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Giving Back: My Cause for the Year

How was your week? Mine felt like it was moving extremely fast until yesterday when Thursday actually felt like Friday so this morning feels like groundhog day.

Regardless, it was a good week and I’m looking forward to a chill weekend with very few plans!

If you are looking to freshen up a space in your home, I highly recommend using Modsy. I’ve used this service in the past for help in a room in our old house, and to help lay out my current office.

I love this blazer! It comes in 3 colors and I am totally tempted by the white one.

In the late fall, I ordered a few family photos from Mpix and am extremely pleased with the quality. If you are looking for high-quality photo printing, I’d recommend Mpix.

I love the color of these knee-high boots.

If you have started this year with a plan to incorporate more green smoothies, try this one from Kate at Naptime Kitchen! 

I am not loyal to any particular brand of sock for working out, but I have to say I just picked these up at Cole Haan when I was getting another pair of the laser cut liners and I am really pleased! I love that the logo on the bottom is rubbery so they are kind of non-slip.

One of the things I love about Instagram Stories is the casual mention of the things I’m using, new products, old favorites, etc. But I can guarantee that the morning after a day I share a few things I’m met with many questions from followers who cannot remember what it was that I shared. In an effort to provide answers to those questions on a weekly basis, Amanda and I are compiling as thorough a list as we can about all the things I mentioned on stories from the week prior. I hope the list below is helpful.

Items Mentioned on IG stories:

Pink Gap sweatshirt – I wear a medium in this and love how bright it is!

Old Navy Fleece Quilted Zip Hoodie Jacket  – I wear a medium in this and think it’s a great lightweight athletic-style jacket.

Blue fleece jacket from Gap – I wear a “small tall” in this and find it to be super cozy and the prettiest blue color.

Blue athletic tank from Gap – This tank is a nice length to partially cover your bum when wearing leggings and the cross back is a pretty detail as well.

Madewell Perfect Vintage Jeans in Vintage Canvas – A pretty pair of cream denim.

Dolce Vita Chelsea Boots – Such cute winter/waterproof boots!

Grande Cosmetics Mini Lash Lash and Brow Set – I’ve seen nice results from Grande Cosmetics on my lashes and brows, and this is a good intro set.

Ole Henricksen Lemonade Smoothing Scrub – I’ve been using this scrub for about a week and REALLY love it.

Fresh Kombucha Cleansing Treatment – A gentle and calming cleansing water.

Apple AirPod Case from my sister – My sister gave me this customizable case for Christmas and I love that the clip on the back is removable.

Madewell Back Button Top – A pretty sweatshirt with button details.

Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder workout spray – One of my favorite products to use on a day I don’t want to wash my hair.

Maya Brenner Necklace – I’m so happy to have my necklace back from being repaired!


This week’s discount codes:

GIMME Beauty – For a limited time, these amazing bundles and brushes are 10% off!!  If you use my code KATEB you get an ADDITIONAL 25% off everything in your cart!!

Home Chef – If you order now using code KATE90, you can get $90 off and cook along with me in 2021!

Tommy John – Use code KATEBRYAN20 for 20% off your purchase for the next 72 hours

Loopy Cases – Use my code smallthings10 for 10% off

Q & A from Instagram Stories:


I have trouble keeping foundation on my nose. It never seems to blend well and it wears off or turns really flakey. What can I do? Be sure to use primer, and set the makeup on your nose with a setting powder, translucent or not!

What is your favorite piece of jewelry? I really cherish my rings. I love my wedding bands and my engagement ring, and Justin gave me a ring after I had Emily as an heirloom to pass down to her one day.

Do you feel bad taking back makeup you’ve opened? No. I try my best to do as much research as possible and try to get the color that will match me the best, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Makeup isn’t always cheap, so I have no discomfort in returning what doesn’t work for me.

What is your favorite wireless bra for every day? I loooooooove the Tommy John Second Skin Triangle Bralette

What are your favorite Aera fragrances? White Tea, Home Hygiene Mint + Citrus, Deep Relax, De-Stress Mind, Lavendar, and Happy Green.

What is the best low budget curling iron? I have a post about my favorite hair tools under $100 here!

If you and Justin could go anywhere on a trip, where would you go? No question I would go skiing with him at Deer Valley in Utah.

Do you have a house tour? No. But I’ve shared a few rooms in my house. You can see my kitchen here, and watch my master bedroom tour here!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.15.21

Thank you for the links – checking them out right now! Have a great weekend! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Emily says · 01.15.21

The blazer you mention above – do you have it? Could you do a try on and talk about sizing? I think it is so pretty!

Laura says · 01.15.21

Hi Kate! Question…I got the Madewell Perfect Vintage jeans as a Christmas gift for myself 😉 and Madewell recommended I size down but these jeans are snuuuggggg! Are they supposed to be that snug or should I not have sized down? It’s too late to return them according to their new policy so I’m wondering if I wear them a bit, they will fit better?? Help please?!

Michele says · 01.15.21

Hopefully I can help! I made the switch to Madewell Roadtrippers and found them to be really snug, but it allowed me to wear them way more before they got too stretched and I had to reshape them in the wash. I can’t speak to the specific “model” of Madewells you got, but if they’re anything like my 5 pairs of Roadtrippers, give them some wears – by wear #3 they’ll feel fantastic.

Buffey Smith says · 01.15.21

This is great!

Leigh says · 01.15.21

Thanks for sharing! I will be looking into Modzy as we’ll be moving soon and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the space yet! And you’ve reminded me that I need to get pictures printed thanks!

– Leigh

Pam Webreck says · 01.15.21

This is very helpful! Thank you!

Ali says · 01.16.21

There’s a mug…an insulated coffee mug, with flowers on it…you’ve been drinking it Instagram stories, and I’ve been trying to find where you got it from. Can you PLEASE share a link to that adorable mug?!?! 😁

Kate says · 01.17.21

I found it at Paper Source!

Ali says · 01.17.21


Hallie says · 01.17.21

I noticed the Rag & Bone blazer you we wearing in a post this last week isn’t posted anywhere on your ‘shop my Instagram’ and wasn’t mentioned in stories, that I saw. Was just hoping you might be willing to share as to why you hadn’t linked or talked about it… at all. Perhaps it was the steep price tag of $550!? Definitely not something very affordable for the ‘average person’ anyway. Maybe this is part why you didn’t share it. It is most definitely the most expensive piece I have seen you wear, that I can recall. It is so cute and I know investment pieces like that can last years to come! 🙂 Thanks for your time!

Kate says · 01.18.21

I did find it on sale which was why I pulled the trigger 🙂 And I fully believe in investing in pieces that will last years and years especially if they are a timeless design. Here is the link, and I’d highly recommend holding out for a sale:

Hallie says · 01.22.21

Was still just wondering why you hadn’t posted or made any mention of it… anywhere on your IG or blog?? You didn’t answer that 🙂 We do appreciate your time, as we know you are a busy working mom!

Kate says · 01.23.21

There are a lot of things I wear that I may not highlight in a specific post. That being said, I am working on a post coming in a few weeks about jackets and will likely include it there. No need to keep wondering 🙂

Sarah says · 01.23.21

Hi! What length is your Maya Brenner necklace? Thanks!

Kate says · 01.25.21

started at 16 inch but with the addition of letters it’s at 17 inches