2 Products to give your Hair some love this summer



Pureology Multi-tasking Hair Beautifier / It’s a 10 miracle leave-in product

Summer can be rough on hair, whether it’s just being out in the sun or swimming in a pool or the ocean.

These are two of my favorite leave-in products to nourish damaged or distressed hair! Between the two, I would have to say I love the Pureology product a little more, mostly because of the smell and the complete lack of any feeling of product on my hair. But both products are fantastic to use regularly.

I used It’s a 10 in the salon on so many of my clients. It smells amazing and really helps with detangling. It would feel a slight bit heavy on some finer textures, but in general I could use it on almost anyone!

I go through the Pureology Multi-tasking Hair Beautifier spray faster than a can of hairspray, WHICH SAYS A LOT PEOPLE. It smells great, makes my hair soft, shiny, smooth and healthy. I can’t say enough great things about it.

We’re halfway through the summer (or 1/4 of the way if you live in North Carolina like I do) so now is as good of a time as ever to invest in a nourishing leave-in spray to keep your locks healthy!

p.s. Sometimes people will wonder if you should apply conditioner in the shower AND use a leave-in, and I’d say that you certainly can. Try that first, and if you find that the leave-in is too heavy for you, you can try skipping conditioner and only use a leave-in. 

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  1. Posted July 20, 2016

    Thanks for sharing. Love the it’s a 10 when in need of something a little heavier, but agree with your love of Pureology. I’ve been obsessed with the dry conditioner spray ever since you shared using that in one of your hair videos. I’ll have to give the Hair Beautifier I try next 🙂

  2. Posted July 20, 2016

    The pureology spray sounds great, I never used to use any leave in conditioners but now I can’t live without them! x


  3. Bonnie says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Your recommendations have never lead me astray! The pureology link goes to the colour fanatic product (which it says is a multi-tasking spray), do you have to have color treated hair? I have a little bit of balayage in my hair, would this still be a good product to use? Thank you!

    • Kate says
      Posted July 20, 2016

      yes, definitely I have color treated hair. And it’s a great product to use for colored hair.

      • Bonnie says
        Posted July 20, 2016

        Thank you!

  4. Dana says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Hi Kate – I’m wondering if you’ve ever used the It’s a 10 leave in with keratin? I accidentally bought that instead of the plain bottle and am not a fan. Makes my hair sticky feeling and tangle-y, even when I use just the smallest amount. I want to love it, but not sure if the regular one would be different/worth trying or if I should just move on. As always, thanks for your advice and tips! 🙂

    • Alyssa says
      Posted July 20, 2016

      I’ve noticed that all of them sometimes do that to me. It mostly happens when I accidentally spray too much on one spot. I’ve found that it helps to comb out my hair as soon as I get out of the shower and spray it on then. Even though it does help to detange, sometimes I feel like too much product gets caught in a tangle and makes it kinda sticky.

      I’ve definitely found less is more with the It’s a Ten (and a lot of other leave in sprays too)!

  5. Catherine says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Do you apply these products on wet or dry hair? And how do they compare to a hair conditioning mask (I use the wella keratin mask on my ends for example)? I am so curious about these products 🙂

    • Kate says
      Posted July 20, 2016

      wet hair, for sure. Usually those directions are written on the packaging just so you know. These would be more of a daily product while mask use should be more spaced out.

      • Catherine says
        Posted July 20, 2016

        Thank you for your response. 🙂 Love your blog by the way! And get well soon!

  6. Susan says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    I was just wondering you opinion on how It’s a 10 compares to Biosilk Silk Therapy Original. Any thoughts on this comparison would greatly be appreciated. Thanks so much for all of you helpful advice and tutorials! You are amazing!

  7. Alyssa says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Love the It’s a Ten spray! Their one for blondes is great too. Totally helps control brassiness in my hair!

  8. Heather says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    I go back and forth between the two of these. I can never decide which one I like better!

  9. Jennifer C. says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Can you you give me a recommendation for a styling product that gives volume and control (especially in the bangs section)? I would love to find one product that does both!

    • Kate says
      Posted July 20, 2016

      look for a mousse!

  10. Claire C says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Hey Kate! Thanks for all your great ideas! Any recommendations for quickly styling hair after a morning workout? I typically workout in the morning (and get pretty sweaty :)) but really don’t feel like washing, drying and styling my hair each morning. Any tips for extending a hair style multiple days on top of workouts?

  11. Jen @ On the Money Menu says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    I’ve never tried a leave-in product after my normal conditioner but always wanted to. This Pureology one sounds fantastic!


  12. Posted July 20, 2016

    Have you ever used any hair products from Parlor? I got a sample of their blowout spray through Birchbox – amazing! I just ordered the texturizing hair spray and can’t wait to try it!

