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I’ve talked about contouring before, and while I’m not a daily contour kind of gal, I do think it’s a fantastic way to give your face a little dimension, and can COMPLETELY transform your look if you want it to.

I received the Maybelline Contour palette at BeautyCon a few weeks ago and tried it out for the very first time on Periscope the other day. I thought the contour shade would be too warm, but in fact I think it’s nice for summer. It is warmer than what I typically go for, but it didn’t translate into something too orange on my skin!

So I wanted to break it down here on the blog, and explain why I chose the brushes I chose!

First, let’s talk about the point of contouring. It’s intention is to highlight and, wait for it, contour certain parts of your face. The contour shade should be neutral, and used in areas you want to diminish, and the highlight should be applied to the “high” points on your face like your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and your forehead.

The fluffier the brush, the softer the final effect. If you want a really chiseled look, use a smaller more tightly packed brush.

I like something a little softer, so I used a Sigma powder brush (I don’t love Sigma, I just have this from a few years ago. I’d recommend Sonia Kashuk over Sigma), a Sonia Kashuk blush brush, and a Tarte limited edition brush for highlight (similar one is here).

Apply contour, highlight and blush after foundation (and setting powder if you use it).


I like to start under the cheekbone first, then along my jawline, and then up near the edges of my forehead.

contourpalette-2  contourpalette-3


Next, I dust powder right on the apples of my cheeks.


Finally, a touch of highlighter at the top of my cheekbones and the center of my forehead.


The look was very natural, which was my goal, but it added so much warmth and color to my face!



Have you tried it? There is a light/medium and medium/dark shade, and I used the light/medium in this demo.

(my top is from gap, and earrings are old from Elisabeth Ashlie. My lipstick is Iced Iris-more details here!)

Another drugstore contour palette review + a Maskcara contour palette review!


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MODENOVA says · 04.07.16

What a beautiful spread. We really like your pictures! Continue the great work. Best, MODENOVA

gturn62 says · 04.07.16

Nice post, Kate. You might as well identify your nail color and paint color for the wall behind you. You know it’s coming. LOL ?

Lauren says · 04.07.16

The nail
Color is lobster roll from Vinylux. She wears it a lot & mentioned it in a previous video. Grabbed it the other day and am planning on wearing it tomorrow! Woohoo!

Great post, Kate. Thank you. Got that palette the other day and still playing with it. It doesn’t seem to add as much color to my face as it does yours but the 20 seemed WAY too dark for me (I’m a touch darker complected than you but not much)… Suggestions? Maybe a more compact brush? I’m using a super fluffy one to the contour.

Martie says · 04.07.16

These pics are awesome! I love the subtlety of the contouring. I like a less-chiseled look, too. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Taylor says · 04.07.16

Love your blog! Is the Tarte brush the gold and white one? I would love to own that brush or something really similar since you said it came in a limited edition kit. Do you have any recommendations for a brush that is similar? I bought the Sonia kashuk blush brush because of you and I love it!

Katie says · 04.07.16

Are all Sonia Kashuk brushes different?! My blush brush sheds like crazy. After I use it, I spend like a minute picking the black brush hairs off my face. Otherwise it looks like I have random black hairs growing out of my cheeks!!

Kate G says · 04.07.16

I haven’t had that experience with my Sonia Kashuk but I only have the eye brushes. Do you have the white or black handled? The black is a little more expensive but may not shed as much?

Kara says · 04.07.16

Can you explain how we use contouring and blush together? Or are you not supposed to? I get so confused because it looks like you wouldn’t need blush from this point but I feel like people usually do add some?

Aaryn Rubin says · 04.07.16

I was also wondering if you use this instead of blush. I have a smashbox contour palette-but it’s very dark, which I like, but wondering if it’s too heavy for an everyday wear. I needa new one, so I’m curious about this, I’m very light skinned too.

Hollie says · 04.07.16

Wow this added such great color! I’m in need of that so I may have to run to Target and pick this up. Thanks for the drugstore review and tutorial!

A Little Dose of Makeup says · 04.07.16

You contour looks amazing! Thank you for sharing!

Courtney says · 04.07.16

I’m new to contouring so I figured trying the drugstore palette would be a good place to start (not as much of an investment). I got the light/medium as well and have been enjoying playing with it and seeing a subtle warmth it brings, as you said! Thank you for the demo! 🙂

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 04.07.16

Thank you for the tips!! Contouring is my weakest spot when it comes to makeup.
By the way, I Love you top! where did you get it.

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 04.07.16

Just saw where you got your top. sorry didn’t notice it before!!!!

Sara says · 04.13.16

I don’t see where she got it – can you tell me? Thanks!

Kaeleen says · 04.07.16

You look so pretty! I’d never really contoured before I got this palette & I love the result every time. It’s simple & subtle & I love how much a little highlight can do!

Jennifer Peer says · 04.07.16

My favorite contour palette is the Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette, but I’ve been wanting something a bit more budget friendly. I love the look this gives, perfect for everyday.

Sherri says · 04.07.16

I am wanting to try a basic, everyday contour, so this post was perfect! So helpful! Which Sonia Kashuk brush would you recommend for the contouring that would give that softer look rather than a chiseled one? Wanting to get the right size powder brush, as there are several different ones that she has.

McCall J says · 04.07.16

So do you like this one or the L’Oreal contour palette better?

Patti says · 04.07.16

Great post Kate. I like that you found a good drug store brand contouring pallete. This tutorial makes it seem doable. Thanks!

JUSTENE-LYN says · 04.08.16

Hi Kate,
What foundation are you wearing and what colour – the look is stunning and so natural.
Thanks, J x

Shannon says · 04.08.16

Love that shirt. I went to order it but they only had blue. Still got it lol

Jenni says · 04.08.16

Oooh, I didn’t know that Maybelline had done a contour palette as well! I have the Rimmel Kate one myself and I really love it, I feel like the drugstore contour palettes often have more subtle shades that are easier for everyday wear. xx

Katie says · 04.08.16

Gorgeous! Subtle, soft, and natural looking, which is how I like my makeup!

Nicola says · 04.09.16

Your earrings are to die for! Love them!

Evelyn says · 04.09.16

Thanks for this post. I just bought a contouring set and couldn’t quite figure it out. It always ended up looking too harsh. I think you solved my problem. I’ll try applying it with a fluffier brush. I love everything about these pictures!

Ashley Long says · 04.11.16

Thank you for posting this!! I’ll be purchasing this today. I LOVE your earrings! Does your sister make them? I’ve been to her blog once but I’ll be checking it out again. Your family is so talented!

Alexandra says · 04.11.16

It looks so pretty on you ! I would love to try this palette !

Mel says · 04.18.16

You look amazing!! This looks so easy and perfect for throwing into my gym bag!!

Mel |