Nude Lips


cosmetic bag

I’ve been hunting for a wearable nude lipstick ever since I mentioned not having one in this post.

I’m rather pale, and between that fact and my blonde hair, I always try to add some color into my face via lipstick and blush.

Typically, anytime I would try on nude lipstick I couldn’t wait to wipe it off and get something coral-y on there stat. But I’m trying to embrace trends and be cool with nude lips now.

The first one I tried, that I have since decided is much too light for me, is Maybelline’s Blushing Beige.


It looks nude alright, but a little too nude. Like, where are my lips? What I should have done is gone into Mac or Bobbi Brown and had a makeup artist suggest the right nude lipstick for me. But ain’t nobody got time for dat, so I’m doing my best to find the right shade on my own time.

My favorite, thus far, is Naked Dolly by Too Faced. It’s nude with the slightest hint of pink. I still don’t love how pale it is (even though that is kind of the point), so I figured out the perfect “hack” below.


I applied the lightest swipe of Peony by Albeit across my lips, and layered it with a few strokes of Naked Dolly. The end result? Pale, pale, pale pink lips. And probably the most comfortable I’ll be in nude. Lipstick. Not just nude in general.


I know, I know, it’s not really nude after all, is it? It’s just light, pale pink? But hey, sometimes you need to bend the trends a little bit. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Ask Kate 02

You guys have the best questions. These have been fun to film!

 1. (00.52) How do you find time to always look put together?

2. (03:57) Since you are home every day, do you have a cleaning schedule?

3. (05:38) Will you pick out a boy and girl name, or just decide when the baby arrives?

4. (07:14) What are you most nervous about and most excited about in regards to having 2 babies so close together? (blog mentioned is Camp Patton)

5. (09:13) What is your favorite movie?

6. (11:22) What is Justin up to these days? Has he found a hobby or is he just enjoying free time since being done with school?


Loves Lately


pretty earrings from Sole Society

I try to save up all my new beauty finds for my monthly favorites videos, but sometimes I have some little items that I’ve been loving that I’d like to share!

I’m still trying to gather everything for my capsule wardrobe. That is proving to be harder than I thought it would be. In fact, I think I’m just going to get started and add a couple tops once I find them. I’m looking for specific things, but I’ll clarify more of that next week.

My jewelry has been simple + not fussy lately. Necklaces and bracelets seem to get in my way more than anything else, so I’m sticking to pretty earrings and delicate rings stacked on my fingers.

I added the prettiest little birthstone ring to my collection. It was handmade and gifted by Chinchar/Maloney and it is the most delicate little ring I own! The birthstones are for my husband and myself, and I can’t wait to add another one with David’s birthstone plus our next baby’s birthstone once he/she is here! I really wanted to just go ahead and get the ring with December (for David) and February (for the baby) but I KNEW that if I did that, the baby would come in January. So I decided to play it safe and I’ll wait until I know the exact date/month before I order.


You can see a photo of the ring being worn in a little stack here! I highly highly recommend looking into Chinchar/Maloney if you are looking for any fine jewelry.


I picked up the Naked2 Basics palette a few weeks ago and have been absolutely loving it. Expect a full review + a tutorial soon! I also found this lip tint by Bite in the color Tangelo in my jewelery armoire. I completely forgot I bought it. I love the coral-y shade.

Oh and I decided to switch things up from my typical Mac Paint Pot as eyeshadow primer and give this one by Tarte a try. It takes a bit of learning, but I think I like it! It definitely keeps creases away the entire day like it claims!


Makeup has been warm browns on my eyes, and rosy cheeks!

I’m hoping to find the *perfect* pink-y nude shade for lipstick soon.

I hope you have a nice weekend! I’ve got some fun things planned for the month of October that I can’t wait to share with you!

The conditioner hunt


 one, two, three, four, five

My hair has been pretty dry. I do a lot of work to it, so it’s not like this fact surprises me, but I’ve been looking for a new conditioner to help restore my ends to good condition.

Up until this search commenced, I was using Pureology Hydrate conditioner. I still really like that conditioner, but I was itching for a change and wondered if something different would help my ends stay a bit healthier.

I asked for suggestions on Instagram, hopped into my car, and sped off to Ulta. I left with these three and a gut instinct that I needed to give the very suggested Aussie 3 Minute Miracle a try too.

What do I look for in conditioner?

1. The ability to run my hands through my hair while the conditioner is applied. If you can’t do this, I’d argue that the conditioner is not as smoothing and hydrating for you as it should be.

2. No waxy residue. There is nothing more obnoxious that finishing your blow dry only to realize your hair still feels dirty with a layer of “too heavy” conditioner on it.

3. An actual difference in the away my hair feels. I want to feel the conditioner working by smoothing out my hair and helping it feel hydrated.

There are a few directions you can go with conditioners. You can aim for softness, repair, protein, hydration, or smoothness. Some conditioners claim to do all that I just listed and more.

Here are the high and low points of the conditioners that I tried:

1. Oscar Blandi Instant Volumizing Conditioner: It’s hydrating and thick, without feeling too heavy on the hair. Not the best for very dry hair, but a great “normal” conditioner.

2. Sebastian Drench Conditioner: It was my favorite of the new group that I tried. It left my hair feeling fantastic with zero weight. I could tell that a deep conditioner would be helpful to add in to my routine since it wasn’t overly hydrating, but it was a great, nourishing conditioner.

3. Pureology Hydrate Conditioner: This has been an all time favorite of mine. It’s softening, rich, nourishing, and makes me hair feel fantastic.

4. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist: This deep conditioner came highly recommended on Instagram, and at $2.99/bottle I had to grab it to give it a try. No one was more skeptical than me about it living up to the hype, but I will say if softened my hair really well. I did find that it built up a waxy residue after a few uses, and that’s probably just due to the quality of components in it. So, I wouldn’t recommend using it daily. Instead, if you like a super heavy daily conditioner, look into Redken All Soft. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is okay for periodic use if you need something cheap!

5.Ojon Damage Restorative Conditioner*: My least favorite of the bunch by far. It smelled of paint thinner and no part of it impressed me.

*pictured is the deep conditioner. I used the regular conditioner linked above but simply grabbed the wrong image.

My favorite, like I mentioned, is Sebastian’s Drench. I find myself alternating between that and Pureology Hydrate throughout the week.

If you are looking for a new conditioner, I’d give a few of these a try!

Progeny Children’s Shoppe


Several weeks ago I was invited to check out a local children’s store called Progeny, positioned right in downtown Raleigh.

I asked Jordan to join David & I and take a few photos of him checking out some of the toys to share today!


Progeny is filled, to the brim, with adorable specialty children’s toys, clothes, and gifts. It’s a perfect spot to pick up something special for a friend, or would even be a really fun store to browse through after just learning the sex of a baby you are carrying!

While I anticipated that I would not know what baby #2 is ( Justin and I opted to wait and find out when the baby is born in February ), part of me wanted to know so badly just to celebrate by picking up something small at Progeny.



Lauren, the owner, created such cute little play areas for the babies or kids to hang out in. David dove right into the toys, christening them with his excessive drool and smiles.


If you are local, do yourself a favor and pop into Progeny one day. And if you are not local, check out the online shop! I’ve got these cute monster blocks on my wish list already!

Lauren is kindly giving away a $100 gift card (redeemable starting in November) to one lucky winner (usa only)! You can either shop in store if you are local, or use it online! 

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