I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed (part 1)

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When microblading became popular, I was very interested to see this trend play out for a few years. I spent many nights scrolling Instagram and Pinterest, noting when it looked good when it wasn’t exactly right, and also watched to see how many people did it for a second or third time after it faded.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing method for eyebrows. You can read more about the process here.

My biggest hesitation in trying it for myself was the idea that it could look bad and it would then be something I was stuck with ON MY FACE.

My eyebrows have always been on the thin side, and the “tails”, or the outer corners, were always a bit shorter than I’d like them to be. I practiced filling them in and got to a point where it was almost effortless to fill in and “finish” my brows.

But as I’ve gotten older, my brows have continued to thin. And on the days that I was skipping makeup, I felt uncomfortable when I left my eyebrows natural. I found myself rushing to pencil in a few strokes of hair at the outer corner just to help balance my face.

It took years for me to build up the courage and find someone I trusted, and I officially got my eyebrows micro bladed by Sheila, an esthetician I’ve been seeing for years.

The turning point for me was seeing the work she did on women with very, very thin eyebrows. I loved that I could see each individual hair stroke and that they followed the natural flow of the brow. When I discussed this with Sheila, I made sure to emphasize that my goal for this process was to simply “finish” my eyebrow in the most natural and realistic way. I wanted to continue to have the option to fill in my brows with makeup on the days I wanted a more dramatic eyebrow look.

We talked about the details of the brows at length, using photos of her past work to describe what I liked and what I didn’t want for my own brows. She listened to me and I felt very comfortable that we were on the same page about what my goals were before we started.

When she mapped out the brows, she basically drew borders around the eyebrow to show me where she was going to be working for the microblading. I gave her a thumbs-up, approving the shape, and she started the process.

She used numbing cream to help ease the pain of the incisions, and I would say the pain was a level 1 on a scale of 1-10. I will admit I have rather high pain tolerance, and this process just felt like cat scratches on my skin. It was actually a bit relaxing to simply lay on the table while she did her work!

One of the things that made me feel most comfortable is the fact that Sheila talked through every detail of the process, she included me in the pigment selection and told me that for a few days it’s going to look darker and I should expect it to lighten up. She gave me all the information about what to expect, and how to take care of my brows at home.

She’s not only a skilled professional, but she is a thorough communicator and I felt truly taken care of on all fronts.

Microblading has a long healing process, and a follow-up appointment is typically pre-scheduled for about 8 weeks after the initial appointment. We scheduled that already for January, which gives the brows time to heal and allows Sheila to see what (if anything) needs attention.

Overall, I’m so happy with the result! And even though they are still in the darker colored pigment phase, I have to admit I do not find it too dark for me at all. I’ll continue to share the process here, and on Instagram as well!

Just to be explicit, I paid for this service and did not receive any discounts.


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Jordan says · 11.15.21

I am so excited to see you go through this process! You’ll really give us the nitty gritty. I’ve been wanting mine done for a LONG time, but worry about the healing and the fact that we can’t sweat or really wet them at all. Are you planning a post about after-care (I hope!) Thanks, Kate!

Karly says · 11.15.21

They came out beautifully!! I am so glad you finally did it. Ive been doing mine for over 5 years and I have ZERO complaints. They fade so much over time you will be ready to do them again!!

Kristen says · 11.15.21

My gosh these look great!!! Thanks for sharing! I’m on the fence about getting it done but seeing how well yours have turned out makes me feel like I want to take the plunge. Looking forward to hearing more about the healing process. Thanks again for the info!

Kelly says · 11.15.21

They really look wonderful and very, VERY natural! Very helpful to read about your journey as I’ve been curious about this for myself. Thanks Kate!

Perrin says · 11.15.21

I had my eyebrows microbladed in July and haven’t looked back! I feel like I look so much better when I’m makeup free. It’s amazing how eyebrows change your entire face. Yours look wonderful!

Elizabeth Moyer says · 11.15.21

Beautiful both before and after! Looks great already.

miki says · 11.15.21

Microblading really changes our faces for better. and also we don’t need to put make up on!
Miki x


Keely says · 11.15.21

You look so great! Ive been skeptical, but you’re making re-think.

Staci says · 11.15.21

I so appreciate you posting this! My eyebrows are the bane of my existence. Due to over-plucking (hello 90s teen!) and now hormonal changes, my brows are thin and sort of patchy. I won’t allow myself to be seen by anyone but my partner without my brows “on.” I agonize over the shape and shade and have tried every pencil, pomade or pen in existence. It would be a relief to be able to just walk out the door and not worry if I’ve got an extra brow pencil in my purse. I’ve been considering Microblading for a while but don’t know anyone who has had it done so I’m excited to follow your journey!

Kayla Rabalais says · 11.15.21

I love that you finally did it! I got mine done back in June 2020 and I could have gotten them touched up by now but haven’t. I had like no eyebrow color and this has been such a huge change for me! I wont ever go back to not having them done. I guess I don’t have a high pain tolerance my girl numbed me twice and it still felt like an 7-8 pain level! But worth it in the end! The first round mine lighted a lot! But the 2nd round it has stayed well!

L.Reese says · 11.16.21

2 weeks ago I made an appointment as a birthday treat… I’m wondering if I’m going to be very “red” for a day or two afterward…especially since I’m fair skinned. Also, was it necessary to take a pain reliever the following day? Thanks for sharing your experience!

Kate says · 11.16.21

I did not need an pain reliever! The pain was VERY minimal!

Lindsey says · 11.16.21

They look so good! I wasn’t super interested in getting mine done, but I am officially influenced. They look so good and totally natural!

Kathy Epperson says · 11.16.21

They look amazing! Soooo happy you had a good experience. My first experience was horrible and I think the “bad brow” is never going away. 😭 I wish I had waited and researched the person I chose a little better. I literally hid most of my face for 2 months. I then met a wonderful brow artist who performed a small miracle so I could at least look presentable. I hope to one day have more natural looking brows again. Hope AND pray!