Wedding Guest Dresses

4 Bags for Anything and Everything

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.

I remember a season of my life when Justin and I had a lot of weddings to attend. It all seemed to hit at once, and I would always try to find a great dress to work with some neutral shoes and a classic bag so I could re-wear both of those things!

I included some strappy nude heels from J.Crew on this graphic, because I love them, but I do want to mention that the back strap slid down a bit on me. I’m searching for a bit of silicone to adhere to the inside of the strap so it’ll stay put because I love those sandals so much! If you’re looking for a suede option with a lower heel, these two-strap sandals from Amazon are very comfortable! They are extremely simple which makes them go with just about anything!

There are a lot of colorful options that I rounded up for you, but there is nothing wrong with wearing black to a wedding. The fashion “rules”, like no white after labor day, are kind of outdated, so wear something that you feel the most comfortable in!

If you’re looking for a classic black dress, the Lucie Smocked dress from Madewell is a sweet and feminine-looking option. I also love this mini dress too, and it could work all summer long!


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