2 Drugstore Summer Lipsticks

The Yummiest Grilled Corn on the Cob


Maybelline Romantic Rose and Maybelline (matte) Blushing Pout

If you follow along on social media you probably already know about my love for Blushing Pout, and I’ve just added Romantic Rose into the mix as well. I’m so glad I tried Romantic Rose too because it’s a fantastic color for the lipstick-shy who want to wear a nice, warm rosy color!

My only complaint is that the initial taste/smell is a little off-putting (for me – you may not mind it a bit) but it quickly fades and you can’t taste/smell it after a few minutes.

The color pay off is exactly what you’d expect, and the wear on both are long and even. Win, win, win!

I’m working on a post soon explaining different lipstick finishes, if you are a newbie, so keep a look out for that next week! Oh, and you can always follow along on Instagram if you want to hear more about the latest things I’ve been trying!

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Michelle says · 06.25.16

Perfect timing for this post as I”m in need of a new shade for the summer 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Love your snap chat stories too.

Pat says · 06.25.16

Beautiful shades ~ thanks for sharing!

Melissa says · 06.25.16

I am looking for a new flat iron – would you be able to provide feedback on brands? There are so many that I would like your feedback.

Osiarah says · 06.25.16

Lovely lipsticks, those warm rosy colors are perfect. Love the article, thanks for sharing!

Osiarah xx


A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 06.25.16

These look so lovely! I really like Maybelline’s lip sticks.
A New Old Fashioned Girl

Aisling says · 06.25.16

Love these colours! I will need to check them out in person.

Aisling | anthologie.

Emily says · 06.25.16

Can’t wait to try these! 🙂

Emma Bought What says · 06.25.16

I haven’t seen these lipsticks yet but I love the colours of them! x


philippa says · 06.26.16

Lovely colours, I really like Maybelline too!
Philippa x

Susan says · 06.26.16

Pink is always perfect for summer.


Kelly says · 06.26.16

Hi Kate! (Happy Birthday!) I’ve been reading your blog for several years and have slowly been trying new products you’ve recommended (mostly makeup since our hair textures are polar opposites, but our skin/eyes/hair coloring are fairly similar haha!). You give the best product reviews/recommendations – thank you for inspiring me to try new things! I’m already in love with my brand new tube of Romantic Rose! 🙂

Andrea says · 06.27.16

These shades are beautiful! I’m always looking for great drugstore lipsticks 🙂


Tammie A Livingood says · 06.27.16

I bought Romantic Rose yesterday…live it! Thanks!

Tammie A Livingood says · 06.27.16


becky m says · 06.27.16

I love the look of lipstick, but they all seem to make my lips peel (a few hours after wear). Have you ever heard of this? I’ve asked at several makeup counters and can never seem to find any answers. Would love to know if you have any insights! I do okay with glosses, but I dislike how my hair always gets stuck in them. Would love to find a lipstick I can wear.

Katie says · 06.27.16

Those two lipsticks are stunning! The colours are stunning!


Leah Rose says · 07.04.16

Maybelline lipsticks are great drugstore choices, I have a few but neither of these. They look gorgeous!

Mel says · 07.07.16

I’ve never tried Maybelline but I am trying to use more drugstore makeup. I love these two shades!!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Abby says · 07.09.16

I can never find a good matte lipstick from the drugstore. I may have to give this one a try; however, the scent of Maybelline lipsticks is not my favorite.

www.gaoodgle.com says · 08.29.17

Great post.