A Functional and Pretty Vanity


I’ve had a few different set ups on my bathroom vanity over the years. The longest running one was having nothing at all and keeping all of my makeup and “everyday use” products under my sink and simply pulling them out to use every morning.

But here’s the thing: I never put them away.

My makeup bag sat in disarray, usually opened up with the contents spilling out, on my counter for the rest of the day. And I hated that. It felt like my bathroom was a mess every single day.

I was browsing through the pretty vanities on a POND’S pinboard and was inspired to spruce things up around my bathroom. Recently POND’S partnered with Jonathan Adler to design colorful and reusable containers for the Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes. I loved the blue one because it went perfectly in my already blue bathroom!

While my mom was visiting in February and March, she helped me think through a creative set up for my bathroom vanity that is both pretty and functional. I knew I wanted my makeup to be visible while also staying organized.


I found the vanity organizers at Target, as well as the delicate floral decor sitting on top of the crate. Initally, I wanted to hang two shelves on the wall right next to my sink, but we thought it may be a little too intrusive.

So we thought creatively about how to organize and freshen up the space without taking over the entire vanity. And the idea of using a crate, on it’s side, was born.


It didn’t take long to search for and find a crate at HomeGoods. And after I had sifted through my makeup bag and picked out the most frequently used products, I put them in their new home and stepped back to admire how much more simple my beauty routine had just gotten.

No more digging around my bag to find the product I’m looking for.


I use, and have used for over 15 years, POND’S Original Fresh Wet Cleaning Towlettes to remove my makeup in the evening. I’ve tried other wipes, but they made my face break out and feel overly dry. POND’S has been around for over 150 years, so it’s clear to me that they know what their doing when it comes to skincare.


You can find this blue container at Walgreens in April, and the green one is exclusively at Target.


Now that I’ve lived with this vanity set up for a few weeks, I can assure you this is how it will stay for a good long while. I love the ease of being able to see my makeup in order to make the “getting ready” process quicker.

I also love that it acts a bit as a centerpiece as well, and adds a really nice finishing touch to the decor in our bathroom.


**I’m excited to be partnering with POND’S, a brand I’ve been using since middle school, on a handful of posts over the next year or so. POND’S products pictured within this post were gifted.

“Let’s get a picture of David and Me”

Actually, the goal was to get a photo of my mom with both boys sitting on a blanket in the park but Luke was snoozin’ away in the stroller and I didn’t want to disturb him.

So Mom and David it was.

Grandma: “Take his bib off!”

Me: “OH the ground is wet, let’s sit on this rock instead!”

Grandma: “David, look at mama!”



Grandma and me: “Mmmmyeah this ain’t happenin’.


Helping “tomorrow me” out


Don’t let this photo fool you. I’m not really a morning person.

My husband, however, wakes up every morning and practically beams with joy and enthusiasm about ::fill in the blank:: day. I mean, if he could play the trumpet I wouldn’t put it past him to keep it next to the bed and arise every morning and play a tune.

It’s actually a good thing he doesn’t know how to play the trumpet because that would ultimately be the catalyst for what ended his life.

I’ve learned to soften my attitude a bit over the years of being married to a happy morning person because it’s just much more pleasant to be happy versus feeling stabby about the day beginning.

ANYWAY, the let us get back to the point of this post.

My friend Allyson told me that her friend Michael told her once that she spends time the night before preparing for the next day in order to “help tomorrow me out”. In other words, she knows herself, and knows the things that would be easier to do the night before after the kids are asleep. So, she does those to help “tomorrow her” out.

And, like certain things in life, that phrase stuck with me. And I’ve really utilized it in motherhood and especially mother-of-two-hood.

The high points that I focus on in the evening to make the next day start off smoothly are the following:

1. Lay out my outfit for the next day. Any decision I can make the night before makes the following morning easier. So, I’ll get everything, from socks to jewelry, set aside and ready to throw on. Sometimes I even bring my shoes downstairs so I can just slide them on before leaving.

