A favorite eye makeup look lately

One on One Time


Do you ever get in such a routine that you simply forget about doing something you always used to do? I always used to put quite a dark color in the crease of my eye for depth, but since I’ve lightened up my makeup so much these days I almost completely forgot to do that when I was looking for a bit more impact. I’d try going heavier on the liner, but I’d never get the exact look I was imagining.

I also would line my lower lash line, but I haven’t done that regularly in a really long time as well. I started doing that again, to create a bit more definition on the lower lash line to match with the darker crease, and I love the effect!

So here is my go-to eye makeup look lately:

  1. Prep lids with primer.
  2. Sweep a light brown/grey shadow all over the lid. (I used the grey shadow from this palette)
  3. Add a rich shimmery brown shade in the crease. I’ve been using the one from this palette but this is very similar (and this is a drugstore option!)!
  4. Line the lash line with liquid liner, then add another soft line along the outer part of the lid with a soft grey eyeliner. Smudge immediately.
  5. Curl lashes, apply mascara, apply fibers, apply more mascara to seal.
  6. Line lower lash line with a soft metallic liner, and finish with lower lash mascara.

You can find links to everything I used at the bottom of the post!


I’m wearing Arbonne Perfecting Liquid foundation in Soft Blush, Urban Decay lipstick in Brat, and I used Hourglass Arch brow pencil in Platinum Blonde for my brows.

Two other tools I love for my eyesย andย tips for your eyebrows!


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Jenny says · 08.25.16

Thanks for a quick and simple makeup look. I’ve dropped the ball on my makeup this summer and I’m ready not to look so “plain” a bit this fall. I’m going to try this today!

Melanie says · 08.25.16

I have similar skin tone/eye color as you and am in search of a daily gray/beige eyeshadow color (greige). Any go-to favorites??

Brenda Gajan says · 08.25.16

I loved the natural look! What is the name of the light brown shadow that you applied over your lid?

Amanda says · 08.25.16

Maybe I missed the links, but what did you use for the various liners? I’m super interested in the grey and the metallic (anything to make me look more awake after being up with the baby a few times a night!)

Kate says · 08.25.16

Stila Smudge Stick is the brand I used for liners. I love their rich brown and the Metallic Umber

Amanda says · 08.25.16

Thank you!

Brooke says · 08.25.16

What light color did you apply all over?

Abby says · 08.25.16

This look is gorgeous. Your lashes really stand out!

Kim says · 08.25.16

I love this look! Your makeup always looks so effortless in your photos so thanks for sharing this tip!


http://bit.ly/2bILkDx .. My first!!

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 08.25.16

So pretty!!

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 08.25.16

This is very similar to my every day look, its so sweet and simple I just love it.
A New Old Fashioned Girl

mormormedstiletter says · 08.25.16

Looks fantastic!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Siham says · 08.31.16

I’ve been loving really soft makeup like this lately, although I’m normally sporting a bolder lip (quite ready for Autumn as you can tell). You look beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

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Lucy says · 08.31.16

Hi – What do you mean by “apply fibers” in step 5?


Katy says · 10.10.16

Love his look! I use the cherry blooms but I use their step 1 gel first, then fibers, then the gel again. Do you skip the gel and use mascara instead? Would love to know. My lashes end up looking a bit spidery but yours look fantastic.

Sandie says · 11.29.16

2 things I would like to know what to do with my eyebrows. I tattooed my eyebrows several years ago and now they are losing your color so now I have to use eyebrow pencil. I have tried many pencils and nothing that I really like, since my eyebrows were tattooed it has been hard to figure out what color to use as the hair of my eyebrow is dark and the tattooing is now a reddish color. I’ve been using taupe color for my eyebrows that seems to work. Butt trying to do my eyebrows nicely is not an easy task how can I work with what I’ve got as I don’t want to have to talk to them again. And as far as the hair on my eyebrows it is spares. Help what to do with my eyebrows. Thanks