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Of all the things that I really love about having a great community both on here and on social is that when I need help or a suggestion, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience chiming in when I ask!

I recently shared that I’ve been struggling with Emily’s lack of napping and occasional nighttime sleep disruptions on Instastories. I thought it may help to expound more on those two topics and also share a bit more about why I asked for help.

Emily has truly been a great night sleeper for months now. And she’s only 5 months old. She started going 5-6 hours at only a few weeks old and since then has only increased her night sleeping. Her naps, though, have been consistently short (about 20 minutes) and sporadic. She would also fight going to sleep with all of her sweet little soul and spirit. It was such a frustrating thing because as her mom I knew she was tired but she just couldn’t easily fall asleep or stay asleep for naps. The day would spiral downhill and she’d be pretty irritable by the end of the night.

I know that even babies who nap well in the day can still be irritable at night. It’s kind of just a baby thing. 

With the boys, Justin and I were diligent about getting them on a pretty predictable routine at an early age. I was probably a little too rigid with their schedule but I was pretty stressed out as a new mom. Even though there were difficulties in getting them on a schedule, it paid off in the best ways. They were happy, they knew what to expect, and we (the parents) were happy as well. Putting them down for nap became as easy as placing them in the crib, walking away, and they would fall asleep without making a peep* on their own.

For some reason I have been resistant to trying to get Emily on a routine. I don’t know if it’s a “last baby” thing or what. Finally, I reached a point where I couldn’t keep doing this daily mystery game of “are you tired? no? not yet? maybe? should we try a nap? you don’t seem tired. are you tired?” It wasn’t working for Emily, nor Justin and I.

So in an exhausted moment I asked for help from other moms to try to resolve Emily’s nap issues.

I got so many helpful messages and I wanted to share them here in case you are in the same boat, or will be in the future.

Many people recommended Taking Cara Babies. She has a ton of information on her Instagram account and also offers some classes through her website all about sleep tips. I’ve learned a lot by just following her on Instagram which I’ve been doing for about a month or so.

I received a ton of recommendations for the Moms on Call book or scheduling app. I have the book and read most of it, but I downloaded the app shortly after I heard from so many readers that love it. The app suggests a routine that may work based on your baby’s age. I started following it as closely as I could and Emily took the best morning nap of her life on the first day. At the time I’m writing this we’ve been using the schedule for 4 days and she’s already making massive, MASSIVE improvements with her naps. Some are still short, but she’s going down easier and seems to be happier in the day since she’s not as exhausted as she was before.

I received a lot of recommendations for various websites where you can speak directly to a sleep consultant and they will tailor a plan that works for your lifestyle and your baby’s temperament and age. I decided to try following the Moms on Call schedule (again, it’s a goal not a set in stone timeline of how her day actually is right now) first and if that doesn’t work for her then resort to speaking with a sleep consultant.

After scrolling through message after message I realized an important thing. Every mom tries their best with the method they think will work best for their baby. There are so many methods of teaching a baby to sleep just like there are different parenting methods. It’s kind of great that we have so many resources available to find something that works for each family, isn’t it?

If you have a baby that isn’t napping well, or isn’t sleeping through the night, I hope you are able to find something that works for you and the baby very soon. To me, that’s the hardest part of a baby–figuring out SLEEP! It’s one of those things that gets better with time so it takes every single ounce of your patience until the baby has figured it out.

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*eventually. We helped soothe them to sleep until they could do it on their own.

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I’m pretty sure Jordan said “Just stand there and look like a cool Madewell person” and this is what I did.

top, jeans, similar shoes

If you see any classes advertised that are teaching “how not to look like a moron” I’ll sign myself up.

Last week I had the PLEASURE of hosting a styling session at Madewell and it was so much fun. I’m hoping to do another one in the spring as it is always a joy to meet blog readers in person. Unsurprisingly we always have something in common and it’s like chatting with an instant friend. For those who couldn’t make it I thought I’d round up some top picks from Madewell at the bottom of the post to check out!

A pretty new eyeshadow palette from ItCosmetics. I love a basic, neutral eyeshadow palette and this one looks great!

I tried these No7 Instant Results Revitalizing Hydrogel Eye Masks and DANG they made my under eye area feel tight, refreshed, and less puffy. I’ve already bought myself another box.

There is a new darker wash of Road Tripper jeans from Madewell which is a great add to the line if you ask me. The Orson wash was fantastic but felt a bit casual so I love the darker Jansen wash!

I shared a photo of my face with many blemishes earlier this week, did you catch that?

25 Things To Get Rid Of This Fall.

I love the front entryway that she shared in the first photo of the post!

How cute are these booties with the tie?!

Do you have any weekend plans? It’s finally supposed to dip below 80 here in Raleigh and I’m THRILLED TO DEATH about it. Also, the NC State Fair is happening and I’m hoping to go this weekend! 

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A Style Choice That Saves Me Time and Money


As a “basics” kind of girl you can imagine that I’m not very fussy when it comes to my clothes. I’m particular about fit and quality, but in general I keep things pretty simple and predictable in my closet so I can mix almost everything together.

A style choice I made in the past few years is to decide on one really great quality bag for the season (or the year if possible!) and have that be it. Every once in a great while I’ll swap out my regular bag for a smaller purse but that’s really only if there is a specific need for doing that. I almost never do that for the sake of my outfit.

It kind of started with my Madewell zip top transport crossbody. I still have that bag in my closet and while it’s a bit too small for my needs right now, I still really love it. Then I switched over to the Madewell medium transport tote, and even got the pink version for spring. I know some people refuse to carry a purse that doesn’t have a closure but I love the ease of an open top tote bag.

Intermixed in those bag choices was the Cuyana Small Carryall Tote. I have the pink shade and actually gifted a friend the stone color which is beautiful.

In this season I’m finding that a slightly larger bag is helpful for times I want to pull a diaper and wipes out of the diaper bag and just toss them in my purse for a quick errand so the Cuyana Classic Medium Carryall Tote.

Cuyana was kind enough to gift me the Work Clutch which I’ve found is perfect for carrying the essentials around with me when I won’t want a proper bag on my shoulder.

So how does sticking with one bag for a long time save me time and money? Well I’m not switching back and forth between different bags from week to week, or changing it up with my outfit for that day, and I’m not spending money replacing cheaper bags that don’t last as long as these have for me.

A similar dupe to the Madewell zip top transport crossbody is this one that is only $24.99 at Target. I haven’t personally gotten my hands on it, but the reviews seem to speak pretty highly of it!

Here are a few photos of the bags I’ve mentioned in the post so you can see their size!

Madewell Medium Transport Tote

Madewell Medium Transport Tote


Madewell Transport Crossbody

Cuyana Small Carryall Tote

Cuyana Classic Medium Carryall Tote


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