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I get more questions about this little homemade car ramp than almost anything else on Snapchat (ps my username is K8_smallthings)!

When Justin and I were in California earlier this year, my parents flew down to stay with the boys at our house. And when we got home, we saw this little ramp that my dad had made for them!

And I’d by lying if I didn’t think to myself, “oh man, just another huge toy to store in about a week. . .” because my kids never really took to anything for a long time. Part of that is their age, of course, but a greater part is my negative nancy attitude sometimes.

But I was wrong. Way wrong. This is the most used toy in our house. By a long shot.

And it couldn’t be easier to make. In fact, I didn’t even make it but I can simply explain how to and you can do it yourself!

What you need:

A board (any length or width really). Ours is composite board so it’s lighter than solid wood

trim, this is only to “finish” the edges and also keep the cars from plummeting off the side of the bridge/ramp

a nail gun or glue

road tape (optional, but I think it gives it a nice finish!)

Have the trim cut to the right length at Home Depot, unless you have the tools you need at home. Then, attach it to the board and finish with road tape down the center!

image2 2

We set it up on the couch and ottoman as a bridge, but mostly we use it as a ramp to send cars down and create big crashes at the bottom. David always runs to get his tow truck to help sort through the crash, while Luke just finds any other toy in reach to send down the ramp!

It’s been one of my favorite gifts for the boys and would be a really fun, homemade gift to make for a mom friend you know!

Another homerun with the boys: our playset!


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Michele says · 08.04.16

Love this! My 13 month old daughter has tons of toys (the spoils of being all of her grandparents first grandchild!) but typically reaches for the simplest toys around, like the old school fisher price stacking rings and sorting shapes. The cheaper the better for her!

Genevieve says · 08.04.16

Such a cute yet simple toy!

Alyssa says · 08.04.16

My brother had something like this growing up and it was a hit! Love that this one’s an easy DIY!

Katie says · 08.04.16

Thanks so much for posting this! I’ve been bugging my husband to make one for our 16 month old since I saw yours! 🙂

Katie says · 08.04.16

How do you attach the trim to the board? Nail it? Thanks!

k8shusband says · 08.04.16

Yep, nailed it

Tiwana says · 08.04.16

I bought some road tape on the dollar section at Target last week. It’s even colored yellow on the side strips, just like the highway. 🙂

Taffy says · 08.04.16

Thanks so much for this. Could you please tell us how long it is? Do you feel the length is just right? Again thank you.

By the way your boys are adorable!!

k8shusband says · 08.04.16

It’s about 8 feet. I wouldn’t go any longer than that, and shorter would be fine.

Debbie says · 08.04.16

Thanks for NOT describing this exclusively as a toy for boys:)

Morgam says · 08.04.16

I have to make this! My little boy is 16 months old and we are definitely in the car obsession stage. Thanks!!!

Olivia says · 08.04.16

This is adorable!! fashion on

Donna says · 08.04.16

Love this! We use an ikea picture ledge as a race track. My kids set it up on the steps and the cars go flying, haha!

Anne Smith says · 08.04.16

Thank you so so much!

Brittney says · 08.04.16

Thank you for posting about this genius toy! I was definitely one of the ones chirping…”hey, where’d you get that?!” Looks like we have a weekend project!

Jen S. says · 08.04.16

I love this!! My little girl will have a blast with her baby bro showing him how it works. I even went as far as to email this to my husband and told him to “make it now.” Haha!!

Thanks so much for posting it?!

Sarah says · 08.04.16

Thank you for posting about this!! I’ve seen it in your snaps and wanted to ask a million times but assumed you already got asked about it too much and I know that can be annoying 😉 Can’t wait to make one for my son. He will be obsessed.

Sarah Borota says · 08.04.16

So fun! My boys would love this. Where do you find road tape?

Deanne Boonstra says · 08.04.16

Husband is making one for my 4 grandsons
Who are six years old 4 years old and two that are 2. I know there will totally enjoy this. Thanks for the great idea.

Ali says · 08.07.16

I ordered road tape on Amazon but seems really narrow. How wide is the one you used?

Jen says · 09.11.16

Omg thank you so much for posting this!! My husband just finished putting this together and our 2 year old is obsessed!!

Ragil says · 10.11.16

Genius! Thanks for sharing!

Jujutsujoy says · 07.22.17

Hi, this is just adorable and I’m going to have my husband make one for our grandson for Christmas. He’s a twin and his Sister is a bit stronger personality wise so they play a lot of dress up games lol.. this will be a nice change for him without saying.. “be a boy dude” Thanks for posting

Chelsea says · 11.04.17

I’m making this for my son and nephew for m Christmas and was wondering if you put a finish on it such as a poly? Has the road tape stayed well or has it peeled up any?

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Amber Reaves says · 10.22.18

Thank you for posting this! I’ve been trying to figure out the best way make an easy DIY ramp that cars won’t go flying off of and this is perfect. My son loves them – I made two so the cars could race 🙂

Mimi Brusa says · 10.27.19

I think ramps are so underrated. You’ve got to have a ramp for your toys ` all toys!

Reply says · 12.04.21

You should seriously market this! I have just spent 2 hours looking for exactly this to buy online!

Steph says · 01.17.22

I love this. I want to try making one for my son. Can you please share where you got the material like the trim and board, perhaps a link and the exact measurements. Thank you!