My Microblading Update

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You can read the first post I wrote about my microblading experience here!

My eyebrows are now just over 5 weeks out from being microbladed. They healed perfectly, and exactly how Sheila told me they would heal, and I have my touch-up appointment already scheduled for January 8th.

I’ve shared that I was nervous about having my eyebrows microbladed because, well, in so many words it’s a face tattoo. And while for many people it only lasts for 1-3 years, for others it can last much longer!

I imagined myself as a 68-year-old with the same exact eyebrows that I was going to get microbladed with and I wanted something conservative, natural, and realistic.

Sheila did *exactly* what I asked for. I told her that I wanted to continue to use eyebrow makeup on the days where I was wearing a full face of makeup, but I wanted my brows to look “complete” on days I was swimming, exercising, or skipping makeup.

Here is the result immediately after my first microblading.

My natural brows are very, very sparse and short, so I asked her to simply fill in the natural brow shape with tiny strokes that look like hair. And that is exactly what she did.

Here is what they look like right now:

While my brows are definitely on the conservative side, they are certainly more balanced and filled in compared to what I had to begin with. It’s easier to balance my eyebrows out with makeup when I’m using a pencil because I have a shape to follow.

For my touch-up, I’m willing to go a little bit thicker and perhaps add to the length a bit as well! And I’ll, of course, keep you posted on the full experience!


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Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * says · 12.23.21

Where is this shop located

Michelle says · 12.23.21

What is the name of the place that did your microblading

Chelsea says · 12.23.21

I’m getting my brows done on the 7th! Can’t wait!! Very good point about potentially having the same brows at 68.

Donna Castellucci says · 12.24.21

Why wouldn’t you have the same brows at 68. I’m 67, had my eyebrows tattooed and actual tatto, I just had what remained lasered off (still some remains) and I recently found a picture of when I was ten and they look the same I will soon be looking to have them done again.

Patricia D'Anna says · 12.23.21

I think that they look beautiful! I wish that I had the money myself because I would definitely do it for myself! Unfortunately, I live on a miniscule budget. But, more power to you!

Katherine says · 12.24.21

Your brows look great! I think it’s such a good decision to go more conservative and natural. I see so many influencers doing heavy thick microbladed brows and it’s not attractive. All you see is their eyebrows!

Chris Nelloms says · 12.24.21

Can’t wait for final results..

Reply says · 12.24.21

I did my eyebrows also. Was kinda nervous. I have tattoos but not on my face. The pain is not that bad.

Joy says · 12.25.21

What’s the address?

Sheri says · 12.26.21

I’ve always been against getting mine done because I’d never thought of getting them more conservatively like this. You’ve completely changed my outlook and I’m going to get them done. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Lori Carmichael says · 12.27.21

Are you located near Fort Myers, FL

Reply says · 12.27.21

I’m 63, going on 23, love fashion and fun. Your eyebrows look wonderful! Wish I was brave enough to do it. Please post where you had it done. xoxo

Cheryl White says · 01.28.22

Please give me the name and location