    • Kate says
      Posted July 20, 2016

      The Bumble and Bumble products?

      • Posted July 20, 2016

        I don’t think they have anything to do with Bumble and Bumble, but maybe! It’s a line by a stylist named Jeff Chastain. Here’s the link on Birchbox: https://www.birchbox.com/shop/brands/parlor

        My hair is super thick and wavy, and the summer typically makes it unmanageable. His blowout spray though? Uh-mazing. I’ve been able to dry and straighten my hair, and have it last for nearly three days. I’ve never had that happen, even when going to a salon.

      • Allison says
        Posted July 20, 2016

        No, she is referring to Parlor by Jeff Chastain. I believe it is a Birchbox exclusive brand…but don’t quote me on that!

  13. Jenny says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    How come you never say anything positive about North Carolina? It’s always negative….It’s hot, I’m starting to talk like “them”. It would be nice to read some positive things since you do live here. Doesn’t seem like North Carolina has been so bad to you.

    • Kate says
      Posted July 20, 2016

      I love living in North Carolina, especially since I *chose* to move here from the midwest. Do you live here? It’s been super hot! The summer is not my favorite season in Raleigh.

      • Jenny says
        Posted July 20, 2016

        I do, I was born in North Carolina. Yes it is super hot here in the summer.

      • Sherry says
        Posted July 20, 2016

        Don’t worry about those negative comments Kate. I live and work nearby Raleigh and yes it seems to get hotter every summer (in my opinion). Maybe it’s because I turned 50 and I am heating up from the inside too (haha). I read your blog every single day (I think from almost the very beginning of your blogging days) and it seems like to me that you are simply trying to explain to all of your readers how things are in your local area. I imagine you have readers from all over the country and not everyone understands our hot and very humid summers.

        • Susan says
          Posted July 20, 2016

          It’s hot everywhere this time of year.

      • Brittney says
        Posted July 20, 2016

        I LOVE living in NC but the summers border on miserable with the humidity. We can love NC and not love EVERYTHING about it 🙂

      • Bonnie says
        Posted July 20, 2016

        I live in Texas. Complaining about the oppressive heat is all we do in the summer. It’s all we have the energy for! 🙂

    • Megan says
      Posted July 20, 2016

      Eh, I agree it can be discouraging to always see negative things about a place you live and love, but I feel like in this case, it’s a common complaint. I live in NC, too, and I’ve always lived in the South. People complain about the weather when it’s hot. The humidity is almost unbearable. When it’s winter, I see bloggers in New England and the Midwest complaining about the freezing temps and snow/ice, but they still clearly love living there. Trust me, I had friends from Boston, and all they did was complain about what they hated about NC and the South in general. It was very annoying. I don’t get this vibe from Kate’s posts.

      • Lynn says
        Posted July 20, 2016

        I agree! I live in Iowa, and while I LOVE 3 of the 4 seasons, you will ALWAYS hear me LOUDLY complain about winters!! They are horrible!

  14. Posted July 20, 2016

    I love it’s a 10!

  15. Kimberly says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Since the leave-in conditioners tend to weigh your hair down, is it better to use a regular conditioner on the days you are going to curl your hair?

  16. Tess says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the It’s a 10 product- I am ordering it right now! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    xox Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  17. Mindy says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Its a 10 also has its a 10 lite for finer hair, I have fine, thin hair and I think the light version works great. I am definitely going to get the pureology for my daughter to try though.

  18. Andrea says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    My hair feels so stripped dry because of the summer heat! I love It’s a 10! I bought it awhile back, ran out, and don’t know why I haven’t repurchased it yet! Have you tried any of the other products from It’s a 10?


  19. Lynn says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    I love the Pureology spray! One of my favorites!!

  20. Andrea says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Do you have any suggestions if I want to leave my hair wet after working out in the morning? How do I keep the frizz away and get nice waves without blow drying it?

  21. Erica says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    It’s a 10 has a “Lite” version for those with thin/fine hair. I had a sample of the regular one and I hated it. Bought the Lite and I use it daily! ?

  22. Bonnie says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    I’ve used both products, probably It’s a 10 more because it’s so readily available. But even when I use it consistently, it seems like it gets really thick in the bottle pretty quickly. It gets where I can’t even spray it; I have to unscrew the nozzle and squeeze it into my hand. Anyone else? Or ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Also, there’s a copycat product sold at Dollar General (down to the blue bottle) that some people think works well. Definitely not as pricey as these two.

  23. Wendy says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Completely agree! These products are definitely a must! I’m in love with both of them!

  24. Sarah says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    How does the it’s a 10 fare for fine tangled hair?


    • Mindy says
      Posted July 21, 2016

      Try Its a 10 Lite. I have fine thin hair and it works great, I find the original version a little heavy.

