We love the playset!

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Justin built our very first playset/swingset a few weeks ago and we have been ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT.

It’s getting harder and harder to bring the boys to a park since Luke is getting more and more mobile and they tend to go in opposite directions, so we brought a slice of the park to our backyard.

We’ve had neighborhood kids over a few times already, and I know we will play in this playset hard until the boys leave for college.

Okay, well, maybe not that long, but for a long time.

David is still all about the sandbox right now, as a lot of his construction (or “construct-i-can” in his mind) trucks are on “site” aka in the sandbox, but he also loves swinging and going down the slide.

He was pretty nervous about the twisty slide for awhile, but he finally conquered his fear after his brave friend went down first!

As far as constructing the actual playset, Justin would say it was very straight forward and simple. It took awhile, just because there are a lot of parts, but it wasn’t necessarily difficult in the least.

That was until he tried to assemble the twisty slide by himself in the dark while it was raining. It didn’t go well, but as soon as he had another set of hands to help hold things in place the next day, the twisty slide was done pretty quickly!

You can see in the video below that he has laid the 4×4’s, and we plan to throw mulch in that area soon. We have everything we need, we just need a few more hours in the day.

As you can see, we love it! And while they are still a little young to enjoy the entire thing, it’s so fun to watch them explore it!

(the sandbox is from toys “R” us, the playset is from Costco)

More backyard plans? A vegetable garden (which is already underway!)


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Dominique says · 04.15.16

How cute are they! Life with boys, always an adventure! Seriously, it’s tears and boogers on our way home from the park all they time, they never want to leave!


Joanne says · 04.15.16

You think you’re joking about saying they’ll use it til they go off to college but my oldest comes home from college and goes out in the backyard to swing while she listens to her music? We have had 17 years of use out of our play set with my husband having to reinforce and upgrade wood strength as we have gone from toddler use to university age use! Enjoy!

Annette says · 04.15.16

I was going to comment on that bit too…You’ll be surprised (and dismayed!) at what teenage boys can think up to do on a playset with a skateboard! LOL

Michelle says · 04.15.16

We love our swingset too and I am curious, what material did you use for the border around the play area? It looks like some sort of treated wood, maybe? We need to install a base of mulch or something similar under out playset and I’m not sure what to use for the border.

k8shusband says · 04.15.16

Pressure treated 4×4’s

Jen says · 04.15.16

This is so great because we are going to by this set this weekend and I wondered how long it too to build and how it looks in a yard instead of just up at Costco. Thanks for posting this – I too have 2 boys and think they will LOVE it.

k8shusband says · 04.15.16

It took me and a friend every bit of 10 hours with about 5 more on my own. It could’ve moved faster but we’re both pretty particular and methodical. Good luck with the twisty slide! I echo most reviews on the Costco site

Kacie M. says · 04.15.16

My nephews have a very similar set, minus the fun slide! I think it took about 5 guys to put it together one Saturday. Ha! So, kudos to your hubby for doing it on his own! 🙂

I loved having a swing set as a kid… my sister and I were constantly playing on it.

April says · 04.15.16

Do you have the book “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site”? David would LOVE it!

Janna says · 04.15.16

Loved the video – such a precious memory to cherish. My youngest will turn one in three months (I also have two boys) and it is so much fun enjoying life with them. Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie says · 04.16.16

I remember when we built ours for our 2 young boys (17 years ago)! So many good times for them on it! Enjoy these years!

jennifer says · 04.16.16

Oh how fun! Our girls love theirs.

Thought I would share this w/you-
One thing we did around ours was recycled tires.Looks like mulch-Is a bit pricey but not as rough as the mulch.Just seems much cleaner.

Amber says · 04.18.16

I say ditch the mulch. It sticks to clothing and feet, even the larger pieces of mulch. I think it’s a brilliant idea to just leave the grass!

Baby Bottle says · 04.19.16

We love the playset. feel more comfortable.Thanks for sharing!

Hannah says · 04.20.16

Does your oldest know about the show Mighty Machines? My almost two year old is really into the construction vehicles and is obsessed. It’s on Netflix or YouTube. My boys are 17 months apart (oldest will be two in a couple weeks). It’s fun to get a glimpse of how our boys could be playing together (instead of the six month just watching big brother) soon.

Elana says · 06.05.16

I know this post has been up for awhile now, but I am thinking of ordering a similar playset from Costco. On the website it says it takes 3-4 weeks for delivery-was that how long it took for your playset to arrive? Thanks!

Kate says · 06.06.16

We picked it up in store!