Throwback: Restyling hair + products

Pre-Fall Beauty Additions


My 3 tips for restyling slept on hair.

2 ways to style a side braid.

2 products to hydrate and nourish your hair at the end of summer.


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karen says · 09.06.16

Hi Kate
I have followed you for some time now and always enjoy your posts. Can you tell me how you would describe you the cut of your hair now that it is longer. It is beautiful.

Fran says · 09.06.16

Hi Karen, if you pop onto the faq tab at the top (or it might be in the about section) Kate explains her cut, I think if memory serves it’s just a long layered cut – it’s the page I showed my hair stylist along with a few pictures when I asked for something similar. Hope that helps!

Janek says · 09.06.16

Could you recommend a good quality silk pillowcase?


Lindy says · 09.06.16

Hi Janek,
I believe it’s called Spasilk beauty pillow case, off amazon.

Kim says · 09.07.16

Hi Kate, your hair is beautiful! Can you please tell me which lipstick
you are wearing in this photo-–looks wonderful on you:-)!

Alexis says · 09.07.16

These are some awesome tips… Can’t wait to share them with my clients. I feel like they are always wondering about how to make their hairstyle last longer 🙂

Tess Felber says · 09.08.16

Love your hair!
xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

Jill says · 09.08.16

Hi Kate. I love your videos. Would you consider doing more medium length styling videos? You could use a model since your hair has gotten quite long. A lot of us can’t carry off hair that long yet would like some updo options, etc. and how to make it work with medium length hair. Thanks.