4 Fall Outfits

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One of my favorite posts to read from Emily are her style posts where she shares her favorite outfits for the season. I usually share new finds or what I’m wearing on a given day on Instagram, but I thought I’d share my most repeated, favorite outfits for fall here on today’s post!

My mindset with my clothes is that I need items I feel comfortable in, that work for running around with little kids but also make me feel put together! I like to buy individual pieces instead of outfits, and always think about staying within a similar tone range so I can mix and match almost anything I buy.

I almost always buy neutral bags that can work for any outfit–changing my purse is an annoying task that I usually try to avoid! And my footwear is simple, functional and can also be mixed in with different style choices!

And so, behold, my favorite fall outfits:

sweater (similar), jeans (Similar), boots (similar), bag, earrings (similar)


jeans (similar), booties, (similar booties),  bag, jacket (similar, similar in green/brown), blouse, earrings


jeans (similar), vest (similar) (similar 2), long-sleeve tee (similar), shoes (similar) (similar 2), bag, earrings (similar)

jeans (similar), top (similar top), jacket (similar jacket) (similar jacket), booties (similar booties), bag, earrings

The same jeans are in every photo and they are, of course, my roadtripper jeans. And I’d swap up any of the footwear with one another based on what I was getting into that day as well.

So these are just some of my favorite outfits for daily life. I have plenty of days where I just wear athleisure too, like these pants and one of these open waffle knit sweaters on top.

P.S. Here are some of my favorite fall recipes!


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Michele says · 10.30.18

So, if you could just dress me, that would be great!

Unrelated, but I have been using an exfoliating face wash every day for years (first St Ives, then moved in to Philosophy). Is this something I should be doing, or should I only be exfoliating every few days? I’ve been using Ponds cold cream since you recommended it a few years back…sure, buying cold cream kinnnnnda makes me feel like my great grandmother, but mayyyyybe that’s why her skin always looked so good!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.30.18

You have great fashion sense! I love the first and the last outfits. So casual and chic 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Angela says · 10.30.18

Love cognac boots in the fall! I actually still have to unpack mine from my closet, just never remember or have the time!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Marie says · 10.30.18

You always talk about these jeans but I have no idea where you got them. Are they online?
I can never find jeans because I’m so short. My legs are short and I don’t enjoy low rise anything. I like my jeans to be fairly high on my waist and not have to be folded at the bottom. Any suggestions?

Kate says · 10.30.18

They are linked a few times, by Madewell!

Margaret says · 10.30.18

The Vince Camuto boots on Outfit #2 are on TJMaxx right now! 😀

Sherry says · 10.30.18

What size do you wear in the red old navy top? It looks a little boxy in the picture.

Kate says · 10.30.18

I’m wearing a medium

Allison says · 10.30.18

I love how versatile one pair of jeans can be. Especially when it’s your favorite pair! I’m loving that cognac tote bag and the green puffy vest for morning walks. xo

Allison | Peplums & Pie

Susan says · 10.30.18

I enjoy seeing what new things & old that you have posted. One day on YouTube while looking at hair tutorials, I came across your video. You were so honest, smart and funny in your delivery. To me You were Real like no smoke n mirrors when you spoke. As I’ve seen in other videos… At 59 I’m in the stage of figuring out & maneuvering IG well SM itself. I should have paid more attention when my daughter lived at home, Lol . She now lives in Georgia, while I’m in New Jersey. When I go on SM I like to take something away from it.
At my age we can learn a lot from the younger generations in this age of digital. So I Thank You ! Anyways back to subject on hand. I really liked All your outfits. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons . I actually have some pieces that I can put together to make some of your favorite outfits. If I didn’t see this I may not have thought of it myself. So Thank you 😊 Also I 100% agree about PONDS Cold Cream !! My grandma had the most beautiful skin soft, supple not many wrinkles . I remember people always guessed her age wrong . They would always say at least 10yrs younger, she loved hearing it, Lol ! She passed away at 75, I have to say I’ll Never forget how beautiful her skin always looked to me. Of course she told me to use it when I was a teenager. Started at 14 so far WOW 45yrs ! Good lord when it’s printed out it looks like a forever, Lol !! I still had to find out the hard way($$$) On my own here n there I’d try other creams. Gotta say Grandma was Right.

Kelly says · 10.30.18

Hi! Could you tell me which nursing cover you had on at the fair? I am currently nursing so that is most definitely part of my fall wardrobe and I love that yours has the wiring at top so I can easily cover but see baby! I posted on your Instagram too but know you get hundreds of comments so prob. Didn’t see it. Thank you 🙂 I’d love to order

Tricia says · 10.30.18

Love all of the outfits!! Thanks for sharing.

Natalie says · 10.30.18

Is that perfume in each of the pictures? Would love to know the name, if so. All the outfits look great!

Chelsea says · 10.31.18

Love all of these outfits! So excited for fall fashion!

xx Chelsea

Marianna Lucas says · 10.31.18

Love all of these outfits! Running through an affordable ankle boot guide today on the blog featuring my favorite booties under $20, under $25, and under $30, go check it out!