My Final Microblading Update

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It’s been a little bit over 2 months since my last blog post sharing an update on my microbladed brows.

You can read the FIRST post here.

The UPDATE is here.

And the SECOND update here!

So now my eyebrows are completely microbladed, healed, and living their best lives.

I will never be able to convey how happy I am with the result. It is so natural and that is exactly what I wanted for my brows.

I’ve shared that my original goal was to make it look like I had eyebrows when I was swimming in the pool, running outdoors, or really doing any kind of activity that meant I wasn’t wearing makeup. I didn’t get my eyebrows microbladed so I would never have to fill them in with makeup. I wanted to still have the freedom to adjust the shape and thickness with eyebrow pencils or other brow products. Beauty trends change and I wasn’t ready to commit to a lifetime of thick, bushy brows when that isn’t something that would always work for my face and makeup style.

Generally, microblading can last a few years, sometimes not even that long, but I wanted to pretend like this was going to last my entire life. And as it stands, if the microblading does, in fact, stay on my face until the day I die, I will be very pleased that they are understated, natural, and look very much like my existing eyebrow.

If they fade a good amount over the next two years, I am fairly certain I will have them redone. I’m so pleased that I have a natural-looking shape to follow, and my natural brows just look “complete” instead of only running half the length of my eye area.

I saw Sheila at Bella Trio Salon in Durham, NC for my brows. She’s extremely talented and I cannot recommend her enough.


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Melina lusky says · 04.10.22

Do you find that they are still dry? I had mine done 4 months ago and love the colour and shape. However, I find that my brows are still dry and flaky. Any suggestions?

Angela McClendon says · 04.11.22

Looks amazing

Sarah says · 04.18.22

I had mine done a year ago and LOVE them. I wish I had done it sooner. Yours look great.

Kirsten Rossum says · 06.21.22

I have been on the fence for years. Like you, I don’t want something that’s too dark and ‘overdone’ as mine are light brown and sparse. Natural is what I’m going for. I love how yours turned out! Hopefully I can find someone like Sheila. Looks beautiful!

Dianne B says · 06.29.22

It is a little bold of me but what was your cost for this procedure??I think they look great, exactly like I want mine to look…