Spring wardrobe additions

Which comes first?


one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve

Despite much temptation, I’m not buying any new clothing/accessory item for the month of April.

I cleaned out my closet a bit when I pulled my winter clothes out to put in storage and just saw too many things that I don’t wear enough. And, it seems that as soon as I decide to avoid shopping, every store I love holds a major sale.

So as I was browsing yesterday I gathered up a few things that I thought were cute that I may bite the bullet on in May!

For some reason I feel like “need” is the right word to use in regards to whether or not I should purchase a t-shirt with 2 flamingos on it.

I have a pair of shoes similar to #11 with a bit of brown on them, but those are a great option for all black espadrilles!

My friend Jordan bought a striped version of #1 last year and as of yesterday it was under $20!

I own #9, the blush in shade Flush, but I threw it on there because I’ve been wearing it quite often. It’s a little frightening in the compact, but once you apply it it brightens your face up so nicely!

Okay, off to browse my own closet for something to wear!


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Fran says · 04.14.16

I bought number one in navy yesterday for my little sister – love the feeling of summer being around the corner!

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 04.14.16

You do need the shirt with the flamingos on it! I think I need it too.
I also love twelve, but is just the cutest thing.

Lisa says · 04.14.16

Where can you purchase these items?

Kate says · 04.14.16

all of the links are directly below the graphic!

Alyssa says · 04.14.16

J.Crew Factory new arrivals are so tempting!

I’ve had that Tarte blush in Flush sitting in my cart since the sale started. Time to pull the trigger! I already have so many other shades of the blush. I just love them!

Rosa says · 04.14.16

Everything here is so cut! I would definitely love to try the dress # three, # nine tarte blush, and # twelve sandals!

Jaclyn EC says · 04.14.16

Request for a post about your tattoo(s), similar to how your sister did? 🙂 I really enjoyed your sister’s posts about them!

Mel says · 04.14.16

Espadrilles are my all time fave thing to wear during the warmer months. I am already wearing mine! 🙂

Debra says · 04.14.16

I really appreciate the price points of the items you post!

Natalia says · 04.14.16

Love the items you selected, especially the bags! <3

Kristin says · 04.14.16

Is Tarte Flush the blush you were wearing today on Snapchat in your snaps about the It Cosmetics CC Cream? I loved the color!

Angela says · 04.14.16

What shoes would you pair with item #1?

Marina says · 04.16.16

Great ideas! I l-o-v-e the rings so much but it looks like the link is broken…! 🙁

Dominique says · 04.16.16

Love the Pink Flamingo T-shirt!!

Ashli says · 04.17.16

I love the J.Crew strip dress! And, it is on sale! Whoo Hoo.

Baby Bottle says · 04.19.16

I love these, our wardrobe become more plentiful each day.