Burt’s Bees Natural Lipstick, 3 shades that I love!

Smokey Plum Eye


I did a complete 180 on these lipsticks in a matter of about 24 hours. My first application of Iced Iris left me thinking it was WAY too bright. But then I tried it again on Snapchat to get some outside options and I surprised myself by liking it way more than I did the first time.

I used my filming lights the first time and I think that made it a bit too intense for me. But in real life? Iced Iris is a new favorite!

The last thing I need is 3 new lipsticks, but I wanted to give these natural ones a try for those of you who aim for natural beauty products. And guys? These are fantastic. They taste/feel like a dream and I’m so impressed with the pigmentation and how hydrating they are!

Below are 3 colors that I’ve tried.

This is Fuchsia Flood and it’s a really fun pink! I love a good grey t-shirt and bright pink lip combo, and I’m sure I’ll wear this quite a bit in the summer!


This is Iced Iris. It’s different than what I usually gravitate toward, although maybe a bit close to MAC Creme Cup. It’s fresh and light!


And this is the most neutral of the bunch in Blush Basin. It’s basically a saturated version of my natural lip color. Great to pair with a simple makeup day OR a smokey eye for a lipcolor that won’t compete! burtsbees-3

The moral of the story is this: try them. And even if natural products aren’t something you go for, these still deliver on performance and rank high on my list of products that impressed me.

For more lipstick options, check out these fun colors!


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Mallory says · 03.18.16

You are just so pretty 🙂

Janet says · 03.18.16

I love all these colours especially on your skin tone. I am particularly interested in the last one, Blush Basin. I find the nude lip colours way too light and this blush basin looks really fabulous and I am tempted to try this one out!

Beth Tessier says · 03.18.16

Love Iced Iris on you! Beautiful!

Hannah S says · 03.18.16

Oooooh I’ve been waiting for some of my favorite beauty bloggers to talk about these!!! Blush Basin has been my everyday color for a month now, it’s perfect. I will say though, it looks pinker on me! I’m redheaded fair skinned, and I think my lips might be naturally deeper than yours so maybe that’s why. It’s fun to see how different colors look on other people!

I will say though for anyone who tries the red (crimson something is the name), I personally was not impressed. Kinda patchy.

Mendi M says · 03.18.16

Just curious…do you use a lip pencil? If so, what did you use with these colors?

Allie says · 03.18.16

Those lipsticks look lovely. You look great in all of them!

Check it out!: http://allisonwgib.wix.com/allthatglitters

Courtney Kuchem says · 03.18.16

Yay for new lip colors! I’ve been eyeing these in the drugstore, wondering if I should try them. Thanks for the review, it’s so helpful to have suggestions! And I second the above, you look great in all three colors. 🙂

Laura says · 03.18.16

I have Suede Splash and love it! Every week I stroll past the other colors and am clueless about which one to try next. It’s so great to see them on someone else! Thanks for this post!

Alyssa says · 03.18.16

I absolutely love these! Blush Basin is probably my favorite, followed by Nude Nile. I think I’ll have to try Iced Iris after this! They wear so well and are so moisturizing! (There’s a $1 off coupon on Cartwheel!)

Lisa says · 03.18.16

I especially love the Blushed Basin, and might to have try that one myself. They all look great on you though!

Kelli says · 03.18.16

I originally applied the fuschia lipstick on full strength and HATED it. I thought it was immediately going back. But I’ve been just patting it on for a lighter application and think it’s not so bad. I have a hard time finding pink lipstick that looks great on me. However, I’ve owned Scarlett Soaked (I think?) for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it. It is my red!

Kim says · 03.18.16

Definitely saw that on snap hahaha. These look great!

http://trendkeeper.me .. tie up that maxi!!

Lori @ Palmer's Page Turners says · 03.18.16

They are all pretty, but Iced Iris is my favorite!! And the Blush Basin would be a good every day dependable one too. I need to try these!!!

CHRSITINE says · 03.18.16

These look great I assume Natural means no color dyes? I’ve been secretly been hoping to find, but have not had a chance to look into, makeup with no artificial dyes. Could these be it?!?

Jo says · 03.18.16


Look into Alima Pure’s make up. I love their products and have been using them for a few years now. Their website (http://www.alimapure.com/pages/ingredients#) says, “No parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, or nanoparticles.
Absolutely never tested on animals.

All natural, pure minerals from nature. That’s all you’re going to find in Alima Pure cosmetics. No toxins, no irritants, no preservatives, just pure beauty.”

Jan Dimmitt says · 03.18.16

I also use Alima products….great company!

Lauren says · 03.18.16

Ohhh good to know. I buy my natural body and skincare through Clark Homestead & Produce (http://clarkhandp.weebly.com/) but the line they carry doesn’t have makeup, besides lipstick. Thanks for the tip!

Lauren says · 03.18.16

I didn’t know about Alima…good natural make-up is hard to find! I use a line from Pure Haven for body and skincare, and they have lipglosses and tinted lip balms. The lip gloss wears like a lipSTICK (ie not very shiny and loooong lasting). So far they are the best I’ve found and they’re also free of dyes, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and nanoparticles. And they never test on animals either. I get it through this website, http://clarkhandp.weebly.com/ because the people behind the company are local to me. They have a lot of cool products! It’s awesome there are more options these days!

