the cheesecloth/strainer so I could make myself a cup later today when the temperatures hit 95 degrees. And when I say “later today” I mean at about 7:25a because I will have been up for a good 3 hours.

Well that was pretty much an enormous chore and I make the executive decision to just buy iced coffee drinks pre-made for crying out loud why are there coffee grinds everywhere.

Then I sat down to my bowl of cereal and warm cup of coffee and start to set my expectations for the day. Justin and I were going to go out tonight but I’m fairly certain that won’t happen. Luke and David may have weird days and naps based on their wakeup ambush this morning. But they also may not because predicting what to expect from your kids is like predicting the right lottery numbers. It’s impossible.

And then I decided to write this blog post because I know there are other mom’s out there who have had a less than ideal start to their birthday. Or just any day for that matter. Some mornings are easy and some mornings take great feats of emotional strength (at least for me) to not be annoyed to my core that it started before I wanted it to.

And I’m working on that. I’m continually working on being more flexible with my expectations, my plans, my day to day life. I don’t think that will be a trait that I’ll ever be able to fully embrace without making a conscious choice to do so. And that’s just a personal struggle of mine. And nothing shines a bright light on my selfishness or my controlling tendencies than children.

But you know what? It’s fine that they boys had brief wake up’s this morning (they are both currently sleeping again). It’s fine! And you know what else? They both fell back asleep! And that is something to be celebrated!

So maybe it’s a good start to my birthday after all. Maybe the wake up call at 4:00a was for me to have some time to myself downstairs while the boys slept again. And maybe it was for me to think a little bit about what I want this year to look like. And, like I declared at the beginning of the year, I want it to be centered around flexibility and what really matters.

So raise your coffee cup, will you? Cheers to 29.