Hair Tools under $100

Skincare during this Season of Mask Wearing

One.     Two.     Three.     Four.     Five.     Six.

A few of the tools on this list are some of my FIRST hair tools! When I went to beauty school, I was given a box of books and tools that I needed for the 2-year program, and in the box were a few Hot Tools curling irons and a Hot Tools dryer!

If you spend much time around my blog or youtube, you’ll repeatedly hear me mention the “heat dial” on tools, whether it’s a curling iron or a flat iron. Even a blow dryer should have multiple heat settings.

Most people crank their tool up to the MAX heat because they think that will make the strongest/tightest/longest lasting curl. And it will for most people, but usually that level of heat isn’t required to create a beautiful, long-lasting curl. The same holds true for flat irons. I always recommend turning the heat down to about half what the max capacity of the tool offers, and then work your way back up to the appropriate heat for the look and longevity you are going for.

Excess heat is a great way to damage your hair. Speaking of which, if you are trying to repair your hair from heat damage I would recommend checking out this post!

When you are shopping for a new hair tool, you want to look for something with a heat dial, smooth plates or barrel, and something that doesn’t snag or scrape your hair when you use it.

If your hair is getting caught in the spring of the clamp on your curling iron, return it. If you run your finger along the edge of your flat iron plates (when turned off) and it feels rough, return it. If your blow dryer smells like things are burning when you use it, return it. 


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Kammi says · 11.24.20

Hi Kate, do you stop enjoy the Amika brush drier that you talked about awhile back?
Thanks, kammi

Kammi says · 11.24.20

Sorry meant still not stop. 5 month old was helping me.

Kate (not Kate Bryan!) says · 11.30.20

I got the Amika at Kate’s recommendation and it’s great. Have only used it a few times so far but it’s lessened the amount of time I have to blow dry and straighten. It also came with some wonderful Amika heat spray that I’m now hooked on.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.25.20

Thank you for recommending affordable hair tools – and not just the Dyson (which I want terribly, but can’t afford at the moment)! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Vicky says · 11.25.20

The links are not working.

Jennifer Roy says · 11.26.20

I have the BaBylissPRO hair dryer and love it! It’s probably the best and quietest dryer I’ve ever had. I’m hoping to get the BaByliss curling iron for Christmas but in a 1 inch barrel. The 1.5 is too large for the length of my hair.

Tonya says · 12.05.20

Please help me with the hair products from Sephora that sponsored your tutorial. I can. OT find it and I need the products 🙁

Cindy Muhleman says · 01.01.21

Retirement and Covid has made it challenging to get inspiration from others on makeup and style. Finding your blog and utilizing so many of your ideas has helped me look my best. I get ready every day and your posts continue to motivate me to look my best. My favorite are your makeup tips. I wanted to let you know how much your blog has benefitted me this year and to say thank you for bringing positivity to my days