Jessica says · 03.22.16

Check out Root products! http://www.rootpretty.com

April says · 03.28.16

Christine, my favorite natural makeup is cowgirldirt.com I do like Alima’s eyeshadows but didn’t really like any of the rest of the line, plus they don’t have samples. Cowgirl dirt lets you buy samples for all of their colors!

Kat D says · 03.18.16

Thanks for featuring some natural products, Kate!

Katie says · 03.18.16

I think I may buy all 3! Thanks Kate!

Jan Dimmitt says · 03.18.16

Thank you…..I saw these the other day and wanted to know what they looked like. Now I will buy the Iced Iris.
Keep it natural with less chemicals added!!!!

Emily says · 03.18.16

I love the first color! So pretty. Thanks for branching out for your readers.

Jan Dimmitt says · 03.18.16

I saw these Burts Bee lipsticks for the first time the other day.
Thank you so much for showing their color choices on your lips.
Now I’ll buy the Iced Iris.
Keep it natural!!!!

Lauren says · 03.18.16

Kate! I love when you wear bright lipstick! I just think it makes your entire face pop! I know your main concern isn’t about “natural” products, but I recently found out Burt’s isn’t all that natural! It’s a bummer because they have such a neat and extensive line….I own a lot of it myself.

Sarah @ Smile & Conquer says · 03.18.16

I am loving Fuchsia Flood! It looks great on you and is such a fun punch of color for spring!

Christy says · 03.18.16

Those colours look so lovely on you! I’m definitely going to give it a try.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Christy xoxo

Adrienne says · 03.18.16

I love fushia flood so much! Thank you for sharing, I can’t wait to try it!

Danielle says · 03.18.16

YAY!!! I have been wondering about these! I’m a huge fan of the brand, but wasn’t sure about the lipsticks. Thanks for the post! Excited to try!


Evelina says · 03.18.16

All three look amazing on you! And I’m really impressed by how smooth and pigmented they are!

Lizzie says · 03.18.16

I have the Burt’s Sunset Cruise color. It’s the perfect color for me. I love it too!

Mel says · 03.18.16

I love Burt’s Bees! I had no idea they made lipsticks! I love the natural look of these.

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

Erin @ Her Heartland Soul says · 03.19.16

Gorgeous girl!

Christel says · 03.19.16

These look so nice!! I actually love trying natural brands to see how well they compare to others, and I’m hoping that we get these Natural lipsticks in NZ soon!
Living Nature and Karen Murrell make amazing natural lippies too, you should check them out – they’re great!

Ginger says · 03.19.16

I just bought the Tulip Tide shade the other day and love it! I’m already planning which shade to try next. Even better, the Cartwheel app for Target has a discount on them that doesn’t expire until the end of May. 🙂

Lydia B. says · 03.19.16

I was surprised at how much I liked these. The only Burt’s Bees lippie that I ever really got obsessed with was the plain ol’ lip balm, but I kind of lost interest in that. These lipsticks are small enough around that they work with my small (yet full) lips without much fuss and the packaging is so lightweight and no real scent! I like the range of colors, too. (I may already have all the shades you mentioned. x-: ) Do I sound like a paid advertisement yet?! These are just that great of a find… and like the commenter above said, use that Cartwheel discount!

Jaime says · 03.19.16

I saw these when I went to Target recently. Each of those shades look really pretty on you! I’ll have to give them a shot. I’ve always been a Burt’s Bees fan, so why not give their lipstick a try? (Even though I have WAY too much already) 🙂

Aaryn says · 03.20.16

That first shade is AMAZING! I love that.

Alison says · 03.20.16

All of the colors look amazing on you..Do they have a scent or flavor? I know some of their chapsticks do and I end up with a headache after wearing them for a little while.

A New Old Fashioned Girl says · 03.21.16

These colors are So beautiful!!
I especially Iced Iris.

Sarah B says · 03.21.16

Beautiful! I love all the shades on you. I went out and bought Blush Basin for myself and really like it. It wasn’t quite as hydrating as I was hoping – though winter in Minnesota may be mostly to blame for that. Do you ever apply lip balm before lipstick? Any recommendations?

Haley says · 03.22.16

I have the Fuschia Flood as well and love it! It’s so fun and such a great way to jazz things up a bit I think.

Kathleen says · 04.07.16

We bought all three colors. It was so much fun trying them all on. My daughter’s and I are going to share them but we decided which shade looked best on each of us.

Sam M says · 04.22.16

I’ve wanted to try these ever since your post over a month ago! I finally bought the Fuchia Flood last weekend and it’s as nice as I wanted it to be. The packaging is adorable and I love how soft it makes your lips feel! It’s the perfect bright color to wear for spring/summer.

Christina says · 07.21.16

I’m so curious what lip liner you use with the fuchsia flood? I just bought it and LOVE it, but I’m fairly new to grown up lipsticks (hello my name’s Christina and I’m addicted to chapstick). Help me!

Vivian says · 01.09.17

I purchased my first Burts Bees lipstick and I love it
Thank you for the recommendation
It’s super moisturizing and stalso put