2. Make sure we have clean bottles AND milk for David. Justin is the typical bottle washer in the house and he’s pretty darn diligent about making sure the bottles are washed and drying at the end of the day.

3. Double check and restock (if necessary) the diaper bag. Getting two boys into the car is enough of a chore, so the last thing I want to do is gather up all the junk that needs to be toted along with us in the diaper bag.

4. Get a morning snack + juice cup ready for David. When it’s just me and the boys I nurse Luke either in his nursery or David’s room. I like to offer David a snack + juice as a distraction if he starts to get bored of the toys we have in there.

5. Make sure I have my oatmeal available to eat. My friend Joanna gave me a recipe for a delicious baked oatmeal that I started eating when I was nursing David and am eating now that I’m nursing Luke! Apparently oats are supposed to help milk production, so it’s the perfect breakfast that is not only delicious but effective!

I make one batch that usually lasts me about 5 days. All I do is add a splash of warm milk and throw it in the microwave for a minute.

Of course there are other typical chores that happen in the evening as well (picking up David’s toys, emptying the dishwasher, etc) but these 5 are the ones that really help “tomorrow me” out.

Do you have certain chores that you do every single night to prepare for the next day? I’d love to hear them in the comments!



lace small things blog

 one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

Welcome Spring, you little tease.

We are having some beautiful days mixed in with some not so beautiful days here in North Carolina.

Are you profoundly affected by the weather like I am? I think it’s the sun mostly. If the sun is shining my mood is on fire. If it’s overcast my mood tends to be a little bit “meh”.

I often think about how glad I am that I didn’t have Luke in, say, November–the start of the never ending winter.


The most feminine clothing I’m drawn to is anything lacy. I’m not big on florals, and dresses or skirts don’t really work well with my lifestyle right now. So lace is as girly as it gets.

And I straight up love this lace tank that my sister has and layers all cute so I’m on the hunt for something similar.

I may have gasped out loud when I found this shirt at J.Crew. I love everything about it. So then I saw it on sale (plus more sale) and bought it. And then returned it. It’s terrible. The cut is awful and the shirt material is clingy and stiff. I felt like a linebacker in it. So don’t buy it.

So the hunt continues for the perfect lace top to add to my wardrobe this spring. If you find a tank top version, with a bit of stretch in it too, would you let a sister know?

Fresh Faced


one, two, three

I’ve been feeling a little blah about my makeup/face these days and was browsing some inspiration on Pinterest.

Lacking sleep from a newborn, and not showering in the morning, has left me looking dull and lifeless.

So I looked at this photos and tried to pick out exactly what was “fresh” to me about them.

1. Each girl has a bit of glow to her. Whether this is from lighting, editing, or whatever else, I can translate that into my makeup application by using highlighter. So, Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder is becoming a new daily. I have the shade Luminous Light, but if I didn’t have it already and was looking for a highlighter, I’d be eyeballing this one from theBalm.

2. They aren’t wearing a lot of makeup! I tend to pile it on when I’m tired to cover up all the darkness, but if I were more strategic with what areas I focused on versus going overboard it could work more to my advantage. My 3 focuses are blush, lipstick and mascara. That way I get some color on my face, and my eyes look a little bit more awake with some definition on my lashes.

3. No under eye bags or darkness! I’ve been loving the brightener by Maybelline, and I’m also a fan of Bobbi Brown’s corrector as well! The key to covering darkness under eyes is correcting it first with a peachy-hue and then concealing it with a concealer. Keeping your eye area moisturized will help concealer both apply nicely and not look cake-y, but you don’t want to have too much eye cream on underneath your concealing products in order to avoid the product sliding off.

So, for spring I’m going to be focusing on these things. #3 isn’t very different from my usual goal of covering under eye darkness, but regular use of a highlighter and going a little lighter on the makeup in general will be refreshing changes.