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I shot the above photo in front of a window with the iPhone 11. Isn’t the clarity and detail pretty amazing? iPhone photos have come SO FAR from when they started. This is an interesting article that lays out all the models of the phone from 2007 until this year!

I can hardly believe we are all settled into October. I love the change of seasons even though it is a slow process here in the South. It’s been slightly chilly with a major drop in humidity for the past week or so and I welcomed that climate with open arms. I haven’t bought pumpkins for our front porch quite yet since it’ll still easily hit 80 degrees during the day and the pumpkins are prone to rotting if they sit for too long, but I’m hoping to put some out in the next week or so! Both of my boys have field trips to pumpkin patches through their schools so I’m sure they would like to contribute as well!

I’m listening to Where The Crawdad’s Sing on Audible right now. I think I have about 4 hours to go until I’m finished with the book. I’m very interested and will certainly finish it. I truly have no idea where this book is going to turn!

Justin bought some new shoes for himself that I showed off on stories. They are really cool. They were on sale at Cole Haan when I shared it but I’m not sure if that sale will still be going on by the time this post is live.

If you are looking for a good utility jacket for the fall, try this one from Amazon. It’s a really nice weight, comes in a few colors, and feels much nicer than you’d expect for only $32!

I have absolutely no use for this dress but I can’t stop staring at it.

Just as a friendly reminder: these are the best clear elastics, these are the best bobby pins, and this is a fantastic brush.

All about Lashes + Liner Makeup Demo


I love the look of a cat-eye created with soft eyeliner or eyeshadow, like this! After seeing a few photos I played around with my eye makeup routine and went with an exaggerated cat-eye to change it up a bit. I also skipped out on lower lashline eyeliner to make the focus on the lashes and liner on my upper lid.

This isn’t a dramatic shift from eye makeup I’ve done in the past, but after receiving a few questions I thought I would film a quick eyeliner focused tutorial for this look!

If you want to see a full face of makeup application, click here! Otherwise, you can see how I create the eye look below.

My must-have tools:

Charlotte Tilbury Rock N/ Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in bedroom black– I swear this is the best for smudging without losing the impact of the product. It’s a very rich and pigmented black that adds a lot of intensity to the eye.

Sephora PRO Smudge Brush – I cannot do my eyeliner without this brush!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer – A brightening concealer that covers the darkest under-eye circles.

Sephora PRO Precision Concealer Brush – I don’t like using a concealer brush for under my eyes these days, but I do like it for cleaning up around my eyebrows, near my eyeliner or blemishes.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara – one of my favorite “clean finish” mascaras for lots of length and definition!

I used this eyeshadow palette that I made myself! My lipstick is Hot Lips “Liv it Up” by Charlotte Tilbury.

3 Easy Outfits with Black Denim


Black denim is something women have been wearing for years but it’s probably the thing I’ve been most resistant toward in my own closet. I can’t really point to exactly why, because they are such an easy thing to wear and style, but I added a pair into the mix for this fall and I wanted to share 3 quick outfit ideas for black denim.

I love the look of black denim with a classic chambray shirt. It leaves you with tons of options for shoes, bags, and accessories. This outfit above, though, is a bit more dressed up with a chambray tie neck top and suede block heel pumps. This would also look really cute with an animal print belt peeking through the front tuck of the shirt!

Speaking of animal print…

I tried mixing leopard prints with the belt and shoes and kind of liked how it all turned out in this black on black outfit. The blouse is one of my very favorite styles from J.Crew.

I’m just noticing this is another necktie top below! It didn’t occur to me that I wore the only two tops in my closet that have the necktie detail!

This top was a great find at Target. It has fully functioning buttons (for any of you breastfeeding moms out there!) and I love the subtle ruffle detail. I paired it with ankle boots for this outfit but I wanted to note that it would also look really cute with some knee-high brown boots!

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