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I popped in Ulta last week to do a return, and picked up some new (to me) products!

I’ve received a few requests regarding Benefit’s new brow products, was very enticed by the bareMinerals Bare Pro foundation, and had hopes that the NYX Double Stacked mascara + fibers could compete with my all-time favorite but pricey Cherry Blooms lash fibers.

So, here is my initial take on each of these!

First, let’s start with the most impressive of the bunch and that is Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil in shade 1. The color is a touch warm compared to my perfect “platinum blonde” shade from Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil, but I loved the very tiny pencil. It was, perhaps, the tiniest pencil I’ve ever used for my brows. It took a little coaxing to start seeing the product show up on my brows, but once it did it created the most natural looking brows–which is always my goal.

It has a spoolie on the other end, to soften any hard strokes from the pencil, and it’s a winner for me. I want to try using this to establish the shape for my brows, and then finish with a few strokes of Arch to deepen the color and add a bit more definition to the brows next!

new beauty-2

I love the way bareMinerals original foundation looks on my skin, and I especially love it in the summertime when I don’t want my makeup to feel heavy. I hate loose powder, though, so I tried the pressed original foundation. I didn’t love the finish as much, so I was intrigued by the bare Pro line in a pressed powder from bareMinerals. It claims to be formulated for “performance” and also a pretty full coverage.

I did not buy the brush to go with it, as I have an abundance already, but I used a flat kabuki brush to apply the powder. The finish was beautiful, full, but didn’t feel heavy on my skin. I have to say I really liked it. I need to give it a few wears, in different circumstances, to develop my true feelings about it, but my initial reaction was positive.

new beauty-3

new beauty-4

My mom looked at me the other day, tilted her head, and said asked if I was wearing false eyelashes. I said no, and that I was using the Cherry Bloom lash fibers (like I do every day!). Those add so much length to my lashes that I almost feel “naked” without them.

I saw this duo from NYX while waiting in line to check out at Ulta and grabbed it. It’s a mascara + white fiber system, that works just like Younique or Cherry Blooms.

Historically, I just pair the fibers with whatever my favorite mascara is at the time, but for this review I used both the mascara and fibers that came in the kit.

I didn’t like that the fibers were white, but they adhered well and were easily coated with mascara. I didn’t experience any flaking, and they definitely added nice length!

I’d like to try using them with Lights, Camera, Lashes to see what kind of impact I can get from them that way next.

new beauty-5

I also picked up a lipstick that was a horrific color on me, so that’s going to go back next time I’m out. I’m really pleased with these three products, and recommend them if you are in the market!

I shot these on a cloudy day so I needed my lights (artificial light), so that’s why my hair looks neon yellow. Any photographers have tips to avoid that?! 

More makeup I’m loving recently here and here!



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Stephanie Guynn says · 08.05.16

As for the artificial lighting, use an expo disk to set the custom white balance on your camera. They are fairly inexpensive and really easy to use. Just turn off auto-focus (if you use it), cover the lens with the disk, point it at the light source and take a picture. Then go into your camera settings and use that image to set the white balance. It makes for more natural skin (and hair) tones, especially post-production.

Amanda says · 08.05.16

agree whole heartedly with this.

Kate says · 08.05.16

Awesome thank you!!

Jen says · 08.05.16

I love that your freckles show through the foundation! What color in the pro foundation are you wearing?

Dahlia says · 08.07.16

I would love to know the color you’re wearing, too!

Andrina says · 08.05.16

I’m interested in trying the fibers. But I gave to figure out a way to straighten out my lashes first. They curl back so much I get mascara all over my eyelid. Any suggestions?

D Kelly says · 08.05.16

Ummm, you can return lipstick you’ve opened and used????

Angel says · 08.05.16

Most places, especially Ulta and Sephora, have GREAT return policies. You can return something you’ve tried and didn’t like. Just keep your receipts! 🙂

Kate says · 08.05.16


Abby says · 08.05.16

I like the Benefit Goof Proof Pencil, but your brows look great with the Precisely, My Brow Pencil. I had never thought about trying it, but maybe I should reconsider!

