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I’ve noticed a shift in what people say when they run into me in public and recognize me. A few years ago, perhaps only 1 year ago, people would say that they follow my blog and know me from my blog or pinterest.

And now?

“Hey, I follow you on instagram” is the most common phrase I hear when meeting new readers.

Blogging has changed so, so much in the nearly 7 years since I started. Some of it is really great, exciting change, and some things have taken a bit of a downturn in my opinion.

But, despite all of that, one of the biggest challenges that bloggers face is repurposing older content. There is an incredible pressure to produce high quality, engaging, interesting, applicable content on a daily basis. Whenever I think about that I always think about how magazines have entire TEAMS of talented people to create content for their publication. While there isn’t a personal connection to a magazine like their is to a blogger, it’s still incredible to think about what bloggers have done thus far, and what they have yet to do.

Anyway, my blog’s popularity was mainly based on my video hair tutorials several years ago. I was doing hair at the time and loved filming weekly hair tutorials to publish on the site on Mondays. I love that they have helped so many of you learn the basics or learn more complicated updo’s!

While I’m not filming new hair tutorials nearly as much these days (for a few reasons, one of them being there are only SO many ways to style one’s hair, you know?) , I thought I’d link to a few of my favorites for you to check out below!

the 2 step bun — SO easy and great for days you don’t feel like doing your hair!

little french knots — also simple and good for pulling hair away from your face, ESPECIALLY when growing out bangs!

loose waves — how I style my hair most days.

bobby pin basics — this is really helpful to watch if you like to use them or don’t know HOW to use them!

Thank you, as always, for reading and following along! Do you have any specific hair tutorials you’d like to see? If so, leave them in the comments below!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.16.17

I love your loose waves look. It’s such a casual way to style for the everyday!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allie says · 10.16.17

Thanks for rounding these up again! I love your tutorials! You are a really great teacher 🙂 Happy Monday! xxAllie

Sherry says · 10.16.17

Maybe it’s like beating a dead horse since you’ve done it before, but I would like another Aquage/flatiron tutorial. Also maybe a half up half down one. And even super simple ones such as twisting bangs and pinning.

Kristin S says · 10.16.17

Yes, to Aquage! I got some this summer and I just don’t think I use it correctly. I just end up with a sticky mess at my crown and it’s weighed down and doesn’t have any extra volume. For real. I think it’s operator error.

Kristin S says · 10.16.17

Kate, this is great! That bobby pin one truly changed my hair for life.

(OK, something weird is happening and I can’t see the entire top half of this box where I just typed so I hope it says what I typed.)

Megan says · 10.16.17

I would love to see a post or video on how to make thick hair hold I curl. My hair is VERY thick and heavy. I’ve tried curling it with hot rollers, traditional curling iron, and flat iron (haven’t tried a curling wand yet) and no matter what I do, the curls fall out almost immediately! I use hairspray and try to let the curls sit. Don’t know if the problem is my technique or of my type of hair requires something different. Would love to hear your input!

Kim says · 10.16.17

I LOVE the loose waves!

Kim .. GIVEAWAY & Needing YOUR feedback!

Patti says · 10.16.17

I don’t do Instagram so I hope the blog doesn’t change too much! I would love to see a video on sleek updos for fine, thin hair. Like ways to make it look more full, but without all the romantic loose pieces hanging out. They are prettier, I agree, but sometimes you just have to have something “ballet bun” looking.

Lauren says · 10.16.17

This sounds almost too simple, but can you talk about how much product to use and how to fluff up flat, straight hair? I like to leave my hair straight some days, but it’s fairly thin and gets so flat. If I try to tease it, I end up with way too much product in it or it just looks off. (Note that something is up with the site today so I can’t see the top half of the box and I hope nothing looks crazy or is wildly misspelled…) Thanks!

