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Found this adorable gingham top on sale at A Pea in the Pod that will also work post-baby!

I’m so pleased to see different sized bodies represented in the photos for some of my favorite places to shop. I’ve noticed it at Aerie and Madewell and I’m sure there are other stores doing it that I just haven’t realized yet!

My most used cookbook from the past few months is Sally’s Cookie Addiction. My mom introduced me to her skillet cookie recipe last year and since then I’ve tried SO many of her recipes. We host a weekly Bible study group at our home on Tuesdays, which gives me a great reason to bake! The biggest hits so far have been the monster cookies or just a classic chocolate chip. A lot of her recipes require refrigeration and I’ve found that to be a game changer when it comes to the flavor and texture of a cookie. Follow her recipes closely, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

I wear this robe from Lake a ton, and get asked about it nearly every time I wear it on Instagram Stories! I’ve had it for a few months and really am impressed with it. It’s not the cheapest robe on the block so I had high expectations, and I’m happy to say it’s lived up to my hopes. With the night feedings that are imminent, I wanted to have a lightweight robe that I really love since I know I’ll get a ton of use out of it!

An adorable white top for spring!

We are heading down to my parents’ house in South Carolina at the end of March and I’m so excited to get back down there. Busyness in both mine and my parents’ lives have proven that weekend trips are harder than we thought! This will be the last trip before the baby is born so I’m hoping for rest, relaxation, sunshine. and warm weather!

Have any weekend plans? Doing any spring cleaning?!

Exploring Natural Beauty Products


The world of natural beauty products is becoming wider and wider, but also more confusing! About a month ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start exploring natural beauty products to test out their performance, but I got overwhelmed and confused on how to find products that are ACTUALLY natural.

About 1 minute into my search, I learned that the word “natural” is such a hard word to define because so many people give it a different meaning. I asked for suggestions of natural beauty products on Instagram and got direct messages sharing brands like Revlon and Maybelline. I know these product lines are not natural, so I was confused and wondered if others are too!

I spent a few hours researching and became tired of trying to decipher which brands are actually natural and which use misleading terminology. Multiple people suggested that I check out The Organic Bunny, and I found a wealth of information there! From there, I decided to just jump in and try to find products that are natural or organic as best I could, instead of obsessing over every ingredient along the way.

I can’t talk about natural beauty products without mentioning Beauty Counter. In my experience, they’ve had the biggest impact to opening up the public’s eyes to different standards of beauty products in the USA. I have tried two of their products, and was unimpressed with their skin tint and found the lip product I tried to be fairly average. Admittedly, I’ve had a very limited experience with their products, so I’m sure they have some great ones!

For this post, I wanted to round up products that were easily available for anyone to pick up on a Target or Sephora run. I’m not knocking MLM’s, heck my favorite foundation is by Arbonne, but I just wanted to keep it easy as I started the process. I also wanted to be able to quickly and easily return the products that I tried if they were terrible. I am not familiar with the return policies of some of the natural beauty MLM’s, but I’m sure that information is available through consultants or on their websites!

So, enough backstory, let’s get into the products I’ve tried and am wearing in this post!

I started by prepping my skin with these three products. Then, I applied W3ll People Bio Tint multi-action moisturizer (light) with my fingers. I found that this felt a bit dry, and almost like it was lacking the “slip” that other tinted moisturizers or foundations have. Initially it looked too dark, but it ended up blending into a nice, natural looking shade. I added RMS beauty “un” cover-up 00 to my under-eyes, eyelid, and on some dark spots I have on my chin. This product is creamy, provides light to medium coverage, and looks just like your skin! I swiped a few coats of W3ll People Expressionist Pro Mascara (black), which had a clean finish but didn’t build much length or thickness. I didn’t have those expectations, but as someone with short lashes, I always like a mascara that allows me to add a bit of extra length.

I don’t typically use a highlighter, but I had the RMS beauty living luminizer in my vanity from a past purchase. I added it to my cheekbones and the inner corner of my eye. For the price, I could most definitely live without this product, but it was nice to use since I had it!

I finished my makeup with a bit of ILIA multi-stick in Tenderly on my cheeks and lips. I didn’t like it on my lips, and found the color to be too faint on my cheeks. I had to apply it twice to make it show up. This could be a color issue or a product issue, but it’s the only one I have tried at this time! I couldn’t help but compare it to another liquid blush I’ve been using recently and found this one to be lacking in the performance department.

In general, I felt like my makeup looked very natural, glowy, and it felt light on my skin! The only non-natural products I used were a tiny bit of eyeliner smudged into my lash line, and a few Anastasia brow products. This doesn’t mean I haven’t found eyeliner or eyebrow products that I like yet, but I haven’t done a lot of research just yet!

By the evening, roughly 8 hours after applying the makeup that morning, I found the longevity of the products to be pretty impressive. I wondered if the foundation would seperate and get flakey, but I didn’t experience that at all. The blush was so light to begin with, I felt like I wish I would have applied more, but I think it could be a wrong color choice instead of a poorly performing product.

In general, I was really pleased with all of these products! If you are interested in going the “natural” route with your makeup, I’d recommend giving these a try!

List of products use:

W3ll People Bio Tint multi-action moisturizer (light)

W3ll People Expressionist Pro Mascara (black)

RMS beauty “un” cover-up 00

RMS beauty living luminizer

ILIA multi-stick in Tenderly


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Morning Skincare Products (including a new base that is AMAZING)


Between beauty school, watching Youtube tutorials, and over 15 years of experience wearing and experimenting with makeup and skincare, I feel like I have a good grasp on it. But there is always room for learning more, and I learned so much when Andreea was doing my makeup a few weeks ago. (You can watch the video here!) 

My latest skincare routine, in the morning, has involved Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex. I apply the Vitamin C serum first and let that sink into my skin. It does wonders for hydration and I swear it makes my skin look a few years younger, and then I apply a decent amount of my long time favorite face cream on top of the serum and let that sink in for at least 20 minutes before applying any makeup.

I was using the Bare Minerals Prime Time but after buying a full-size container, I discovered that it separates quite easily and feels greasier than it felt in the smaller trial-size container. I certainly could have gotten a bad batch, but ever since this happened I’ve avoided using it.

So I’ve been primer-less for a few weeks! I can definitely live without using primer, but I do believe it helps my makeup look more flawless. I was thrilled to have a new one tested on my face when Andreea was applying my makeup, and it was SO GOOD that I bought it the next day.

She used Bobbi Brown’s Vitamin Enriched Face Base Moisturizer, and I can best describe it as an ultra-hydrating moisturizer that feels like a silky primer on the skin. I love the way it smells, it’s like lemons and cucumbers, and it felt amazing on my skin. She was essentially giving me a facial massage while applying it so that made it feel ultra luxurious, but I’ve been so pleased with how my skin looks and feels, as well as how my makeup applies and lasts with it.

I have dry skin, with constant flakes around my nose, so using these 3 products (in the order they are shown in the photo) has helped seriously combat the dryness. Once the humidity levels kick up here in the summer, I may skip the fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, and see how just using the serum and the face base work together, but for now I’m happily using all three!












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