White Summer Dresses


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I love a white dress in the summertime. They’re easy, light, and look great with sun-kissed skin. Plus they allow for really fun and bright accessories like these fun earrings!

I found a great dress at Target a few weeks ago (in the photo above), but also rounded up some other great options for you at other stores! I have this slip in case I ever get a dress that is too sheer, although I’m noticing extra layers included in a lot of dresses at Target and Old Navy, which is a huge win in my book!

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I have a dress really similar to the button-up white dresses from the graphic, although mine is a watermelon color. But I’m trying to find a reason to buy a white version because it’s such a classic! The shoes in the first photo are so dang comfortable and easy to wear, and if you prefer a lower wedge, these may be right up your alley too!





Links + Loves


Today is the LAST day to get 30% off your order at Freshly Picked. I love their diaper bag – it’s the only one I’ve used since having Emily! Enter code FPxK8 at check out, and it applies to anything in the store!

Man, it’s so nice having a baby at the start of summer. I live for going outside every day and winter babies don’t always allow that. The cool mornings and evenings are the perfect time to get out! Emily loves being worn so it’s been a breeze to take her to the park with the boys and just wear her in the Solly Baby Wrap or the Happy Wrap (I have and like both!).

I discovered Doozie bars at the grocery store and it takes intense willpower to avoid buying one every time I go. It’s ready-to-eat cookie dough – no raw egg or nothin’. I’m sorry and you are welcome.

It took me a few tries to find a nursing bra that was comfortable and didn’t also feel incredibly matronly and thick. I’m happy to report that after a month of wear this one is my favorite. I had a nursing bra from Target but the band stretched out quickly, so I was disappointed! But this bra has held up beautifully and I hardly notice it when I’m wearing it!

How beautiful is this painting? I love the soft blush pink shade of it! I also love this print.

CUTE sandals for under $20 and another pretty pair for under $30!

These $17 shorts are fantastic. They have the right stretch, are a great length, and will be on repeat all summer long! I also think that these linen tassel shorts are really cute!

Did you catch this quick tutorial on how I style my straight hair?

Some great one-piece swim suits to check out!

Hope you have a nice weekend ahead!

Beauty gifts for a new/tired mom


These beauty gifts are really and truly good for ANYONE, but I thought that these things were fun to have around just after having a baby! It wasn’t terribly high on my list to get ready every single day, but even just a little makeup with my hair thrown up in a messy bun helps me feel awake and more like myself. And a few of these products were nice to have around to use while I was getting acquainted with my postpartum body and dark under eye circles.

  1. This lip balm is fantastic. Not only does it feel great on the lips, but it also leaves the prettiest shimmer of pink behind. I threw it in my bag immediately after I got it so that I could always have it with me.
  2. This is the only reason my under eye area wasn’t BLACK from lack of sleep. I set my concealer with this loose setting powder and I swear it made me look like I was actually rested.
  3. Right before I had Emily, I received comments on how my skin looked so glowy. While that could’ve been pregnancy glow or sheer excitement of meeting my third baby, the majority of it was this powder I dusted all over my face after applying my makeup. It’s like an Instagram filter in a powder.
  4. This texture spray gives my hair a little life on day 1 or day 2…or day 3. Click here to watch a quick video on how I apply it!
  5. I have several of these in different colors and they were perfect for swiping on when I wanted to look alive without wearing a strong lip color.
  6. I’ve been wearing my hair up more and these elastics are not only cute, but they hold hair so well!
  7. The worst thing is when I polish my nails only to find that they are chipping the next day. I typically do gel manicures on myself but with limited time, I’ve turned to Gel Couture – the ONLY polish that will last on me for several days without chipping.

It’s the small things that can lift my mood or bring a little bit of joy to my day, and that’s a lot of the reason why I named my blog what I did. None of these things are necessary, of course, but a new or tired mom in your life may appreciate something special just for her.

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