2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Home and Host!

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Her!

 1. Vino Wine Decanter   2. Espresso Powder   3. Ash Wood Serveware Collection   4. Black Marble Wine Chiller   5. Acrylic and Gold Storage Box    6. Advent Blocks   7. Nielsen-Massey World Vanillas   8. Our Place Perfect Pot in Char   9. Outdoor Blanket with Tote   10. Aera Mini Diffuser   11. Aera Smart Diffuser   12. Our Place Always Pan in Steam   13. John Boos & Co. Maple Grooved Cutting Board   14. Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo   15. Skeem Design Large Apothocary Calligraphy Matches   16. Dolly Parton’s Holly Dolly Sugar Cookie Mix   17. Aera Holiday Collection Gift Set   18. Skeem Design Glass Fireplace Match Cloche Bottle

This category for gift guides is one of the easiest for me to round up for. I think what I love the most is that these gifts are almost always something that has immediate use, or something that could be used for years to come.

You can never go wrong with a food gift, and I also think the same is true for home fragrance. I love my Aera Smart Diffuser (and the new Mini!!) and the new holiday capsules are so festive for this season!

This guide also contains the only thing I’ve put on my list this holiday, which is a wine decanter. That is something I’ve never owned before and think it’s an easy thing to ask for for Christmas.

I thought the Espresso Powder would be a creative gift to give alongside some other kitchen or cooking-related items as well, perfect to add to ice cream or brownies!

P.S. If you’re looking for other gift suggestions, use the search bar at the top of the page to find the other guides I’ve shared this season! 


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Marissa says · 11.14.21

There are 19 items on the brief post, 18 on the expanded. Hmmmm….I notice a lot lately that you need to edit edit edit proof proof proof before posting.

I know that you will say you are so busy busy, and mistakes happen, and how dare I criticize. But at my real job with real office hours, a real boss, and real expectations (where I make a fraction of the money you receive) I would have been fired long ago for such frequent poor production.

While I can appreciate the gift guides, I find them very difficult to view on mobile. Sort makes me dizzy with the edge to edge display, and the extra space after apostrophes is unappealing.

Please accept this as constructive criticism for the betterment of your business.

Taylor says · 11.15.21

Marissa, I’m sure Kate would be fine if you found another blog that lives up to your standards. Kate, you’re doing just fine! I’m sure these gift guides are a bear to put together! Thanks!

Emily says · 11.21.21

Please review the definition of constructive criticism for the sake of any real direct reports you have at that real job of yours.

Kate says · 11.22.21

Hi Emily! If you think a 13 billion dollar industry isn’t a real then I don’t really know what to tell you.

Emily says · 11.22.21

Hi Kate! I’m sorry, my comment was directed at Marissa, not you! I absolutely agree that this is a very real job for you and many others! It’s the new way of connecting with consumers and your blog is one of the first places I go to get information before making a purchase. You keep it real, give your honest opinion and I love your style and the content you produce! I am a huge fan and supporter. Apologies if my responding was taken as disrespect. I was taken aback by the original comment and found I could not help but reply!

Lori says · 11.15.21

Thanks for this great list! I recently bought the Aera diffuser and a few scents through your link and it was worth the price for sure! I went back and ordered several mini Aera diffusers and scents for my adult kids for Christmas, thanks truly for your attention to detail and research into wonderful items, plus all the great hair and beauty tips, you are awesome!,,,

Kate says · 11.15.21

I’m so glad to hear you’ve enjoyed it! It’s truly one of my favorite things 🙂

Emily says · 11.21.21

I am eyeing the Our Place Always pan for my SIL – what is your experience? is it totally worth it? what type of meals do you like to cook in it?

Kate says · 11.23.21

I use it for SO MANY things. Eggs, vegetables, chicken, etc. It really is a multi-use pan that looks as good as the day I brought it home!

Krista says · 12.01.21

Was it the caraway pan that you didn’t like?