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I know I talk about a lot of different products and have a lot of different hair tutorials on the site, but Nicole and I have noticed that the questions I’m asked the most are about my typical daily hair and typical makeup routine. So in an effort to help answer, for anyone new or those who missed these posts, check some of these out:

For makeup, I like to keep it really simple with My 3 minute face if it’s not a work day. Otherwise, this is My favorite eye makeup look and you can see How I get my simple + natural brows by watching that video. My favorite foundations are on repeat throughout the week, and my light and natural contour routine helps add dimension and warmth to my face.

More often than not, I style my hair like I did in this tutorial (but sometimes I skip the wand part on top and just use the clamp barrel all the way through the hair). Here are some tips for how I restyle my hair. For more undone waves, here’s a link to a tutorial to get my messy waves. And my messy bun is always on repeat throughout the week!

While I love a gel mani, here’s a look at how I do my at-home manicuresMy favorite pair of jeans that I wear ALMOST daily in the cooler months have been a purchase that was totally worth the investment. I like easy to wear clothes that work with two toddlers and also an effort to look pulled together, so here are my wardrobe basics. My favorite stores to shop at are Target, J.Crew Factory, and Nordstrom. I also have scored from great finds from TJ Maxx and Marshall’s when I have time to browse/dig through the racks!

Beyond that, if you have a question about a product or really anything I’ve mentioned or seem like I would have mentioned, just type it into the search box on the righthand side of the blog. Nicole and I do our best to chime in with answers to questions we find in comments or on social media, but searching the site first will likely yield the quickest results!


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Blush & Pearls says · 10.06.16

I’d love to try out the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – sounds like a great everyday foundation for a more natural look. Thanks for the picks! Still working on finding the time to fit in some at-home manicures though@\

Angela / Blush & Pearls

Lindsey says · 10.06.16

Love this post! What is your favorite curling iron for everyday? Is it still the T3?

Kate says · 10.06.16


Baluchmakkuran says · 11.02.16

Love blonde beauty

Andria says · 10.06.16

do you have any product recommendations for naturally curly hair? I like products that define my curls but don’t leave them looking greasy. thanks!

Stephanie says · 10.06.16

Do you plan on trying Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast? I’d love to hear your opinion on it before I buy.

Ali says · 10.06.16

I second this!

Katie says · 10.06.16

I’d love your thoughts too on this product!

Susan says · 10.06.16

Thank you Kate I work at 4 am so a lot of time curling is not an option only round brush

Kate H. says · 10.07.16

Just wanted to say thank you! I took your advice (maybe snapchat a week or two ago?) and got a blunt cut yesterday – SO much better!!

Jennifer Doyle says · 10.07.16

I would love to know how you keep your blonde so bright. Mine always turns brassy.

Stephan says · 10.07.16

I like your messy curls look. It really looks very natural and not overstyled. So the focus is on your beautiful face, if you allow me this compliment.

Gina says · 10.07.16

Thank you, thank you! I am always curious how some moms look put together so quickly and posts and videos like this are so helpful for someone like me who has very little make-up application knowledge

Martha says · 10.14.16

What are your recommendations for achieving a bright blonde like yours? Do you recommend a specific volume/color? Love your blog and all your beauty and fashion tips!

Debbie says · 01.15.17

Have a question …Maybe I missed it, but I love your long look! What do I tell my hairstylist to get this long layer look.