A Dual Use Powder Foundation from Urban Decay

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I’m a liquid foundation kind of gal. I use it on the daily, and have tried a handful of different ones over the years. But, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I like to skip the liquid and stick with a full-coverage powder in the summer months.

It can get pretty swampy and sticky here in Raleigh in the summertime, and the last thing I want is to feel like my face is melting off.

I was temped by this foundation by Urban Decay ‘Naked Skin’ Ultra Definition Powder so I bought it at Nordstrom. I loved that it’s buildable, and I also thought it would be cool to try it wet AND dry.

I gave it a go the other day and holy cow I loved it. It did exactly what Urban Decay claimed it would do, which I find impressive in the foundation realm. So often foundations claim to be luminous or matte or sheer or full-coverage, and it doesn’t always play out that way when I apply it to my skin. And sure, everyone’s skin is different, but all that to say this foundation lives up to it’s description.

I started with moisturized skin (my eye makeup was finished already!) .



I dampened the sponge, swiped it across the powder, and pressed/smudged it onto the areas of my face that tend to look red or uneven. For me, that’s around my nose, between my eyebrows, and at the tops of my cheeks where I’m battling a bit of melasma left over from pregnancy.



For the rest of my face, I grabbed my large fluffy brush and dusted on the powder dry.



To finish, I popped a bit of blush on my cheeks and hit the high points of my face with my Hourglass Luminous Light Ambient Lighting Powder.

 top: Anthropologie, lipstick: Smashbox Be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer in Coral


The shade I chose, and I decided to live in the edge and buy it online, was Fair Neutral. And it matched my pale complexion perfectly. I love that there’s a neutral or warm option on the color range. . . more foundations should consider that in their products. This quick quiz will help you determine if you are cool or warm toned!

So if you too are looking for a light-weight but full-coverage foundation, I’d really recommend looking into this one! It truly is a matte finish, so it’s essentially as if you are using two products in one: a full coverage liquid + a powered to matte it out.

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom but all opinions are my own. Like, if you ran into me on the street these days, and asked me what foundation I’m wearing, it would be this one.


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Christina says · 04.10.15

Awesome! It looks perfect on you! I switched to Tarte Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation a couple months ago and love it. I use it with a Real Techniques Stippling brush so I get more of a light to medium coverage. I would love to know how you think the two compare : )

Katie says · 04.10.15

Thanks for posting about this… I’m on the lookout for new make-up… been one of those “au-naturel” women for a few years… mostly from busyness or laziness, honestly. Just realized I’ve been using the same mascara for almost 4 years. :-O It’s time to upgrade, and actually do my hair/makeup EVERY. DAY.

Chelsey says · 04.10.15

Hi, Kate! Long-time reader – first comment (I think)! What type of SPF moisturizer would you pair with this to take care of sun protection?

Bree says · 04.10.15

This sounds amazing! I’m looking to try a new powder foundation once my Laura Mercier Smooth Finish runs out, I’m not crazy about it. Thanks for this review!
Bree|Always, Bree

Laura says · 04.10.15

Ohhhh, I might have to try that this summer as well. I’m with you – liquid during cooler seasons, and powder during the warm weather months.


Stephanie says · 04.10.15

I’ve heard good things about this one. I’ve been using CoverFX foundation recently because I have oily acne prone skin (which sucks at almost 29 years old) and it covers well, too.

Lindsay says · 04.10.15

this looks great on you! Thanks for the tip. I am in desperate need of ordering new make up and was thinking about trying a new foundation. I’d be curious to know what you use for blush? I have so fair complexion as well and am always looking for a lovely pink blush that’s not too shimmery. xo


Debbie says · 04.10.15

Different comment, but I find it interesting that you do your eye makeup before foundation–I always thought is was some “rule” to do the skin first. I’ve been breaking this “rule” myself out of my own laziness/practicality. I figure if I only do one thing makeup wise, it’s my eyes, as I have blonde lashes (a redhead downside) and I want people to see my eyes. But I do wonder how much under-eye corrector I can use before I have to use foundation to look normal (of course, it makes me look better.)
Also, just want to comment that in my opinion, although the finished product looks great, you still look great au natural.

kristiina says · 04.10.15

hey Debbie! I’ve gotten sucked into makeup artists’ youtube videos in the last year and you’d be surprised how many of them do the eyes first. I guess they figure if the powder eye shadow sprinkles onto your face, you don’t have to ruin your base makeup to clean it up! (But I suspect that Kate did her eye makeup first for aesthetics–it makes us focus on her skin only for this post. Instead of adding the eye makeup and making the after shot so much more dramatic.)