Alyssa says · 10.16.17

Probably so dumb, but I CANNOT figure out how to pin hair around a pony so it stays. Like, to wrap it to hide the elastic. It’s probably so basic, but definitely something missing from my skill set!

says · 10.18.17 Reply
Jackie says · 10.16.17

First of all, I would just love to see more hair content in general. I can’t think of any specific tutorials. But I would love to see more about choosing the right size of curling iron/wand. For example, I have long (boob length) curly/wavy hair and would like to put a little extra curl on top, but I have no idea what size curler to buy!
Also, my hair is different than yours, so I would be curious to know what products you recommend for long, curly/wavy, minimally color-treated hair. I want more volume at the root and some frizz control.
Like the other poster, I am also having problems with the text box to comment. The top of the text box seems to be ‘hidden’ somehow. I am using Chrome on a Macbook Pro, if that matters.

Michele says · 10.16.17

You mentioned growing out bangs…Linwood did you manage to grow yours out so quickly? I’m a Big Bang advocate, but you seemed to go from having them to not overnight. I’m just curious about if you trimmed them into your style or if you are just THaT good at hiding them. Might help me out when they get too long, but I haven’t found time to get them trimmed (because me doing that shelf would require you to do a whole series of tutorials about how to fix them!)

Ann B. says · 10.16.17


Karly says · 10.16.17


I love watching IG Stories but I also still love going to blogs to read more into detail.
Blog Post Tutorial: on how to keep long hair in place and out the way for a crazy intense Workout! 🙂

Katelyn says · 10.16.17

A video on different tips and products about how to keep your hair straight and looking great throughout the day. My hair never seems to keep the straight part of it :/ A video on how to help would be great.

Rachel says · 10.16.17

I love all your hair tutorials. It’s still the primary reason I come to your site. Maybe I’m weird, but I wouldn’t mind if you re-did some of your older hair tutorials. I need all the help I can get! 🙂

debra kreeger says · 10.17.17

Totally not related to today’s blog, but I’m curious if you have heard of Beauty Counter? Would love for you to explore the movement that this company is making in the beauty industry. They offer better choices fo what we are putting on our bodies and our children’s by using these safer products! It would make for a great discussion and greatly educate your followers!

amanda june says · 10.21.17

a discussion of how damaging multi-level marketing companies are would also be a great educational post or even series since they prey mostly on women.

Deb says · 10.21.17

Definitely! There are no regulations on cosmetics and the toxic lead, paraban, etc. that is found in them, especially lipsticks! I love your blog Kate, and I think you have alot of women’s attention when it comes to make-up and Hair tutorials!! Adding awareness to the to “good, or natural” cosmetics and essential oils is big stuff now!

Erinn says · 10.17.17

Thank you so much for sharing this! I am hopeless when it comes to doing my hair…do you have any tips for 5 min (or less) hairstyles?

Jessica says · 10.17.17

Kate, I am continually amazed at the amount of quality content you publish on a daily basis! I’ve been reading for years and have always been impressed with the content and copy of the blog, I hope you are proud of what you have accomplished! I’m also a mom of 2 and love following you both here and on instagram for more of the “keeping it real” life stuff. Keep up the good work.

Hildy says · 10.17.17

I do follow you on IG but I still come to your blog every day to check and see if there’s a new post (the old fashioned way- by typing in the good ol’ URL). My favorite posts of yours are lifestyle, how you organize your day, plan meals etc, and hair posts-tutorials or just tips! I’d love to see more of other types of hair: yours is beautiful (duh) but my hair is shorter and much more fine- like Kilee from One Little Momma. It’s chin length and I really don’t know what to do with it!

Tracy says · 10.17.17

Keep doing what your doing! Love your blog! Ran into you in Target today actually but my girls were driving me crazy so I had to get out of there. 😉 You are just as beautiful in person as your pictures!

amanda june says · 10.21.17

hi Kate! tutorials were definitely how I came across your blog — years ago now.

While there may only be so many ways to style YOUR hair, I think it would be great if you did some tutorials styling different types of hair — for example, fine and thin (ahem, just for example). 😜Some of the styles you’ve done don’t always translate to other textures of hair, and it would be great to see how you’d make things work for different types (and lengths) of hair.

I do personally miss the days of more hair tutorials as a main feature of your new content. But I think if you come back to focusing on it you might be able to do some even greater stuff and with a greater reach than you’ve done in the past. Please give it some thought! 😊