I found the dream jeans!

How a book on habits helped me find a workout program that I LOVE


I found the dream jeans.

Jeans that I reach for every-single-time I wear jeans.

In the past I’ve sung the praises of Madewell jeans. And they are still good, don’t get me wrong! But that was before I tried AG.

My first pair came from Anthropologie because they were running a 20% off promo on their denim and these jeans are not cheap. My second pair came from Nordstrom and it was a darker wash that wasn’t a high rise.

Between the two, my absolute favorite cut and style is the Farrah Skinny High Rise.


They maintain their shape, even after washing, and never ever slide down. Ever! And for me, since I’m such a “jeans and a t-shirt” kind of gal, it’s huge having a pair of jeans that I feel really great in.

I know it’s nearly summer but I just couldn’t go on one more day without telling you about how great these jeans are!

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Toria Hyder says · 05.26.16

Too short for me, I need 36″ leg minimum 🙁

Ashley says · 05.26.16

I’m the same way about Liverpool jeans. I discovered them through Stitch Fix! They are so comfy!

Christa says · 05.26.16

I love these jeans as well! If you like AG Farrah, you might want to give Citizens’ Rocket a try. I find them to be very similar.

Shannon says · 05.26.16

I agree! My two favorite styles of skinnies.

Allison says · 05.26.16

I LOVE AG jeans. I wish I could find a sale to replace my old pair that has gotten a little stretched out and thin on the knees.

Mandy Kelley says · 05.26.16

I’ve been wearing the Farrah Skinny High Rise for a couple of years and I hear you! I wore them out!? I don’t think there has ever been a comfier pair!

Alyssa says · 05.26.16

Everyone needs to try the high rise Jean leggings from express!!! They are half the price, you can even get them on sale sometimes, and are so comfy. I don’t typically wear jeans because the are uncomfortable, but thwse don’t slide down, move as I chase kids, and wash well. I got rid of every other pair of jeans I own when I found these!

Brooke says · 05.26.16

Good to know! I always have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me correctly!

Kate says · 05.26.16

there’s nothing better than finding a great pair of jeans!

sheridan grady says · 05.26.16

I have jeans that look almost identical to these from New Look! They hold their shape and colour no matter what! Amazing!! xx


Lauren says · 05.26.16

I’ve never tried AG jeans, but my all-time fav are the Paige Hoxton high rise skinny. They are so soft!

Fizz and Frosting

Adrienne says · 05.26.16

I completely agree!! I also have a pair of the AG maternity jeans, and they are literally as comfortable as leggings. They’re so soft and lightweight, never sag, and hold everything in place, which is like holy grail for maternity jeans!

Danielle says · 05.26.16

I feel as though I could have written this myself! I LOVE AG jeans. I have 2 pairs that I wear ALL THE TIME.

Misti says · 05.26.16

If you are looking for something more affordable, the American Eagle High Rise Jeggings are AMAZING! I can often find them on sale for $20-30 and they come in different colors. I like the fact that you can get them in short, regular, and long sizes. I never thought I would go back to AE jeans after high school, but they are still doing it right!

Karly says · 05.26.16

I totally agree about the AE Jeans. I used to wear them all the time in high school and swore I would never wear that again. Recently I started buying the jeggings and they are amazing! So comfy and affordable.

Janet says · 05.26.16

I bought my first pair of AG’s a few months ago, and they are the best I’ve ever owned. Love them!

Deborah says · 05.26.16

I love AG!! I’ve bought nothing else since I discovered them 2 years ago. Nordstrom Rack also usually has them!!

Amy says · 05.26.16

I’ve heard about AG jeans from several people, but I just can’t justify spending that much on one pair! I’m also a jeans and tee kinda gal and Loft or Gap have been my favorites. The jeans I buy from there usually last 3-4 years…anyone that has been wearing AG jeans for a while, do they last a crazy long time so you feel like you get your money’s worth? If so, I might be more tempted to try a pair.

Beth says · 05.26.16

What do you recommend on the sizing? The description says you may want to size up. Was this true for you? Not gonna lie, the thought of ordering jeans online and not trying them on (along with 12 other pair…ha!) makes me nervous. Thanks for your input!

AnnW says · 05.26.16

I never wore jeans until 8 years ago when I found Christopher Blue. Every body is different so it is worthwhile to find your perfect fit.

Claire says · 05.26.16

AG Jeans are always so comfy and cute! Definitely worth the investment!

Seattle_mom_of_2 says · 05.26.16

Whenever I find anything particular (pair of jeans or shoes) that are rather spendy but still want multiple pairs because I just love the item so much, I look on eBay. I always find (sooner or later) the item in my size at a fraction of the price. ? .. Food for thought, dear ladies. ?

Mariela says · 05.27.16

I decided to try them for myself! Thanks for sharing! I’m a t shirt and jeans girl too and after 2 littles I’m still on the hunt for a pair of ‘slimming’ jeans. I’ve been wearing LC from Kohls but they slide down a lot. Not a good thing when you are running after 2 kids lol.

Ruchi says · 05.28.16

I LOVE my AG jeans from Anthro (they’re light red with white polka dots – I have gotten so much wear out of them)! And, I’m also a big fan of Joe’s. Again, expensive, but worth it. I’m not able to wear jeans much here in India, but my AGs have been quite nice with the weather here 🙂

Dalindcy says · 05.28.16

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding a unicorn to me, haha.. I recently lost some weight so I definitely need to go jeans shopping soon. Thanks for giving me some inspiration!

Melissa Baker says · 05.29.16

I love the purse/bag that is pictured with the jeans. Where can I buy one?:)

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 05.29.16

I will need to give these a try, I have the hardest time finding jeans that I like.
A New Old Fashioned Girl

Katie says · 05.29.16

AG is my favorite denim brand too! They fit perfectly and last forever! I’ve had my favorite pair for 5 years!

Dana says · 06.01.16

Can you post of a picture or video of you with them on. I hate how on the websites it’s always on skinny rail thin models. I wanna see what they look like on girls with curves 😉 You know….real life people 😉

Victoria says · 06.01.16 Reply
Kristen says · 06.02.16

I have been obsessed with AG jeans for about 9 years. They last forever and are by far the most flattering jeans so I don’t mind paying a higher price for them. For the summer just switch to the capris, they are awesome as well. Nordstrom Rack usually has some for cheaper. I agree with you, I do like my Madewell jeans a lot but they don’t compare to AG!

Mel says · 06.12.16

Oh wow!! I love Madewell shirts but I have never tried their jeans! I need too! This look great. I am still saving up for a pair of AG tho…

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Samantha says · 06.22.17

Hey! Did you go down a size in these because of stretch? I’m debating between two sizes and I have a few in the larger size of the “super skinny” style but they stretched out. Any advice? Thanks!