2 Bold Lipsticks to Spice Up Your Lips

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So, Smashbox is a brand I’ve used before, but I think I only have a small eyeshadow palette that I use somewhat regularly. Beyond that, the Be Legendary Lip Lacquer in Coral that was in a Birchbox is the only other memorable Smashbox product in my makeup collection. You can see what that color looks like from this post!


But these two colors stuck out to me immediately and I grabbed them on my way out.

Below I’m wearing the shade L.A. Sunset. It’s such a vibrant red! Look at the shine it left too! It’s not a true, deep fire engine red in real life, it has a bit more of a “chili pepper” type tone to it, and I absolutely love it.


And below I’m wearing Panorama Pink. It’s a sister to MAC Lovelorn without being as dark. It has a little bit more of a brighter finish, but they are definitely similar. Not identical twins, but more fraternal twins if you know what I’m sayin’. And this lipstick lasts a bit longer on me than MAC’s Lovelorn. That will always be a favorite, but I’m a bit more pleased with how this wears between the two of them.


Looking for more fun shades to try? Check out my three favorite MAC lipstick shades here!


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Mark says · 02.04.16

Kate, those Smashbox Lipsticks are lovely. My favorite is the L.A. Sunset. This color is stunning on you!!!!!!

Evelina says · 02.04.16

Both colours look great on you! And the pink one would be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Samantha Stegenga says · 02.04.16

I love these colors! Especially with Valentines Days coming up. The both look great on you!!!

Heather says · 02.04.16

You always looking stunning with a red lip! Such a good look for you!

niki says · 02.04.16

what a nice red indeed…

Charlotte says · 02.04.16

I love both colors but L.A. Sunset looks absolutely fabulous on you!!!

Crystal says · 02.04.16

That red is gorgeous! Do you find these to be drying at all? That’s aka ways my challenge with lipsticks.

Kristin S says · 02.04.16

Because you quickly mentioned it in your Scope earlier this week, I picked it up at Sephora Tuesday. I like it! But I got braces in November and lip products have been awful. They transfer on to my braces and that’s just gross. So I’m limited to lip balm until May 12th. Freedom day!

Alyssa says · 02.04.16

I love that bright pink!

Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

A Little Dose of Makeup says · 02.04.16

These shades look gorgeous on you, I will never be able to pull these off!

Mary Kate says · 02.04.16

I love that L.A. Sunset! It really adds a fun pop of color!

Mary Kate

amy hidden says · 02.04.16

looks great!

Michelle says · 02.04.16

Gorgeous colors, I love the Panorama Pink…

Meg says · 02.04.16

Love these two colors on you. For me I prefer the red. Pink lipsticks on me have never looked right. I cannot put my finger on it but I prefer a deeper color. I may have to snag that red though!


Liz says · 02.04.16

These shades look amazing on you!

xo, Liz

Allison says · 02.04.16

Those colors are beautiful! I’m always looking for fun colors, especially with Spring coming up. Thanks for sharing!

Allison http://allisons-eye.com/

Jane says · 02.04.16

I’m pretty sure those are not the lacquer, but rather, the Be Legendary CREME. The lacquer is a gloss, with an applicator.

Kate says · 02.04.16

Yep, those are the cream. I linked to them in the post!

Ellen says · 02.04.16

Can you PLEASE tell me which hair ‘style’ you have in this post? I MUST find the tutorial. Your hair (and the lip colors) look fabulous. I want to be you…..only I am OLDER, brunette and hair tutorial-challenged!

Kate says · 02.04.16

I am honestly obsessed with the length of your hair!!! You look amazing in the lipsticks and I know this post is about them. but I just can’t get over how gorgeous your hair is! You are beautiful!


susan says · 02.05.16

Both look lovely on you, but especially the PINK.

Have you check out Charlotte Tilbury’s two new shades—Between the Sheets & Kiss Chase? They seem very suited to blonds. And to SPRING!


Haleigh says · 02.05.16

These colors look so great on you! I’m always on the lookout for a good red- I’ll have to give this one a try!

Jessi Malay says · 02.07.16

Love that rose tinted color. Great blog post girlie!

XO, Jessi

Mel says · 02.15.16

Both these colors look amazing on you!!

Mel | http://www.thegossipdarling.com

MissMat85 says · 02.23.16

Love the MAC one as it’s not too dark and looks great on light and darker skin, would definitely get one 🙂