The blow dry mistakes you may be making (and how to fix them)


The main reason why I took the blog in this direction back in 2011 was because I learned very quickly that I could help more people than just my clients with basic video hair tutorials. With the explosion of Pinterest, and the right timing, my video tutorials gained popularity really fast and I was given the opportunity to create helpful resources for women all over the world.

Coolest. Opportunity. In. The. World. By the way.

In the years since the hair tutorial heyday, my content has evolved and changed, but my love for teaching/helping hasn’t gone away! And a recent revelation while getting ready at my gym inspired me to create a new tutorial to correct some common hair issues that I keep seeing.

Since becoming pregnant, I stopped doing bootcamp and joined a more traditional gym with showers so I could get ready immediately after working out. After a few weeks, I couldn’t help but notice that the blow dry methods of the women around me were wasting time, were ineffective, and were not giving them the results I’m sure they were hoping for.

I desperately wanted to lean over and just offer advice right then and there, but I held my tongue and took mental notes instead. So this video is rounding up all the things I’ve seen women do to their hair with a blow dryer that may not be ideal.

The video is not going to demonstrate how to do a salon quality blow out with a round brush, but instead I’m going to share a few minor changes and tips to simply blowing your hair out with a vented flat brush. I didn’t want the styling technique to take away from the drying, so I’ve kept it very very simple!

I styled my hair with Oribe Foundation Mist, Shu Uemura Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Duo Serum, and Aquage Uplifting Foam. After blowing dry, I smoothed through the ends with the GHD classic flat iron and finished with a bit of Oribe Dry Texture Spray and Kenra Volume 25 hairspray.

p.s. the prettiest blush watch for spring, and an equally pretty blush handbag!










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My parents came up for a quick visit last week and we tackled my guest room. The wall lights can be found here, the wall color is Behr Winds Breath, the comforter can be found here, and the bed frame is old from IKEA.

I found my favorite Bible study tool on Amazon! This journal is my favorite because it isn’t full of questions, so you just write out the scripture and then write out your thoughts.

I love my striped robe but it was getting a little rough after years and years of wear. I’ve been intrigued by this brand that I’ve seen around a bit in the last year and so I tried one of their robes. It’s great! I bought a robe for my parents’ home in SC last year and I wish I had bought 2. This new one by Lake is nice and light, so I know it will be great for getting up all night with the baby in the summertime.

3 ways to take better care of your hair (for free!)

I’m not a huge ice tea drinker but I’ve been looking for drinks that are a kick-up from water, but not too terrible for you and I found Bai drinks. Their raspberry tea and peach tea versions are delicious! I know everyone is into La Croix right now but literally there is nothing worse to me to drink!

If you’ve ever wondered what the names for things at IKEA mean.

I love this cozy vest!

I tried this lipstick on in store at Sephora earlier this week and loved it! For only $8.00 I knew I had to have it. They were out of stock in store so I ordered it online, and now they are out of stock online! Keep an eye out for it though, I’m sure they will restock soon!

I had a fit over these adorable kitchen prints on Instagram Stories earlier this week as well. A FIT.

In other unrelated news, I finally tried taking Valtrex for my coldsore break outs and it worked WONDERFULLY. I do not know why I waited to so long to try it. If you also suffer from coldsores, get a prescription for this immediately.

p.s. For more recent links + loves, check out here and here!

Learning how to manage time and productivity with Skillshare


Earlier this year I shared a post about my attempt to learn how to be a better photographer with my DSLR camera and Skillshare. And honestly, since making a concerted effort to put away my smart phone and pick up my actual camera, I’ve been so pleased to be able to have more high quality images of the boys! It’s a skill that I’ll never regret working on.

At the start of each calendar year, Justin and I try to take some time to talk through what our goals and plans are for the year. We discuss what happened last year, good or bad, and try to look for ways we can make adjustments in the new year to set ourselves up for success. It’s easy to do this with him because I have him to hold me accountable to it, but I’m pretty terrible at prioritizing systems and goals for my business.

I was happy to have the opportunity to work with Skillshare again and tell you about their classes on productivity. If you are familiar with Skillshare, you already know that you can find classes on nearly any subject from baking to game design to wellness. In fact, they have over 18,000 classes available to choose from! But with the start of the new year, and my mind learning towards planning and goal setting, I wanted to take some classes on productivity first!

Skillshare is also giving my readers a limited time offer of three months of unlimited access for only 99 cents! You can click here to get your three months and try out some of their awesome classes

I took a few classes, but my favorite of the bunch was this one on Time Theming. The instructor covered a lot of facets of organizing and structuring your day, but I took away a bigger picture of setting up more themes for different seasons of my life.

I really love that he explained ways to organize and manage your tasks on paper or digitally. There is nothing better than drawing a line through something on a written out to do list, and he even had suggestions for certain marks to make that represent different things. Basically, whether on paper or digitally, he is encouraging you to do something with each task right away so you can give it the right attention it needs.

I got out a pencil and paper, wrote out the next 7 months, and filled in things that I knew would already be happening, or goals I wanted to set for myself. After I finish the list I’ll type it up and make it into a nicer document, but it’s helpful for me to scribble out everything that is in my head first so I can see it all on the paper.

If you are wondering why I only chose to work on 7 months, it’s because my third baby is due in May and I didn’t want to be unrealistic about what kinds of themes I could set for the months after the baby arrives. I’ll wait until he or she gets here, and then adjust my calendar and monthly goals once I have a slight handle on what it’s like to be a mom of 3 kids!

If you haven’t checked Skillshare out yet, you really should. It’s replaced some of the time I would spend listening to podcasts, and I feel great knowing I’m bettering myself or learning a new skill while I’m doing another mindless task.

The Premium membership, which gets you unlimited access to learning, is normally $8/month but you can get 3 months of Skillshare Premium for $0.99 by clicking right here!

This post was sponsored by Skillshare, all opinions are my own.


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