Fall/winter comfort food

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I’m sitting here with my window open next to my desk, and brisk 60 degree air is blowing in.


Anyway, I’m finally in the mood for fall and I wanted to share my favorite comfort foods to cook in these chilly months. You may notice that I have a favorite person whose recipes I use often in the mix. . .

pioneer woman frito chili pie – this is what is pictured above. It’s hearty, flavorful, and perfect topped with freshly grated medium cheddar and diced red onions!

meat lasagna – I’m horrified at the photography from this post, so much so that I’m determined to redo this recipe this fall. This is EASY to make and very much a crowd pleaser!

pioneer woman potato soup – One of my absolute favorites for the fall.

pioneer woman chicken & dumpings  – So delicious, especially perfect for family coming to town. While it does reheat well, the dumplings are better on day 1 of the soup!

oven “fried” breaded pork chops – Justin is a huge fan of these and I like them too! It’s a nice change up from the usual chicken focused weeknight meal.

baked chicken thighs with creamy garlic spinach sauce – Chicken thighs save me from complete dinner boredom. They are usually moist and delicious, and can handle a whole slew of flavors.

and because I can’t leave out sides. . .

Cheesy Bacon Jalapeno Corn Dip – Simply, I don’t make this enough. It’s so good! Great for football on Sundays or in addition to a weeknight meal.

Baked Green Bean Fries – I’ve made these a few times! They lack a little bit of flavor so I usually double the cayenne pepper!

In general, if I’m looking for something new to cook, I’ll check out Damn Delicious, Skinny Taste, Smitten Kitchen, or Pioneer Woman. If I’m looking for something to bake, my go-to is Sally’s Baking Addiction!

Do you have a favorite website to look for new dinner ideas? I finally experienced a breakthrough that made weeknight cooking easier, but I’m always looking for new recipes to add to the mix!


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Stephanie says · 10.17.17

I agree with the underlying theme here that essentially everything Pioneer Woman is delicious.

Also I love roasting full chickens this time of the year. It’s so good for a big dinner and for leftovers during the week.


Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.17.17

The green bean fries look so good! Going to try them this weekend, or the next. Thanks! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Courtney Mills says · 10.17.17

Thank you for sharing some of your favorite fall recipes. I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner tonight. I’ll e trying the oven park chops and green bean French fries.

Lisa C says · 10.17.17

I love all the food blogs you mentioned! Some of my favorites for just regular weeknight meals are:

Perry’s Plate
Dinner: A Love Story

Jill says · 10.17.17

I love skinny taste and pioneer woman as well. My other favorite is “our best bites.” I love their black bean soup, chile cheese soufflé bars, chicken taquitos, and so many more.

Steph says · 10.17.17

You gotta check out Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. She’s amazing

Michelle Meyer says · 10.17.17

love melskitchencafe
love your site too!

Lily says · 10.17.17

Barefoot Contessa at Home cook book is liiiiiife! The PB& J bars are a serious crowd pleaser. My hubby requested those in lieu of a cake on his bday! =)

Gina says · 10.17.17

One of our family favorites is Ramen Beef Vegetable Soup from a great food blog, Plain Chicken. It is so easy to make and is packed with flavor. Perfect soup for fall.

*Tip: If you make the soup, I alway break up the Ramen noodles into tiny pieces. It’s easier for kids to eat. Also, if it’s too thick, you can thin it with either a little beef broth or beef bouillon dissolved in a cup of water.

Heather says · 10.17.17

I wish I had 60 degree temps! Florida get with the program! Anywho, I love Laurenslatest.com and Peanutbutterfingers.com for new recipes!!

Karly says · 10.17.17

yessss! Finally its below 70 here in South Louisiana! Made my first fall chili last night. Skinny Taste is my FAV!!! She’s the best!

julie @ peanut butter fingers says · 10.17.17

all of these recipes sound fantastic! total comfort food for chilly nights! <3

Lisa says · 10.17.17

Love Skinnytaste too and the best recipes are for the Instapot. The Instapot has changed my life – never use the crockpot anymore. It sautées, pressure cooks meals so fast and they turn out great! It has made my life so much easier!