  25. Caitlyn says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    Hey Kate,
    I will definitely be trying these! I think I’ve caused some breakage due to my top knots because it is HOT here. I’m getting married in Februray and really need to work on repairing the damage…any recommendations?! It’s terrible.
    Basically any wedding prep beauty tips would be much appreciated!

    • Alyssa says
      Posted July 21, 2016

      Kate, I’m sorry I always jump in here and respond to a comment. I just have to share if I
      found something that worked for me! Love that about these types of communities!

      I had a yucky breakage incident in 2015 and I wanted my hair to get as healthy as possible. I switched up where I was tying off my hair (low bun vs high bun ,etc) cut back on heat styling and coloring and started using the Living Proof fresh cut split end mender. Now my hair is pretty healthy and ready for my wedding in September! And thankfully I’m back to my highlights again. It’s just one of those annoying patience things where you have to nurture it and just let it grow.

      Totally agree, I’d love some wedding beauty tips!

      • Kelli says
        Posted June 14, 2017

        I was wondering about that product myself. All of a sudden, the ends of my hair became extremely dry and damaged. I have used a product that masked the damage, but did not really help repair my hair. I saw the Fresh Cut product, but wondered how well it worked. My hair is very thin and fine, so I also need something that will not weigh it down.

  26. Meghana says
    Posted July 20, 2016

    I’ve been meaning to try it’s a 10! I keep seeing things about it but have yet to pull the trigger. I got my hair lightened for the first time and it’s become super dry at the ends ever since! It’s ruined the quality of my hair and I need some extra conditioning and revitalizing. Any suggestions?

  27. Kendali says
    Posted July 21, 2016

    I bought the Pureology multi-tasker a few weeks ago after using It’s a 10 for years. I have to say I like Pureology a lot better as well! I have very long, naturally curly hair and I would lose so much hair just trying to comb it after washing it. Now I’m not losing nearly as much hair and it seems to be lighter on my hair as well. I felt like It’s a 10 would build up pretty badly. I can also go about 3 days now between washes instead of 2. Both are great products but after using both I highly recommend Pureology as well!
    I’m curious what you think of their shampoo and conditioner?

  28. Amy B says
    Posted July 21, 2016

    I just wanted to say thank you for the work you do for all of us. You’re like the cool older sister (even though I’m pretty sure I’m older, haha) that I go to for tips on style and beauty. I follow maybe 3 or 4 blogs and know that sometimes negative people make it hard to do what you guys do. Thank you for allowing us into a part of your life!

  29. Posted July 21, 2016

    Good tips! 🙂 Thanks. I will be back to read more of your posts.

  30. Posted July 21, 2016

    Will either of these products help with my “fluffy” summer hair? I live in NC too and have super thick, wavy hair. My cute summer bob turns into a fluff ball early into the day, and I’m wondering if the dryness is the cause. Thanks for all of your helpful posts!

  31. Posted July 21, 2016

    I love the Pureology Colour Fanatic Deep Conditioning Mask it’s….AMAZING! I got my hair highlighted several months ago, and overtime I was seeing that my colored hair was becoming dry. After one use I could tell such a difference with my hair, it was no longer dry. It felt hydrated after ONE use. It is absolutely worth the price, I now only use it once or twice a week.

    Thank you Kate for sharing your go to products with us!

  32. Dana says
    Posted July 21, 2016

    Is the Pureology suitable for oily hair?

  33. Abby says
    Posted July 23, 2016

    I absolutely swear by It’s a 10! It’s such a great product for me all year round!

  34. Claire says
    Posted July 26, 2016

    I’m loving haircare at the moment, so these 2 will definitely be added to my wishlist 🙂

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  35. Wendy says
    Posted July 26, 2016

    I also love the Pureology Hydrate Shine Max hair smoother

  36. Susan says
    Posted June 14, 2017

    What texture spay do u use?

  37. Michaela says
    Posted June 15, 2017

    Question:: my son is swimming swim team for the first time this summer and his hair feels like straw. Like bad. Really bad. Is there anything I can do to help it?

  38. Mj says
    Posted May 10, 2018

    Hi, I have bleach blond, dry coarse hair! I’m trying to debate between these two products as I haven’t tried either. My hair dresser uses the pureology and it seemed great but her coworker recommended the other. For my type of hair which would you recommend going into summer?

  39. Ally says
    Posted July 12, 2019

    I searched Pool Hair, but I was wondering if you have a suggestion for blondes and what to wash their hair with during the summer pool months. I typically use the pureology for most washes so maybe due to the higher quality of product I don’t need to get a specific product for “pool hair?” I have highlights but my son is natural “toe head” blonde so I just want to be prepared for a pool filled vacation in Florida. Vs our Chicago roots!