That said, I always do my eyes last–it’s something about starting everything out with an even, blank canvas 🙂 xo


Kellee Clark says · 04.10.15

While I think your skin did turn out very nice with the foundation, I would recommend to you to try Rodan + Fields skin care line to address your skin issues so that you don’t have to wear foundation. I am 48, and while my skin is not perfect, I no longer need foundation. I would urge you to try it….60 day money back guarantee! http://www.kelleeclark.myrandf.com

Juliane says · 04.10.15

Thank’s a lot for sharing your thoughts about this powder-foundation. Luckily you can buy it in Germany, too. I’ll go for it and give it a try as soon as I emptied the products I use at the moment 🙂


Krista says · 04.10.15

Haven’t tried it but I will be now! Looks so good!


Evelina says · 04.10.15

I’m married to my MAC studio fix foundation but this one looks great on you! And I love the lip colour you are wearing 🙂

Melanie says · 04.10.15

I get such a kick out of you! 🙂 It looks beautiful and sounds like EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. I can’t wait to try it out.

Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort says · 04.10.15

It is already sticky and humid in South Carolina…my liquid foundation wearing days are over! Thanks for the review – I will be switching to powder pronto!

Megan says · 04.10.15

I appreciate your transparency and honest reviews through your sponsored posts. It is so not tacky unlike several other bloggers I used to follow.

I am a BareMinerals girl through and through probably only because I’ve used it for years. Have you reviewed their foundations, regular vs matte? Since you prefer liquid, I would assume not, but just wondering your opinion on it if so. Thanks!

Courtney says · 04.10.15

Yay! I’m in the market for a new foundation and was debating between liquid or powder. This sounds perfect and will be excellent for traveling during the summer. Thank you!

Jennifer F says · 04.10.15

Just wondering what your basic skin type is to begin with? How did it hold up throughout the day? I have oily skin and have been thinking of switching to a powder foundation for the summer.

Maegan says · 04.10.15

Sounds like a great summer solution! I am IN LOVE with my Tarte kit from QVC. My hubby bought it for me for Valentine’s Day. I was wondering how this compared with Tarte’s Foundcealer? Also, I can’t say enough about how amazing their foundation brush feels and works.

Kate says · 04.11.15

I’d say pretty darn close as far as coverage goes!

Collen says · 04.11.15

Hi Kate,
Just wondering about the Anthro shirt you are wearing in this post – SO CUTE! Was it true to size for you? You look great!!

Kate says · 04.11.15


Elena says · 04.11.15

I love your blog, but I feel like every beauty post you do, your look comes out the same as the previous beauty post and the one before that!

Kate says · 04.11.15

I hear ya, and I’m not incredibly creative with my makeup, but foundation is foundation is foundation you know? There isn’t too much to do to change the look!

Marjorie says · 04.11.15

It looks so perfect on you!


Lovely Sharice says · 04.11.15

Gorgeous…looks so light and simple!

Katie J says · 04.11.15

So in your “before” picture your skin looks flawless, and I love your natural freckles. Love the blush, but I just thought I would say I like the more natural look too.

Also, now you have ombré hair and you should rock that it awhile. Hairstyles will look awesome.

Lisa says · 04.13.15

Great quiz! However, I’m almost 50/50 for cool or warm undertones… I have the hardest time finding good colour matches! Also, my skin is still terrible from my pregnancy and my son just turned 1 year old! Do you take a vitamin A pill, or anything to keep your complexion looking gorgeous?

Meagan Alexandria says · 04.13.15

You’re gorgeous! Loved the photos in this post! I’ll have to give that powder a try, it looks so natural and pretty. Great post 🙂

Jenny says · 04.13.15

I was looking at the drugstore today for a powder foundation because with the humidity here, I can’t deaaaal with the liquid makeup during summer. I couldn’t find anything that looks like it’d be a fuller coverage. Can’t wait to try this out. Thank you for the recommendation. And, thank you for showing how you dampened it for more coverage around areas needing it, and then used a powder brush to apply the rest. I never would have thought of that!
Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

Cynthia says · 04.15.15

What shad do you use in the Hourglass lighting powder? I am loving the Urban decay foundation.

Laura says · 04.16.15

I bought this yesterday and returned today unfortunately. Just not enough coverage for my taste. I found it to be extremely sheer. I have VERY oily skin so usually powder foundations set really well, but this just seemed to sit on top of my skin. I think one reason it looks so great on Kate is because her skin is looking beautiful just as it is. If you are look for a pressed powder to even out skin tone or provide even a medium coverage I don’t recommend this product.

Sherry says · 04.16.15

Been searching for a new foundation for the last two weeks. With so many new ones coming out this year, it’s hard to pick. Thanks for reviewing the ones you did above. measurabledifference.com

Suzette Gaddis says · 04.17.15

Sounds and looks amazing, but first ingredient is talc. 🙁

kristen says · 05.07.15

I’m a new mom looking to slim down my morning routine, and after reading your review, I tried this foundation in hopes of it being great for my skin type too. I think I’m in love! Perfect for summer time, not cakey, great coverage! Thanks for the review! =)

Melasma says · 06.15.17

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