Jessica says · 10.17.17

Iowa Girl Eats is another great one!! Love her blog so much and great recipes.

Katie says · 10.17.17

Mels kitchen cafe.com – we literally love everything she makes. Check it out- you won’t be disappointed!

Jen says · 10.18.17

Another vote for our best bites! They are THE BEST cooking blog. I’ve been a reader since 2008. Those girls haver never let me down! I’ve found a few duds on the pioneer woman blog though, so now I have trust issues with pw. Ha!

Crystal says · 10.18.17

Until I read your post about lasagna, I had never made lasagna from scratch; only bought the frozen lasagna from the store. And then I made this recipe and fell in love. lol Now I’ve made homemade lasagna (your recipe only) countless times and never buy frozen. I often made it for company and everyone loves it. What’s not to love? So easy and so delicious! 🙂

ashlye says · 10.18.17

A few other food blogs to check out:
Cooking Classy
The Recipe Critic
How Sweet Eats
Deep South Dish

Liz says · 10.18.17

My favorite blog for recipes is Half Baked Harvest. While some of the recipes have a lot of ingredients, they aren’t complicated and are complete show stoppers. I’ve had people at work ask me what restaurant I got my food from when I heated up leftovers. Everything I’ve made from there turns out great. And the photography is stunning.

Dana says · 10.18.17

Thank you for the links! It’s always fun to learn the foods my favorite bloggers enjoy, especially because I love trying new recipes. Sally’s Baking Addiction and Damn Delicious are some of my go-tos as well!

breanne says · 10.18.17

That Frito pie looks delicious! I love anything from Our Best Bites or Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. I haven’t made anything from either of those sites that my family hasn’t liked.

Jasmine says · 10.18.17

I love melskitchencafe! I always look to her first. She has great recipes and detailed posts with tips and tricks. Her recipes are 85% of what I use!

Katelyn says · 10.18.17

Another shout out for Mel’s Kitchen Cafe! My all time favorite….everything she makes is awesome!

Jessica Ackley says · 10.18.17

These all look amazing!! I’ll have to try a few.

lindsay says · 10.18.17

You have to try the Pioneer Woman’s Chicken and noodles soup. SO DANG GOOD! http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/homemade-chicken-and-noodles/

Cheat Tip – I use a roasted chicken and chicken stock, instead of boiling the raw chicken. It takes too long for me. I also like to add a little Rotisserie Chicken Spice from McCormick.

Lisa says · 10.19.17

I love the potato soup from Pioneer Woman! I make it several times in the Fall and it freezes really well! I like to make double batches of recipes so we can have dinner and leftovers the first couple of nights, and then freeze the rest for the colder winter months.

I really love http://www.allrecipes.com, as well as http://www.sixsistersstuff.com. They have some great recipes!

Christina Munoz says · 10.19.17

I LOVE Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. Her recipes are delicious! I’ve never had one I didn’t like. I’m also a big fan of Brown Eyed Baker! She’s my go-to for dessert.

Nicole says · 10.21.17

Hi Kate! Thanks for sharing my Chicken Thigh recipe! It’s been such a popular recipe on my site and I’m grateful so many families have made it a favorite 🙂 I’m thinking about adding a dairy-free version to the post. So many dietary restrictions these days. Another great site for dinner recipes with healthy option; pinchofyum.com

Karen Branscum says · 10.27.17

Southernplate.com is another food blogger I follow. Christy Jordan has super easy, simple ideas & great meals…my fall fav is her creamy vanilla chai tea recipe! Yummo!

Jessica C. says · 10.09.19

Kate, your lasagna recipe is THEE BEST!!! It’s our family’s absolute fav! I see it mentioned once above, but pinchofyum.com is another amazing food blog resource! She (Lindsay) runs a great IG page and is just a really sweet and wonderful lady to follow, all around! Like you! 💕
Thank you for such a nice variety of content! My favorite thing about you is how real and relatable you always are! Even though we’ve never met, I feel like I know you! (Which could be weird for you if I were to ever run into you! 😂😂 😂)