Carolyn says · 08.05.16

So glad you reviewed the bare minerals foundation… been wanting to give that a try, so I think I might pick that up soon, when my current foundation runs out. And might try the fibers too. I like the look of the fibers, but not willing to spend the amount of the other one… $15 I can handle. lol


BlushandPearlsBlog says · 08.05.16

I have never tried lash fibers before. Looks like another thing to add to my list.

Olivia says · 08.05.16

Aww so adorable, I love it! fashion on leave a comment and let me know what you think!

Kim says · 08.05.16

Love this! I need to get back on the brow game.. I’ve been slacking. I also love this hairdo!

Kim .. HOT summer essentials!

Andrea says · 08.05.16

I’ve been looking for a new brow pencil to replace my Anastasia brow wiz! I love that you said the one from Benefit is natural looking. I hate it when my brows look too drawn on!

Michele says · 08.05.16

How do you do those pictures where you’re looking down? If I tried that, I’d look like a super villain!

Thanks for a cheaper option for lash fibers. Do they feel like falsies? I got those for the makeup trial for my wedding and I thought I was going to die (can’t stand anything close to my eyes…I can do mascara, but not eyeliner or brow curlers).

Rebecca says · 08.05.16

The brow pencil looks amazing. I have the brow gel in shade 1 and I love it.

Sandy says · 08.05.16

I’m interested in trying the fiber lashes but I’m just wondering if they are very hard to take off. Can you just use regular eye makeup remover?

Michelle says · 08.05.16

I’ve become seriously obsessed with the IT Cosmetics line. try their browser pencil, it’s tiny, and I think you’d like it.

Michele says · 08.06.16

Me too! They’re great! Bye bye under eye is seriously amazing and affordable compared to other high end cosmetics! I recently got their celebration foundation and the brush (ohhhhh the brush) and I’ve gotten so many compliments on my skin (people think I’m pregnant again because my skin is so glowy, haha!)

Alarice says · 08.06.16

Aww so adorable, I love it..

Karen H. says · 08.06.16

The only thing I have ever done for my brows is minimal plucking. Any suggestions on how to shape them for the first time? Go to a professional?

Victoria says · 08.06.16

I was wondering if you’ve ever tried tartes lash fibers? I just ordered some from their website and haven’t tried them yet. Wondered how you thought they’d compare to the nyx ones, because I just can’t see justifying buying the tarte ones very often.

Leigh Ann says · 08.07.16

Is the Cherry Bloom fiber mascara better than Younique?

Sarah says · 08.07.16

I really like Benefits revamp on their brow line, and their extension into the colors, it’s made it much easier to find a match to my natural brow color!!! Thank you for sharing.

Tess Felber says · 08.08.16

I’m obsessed with anything and everything BareMinerals! you should check out their Oil Obsessed cleanser- its seriously a game changer!
xox Tess | Sequins are the New Black

Christine says · 08.08.16

Hi Kate! I have recently found your blog and I am sooo thankful I did. I usually don’t try products I see in magazines, but this time I did and I wanted to share with you. Maybelline New York Lash Sensational does ABSOLUTE wonders for my lashes. I know you want beautiful lashes and I believe this would really help you and you’d be very happy with it. If you do get it, when it gets low you can run the tube under really hot water and it works wonders. Let me know what you think :-))

Erin says · 08.11.16

I can’t WAIT to try Bareminerals Bare Pro!!! I am in the market for non-loose powder for a matte finish but non cakey feeling. I have used PUR for many years and love it, but my skin has changed in the past couple of years after having my almost 3 year old son. Do you have a follow up if you still like it??

Cait S says · 08.25.16

I went out and bought the bare pro yesterday. Thank you sooo much! I was searching for a new light foundation. Another product for you to consider if you have a need for it.. Honest Beauty Magic Balm. It does everything from heel cracked noses to uncreasing concealer under eyes.. It’s one of my faves.

Thank you for your insight, it’s appreciated!

Teresa says · 10.03.16

I’m keen on attempting the fiber lashes yet I’m simply thinking about whether they are difficult to take off. Can you simply utilize general eye cosmetics remover?