A Style Choice That Saves Me Time and Money

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As a “basics” kind of girl you can imagine that I’m not very fussy when it comes to my clothes. I’m particular about fit and quality, but in general I keep things pretty simple and predictable in my closet so I can mix almost everything together.

A style choice I made in the past few years is to decide on one really great quality bag for the season (or the year if possible!) and have that be it. Every once in a great while I’ll swap out my regular bag for a smaller purse but that’s really only if there is a specific need for doing that. I almost never do that for the sake of my outfit.

It kind of started with my Madewell zip top transport crossbody. I still have that bag in my closet and while it’s a bit too small for my needs right now, I still really love it. Then I switched over to the Madewell medium transport tote, and even got the pink version for spring. I know some people refuse to carry a purse that doesn’t have a closure but I love the ease of an open top tote bag.

Intermixed in those bag choices was the Cuyana Small Carryall Tote. I have the pink shade and actually gifted a friend the stone color which is beautiful.

In this season I’m finding that a slightly larger bag is helpful for times I want to pull a diaper and wipes out of the diaper bag and just toss them in my purse for a quick errand so the Cuyana Classic Medium Carryall Tote.

Cuyana was kind enough to gift me the Work Clutch which I’ve found is perfect for carrying the essentials around with me when I won’t want a proper bag on my shoulder.

So how does sticking with one bag for a long time save me time and money? Well I’m not switching back and forth between different bags from week to week, or changing it up with my outfit for that day, and I’m not spending money replacing cheaper bags that don’t last as long as these have for me.

A similar dupe to the Madewell zip top transport crossbody is this one that is only $24.99 at Target. I haven’t personally gotten my hands on it, but the reviews seem to speak pretty highly of it!

Here are a few photos of the bags I’ve mentioned in the post so you can see their size!

Madewell Medium Transport Tote

Madewell Medium Transport Tote


Madewell Transport Crossbody

Cuyana Small Carryall Tote

Cuyana Classic Medium Carryall Tote



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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.11.18

I love the classic crossbody bags you’re wearing – especially in the first picture! Every girl needs a plain brown tote! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Rena says · 10.11.18

I like the classy looks you show here!
xx Rena

Allie says · 10.11.18

I have the Cuyana laptop case and the quality is so nice. The cosmetic bags look gorgeous as well. It’s so nice to find a brand that consistently delivers quality goods! xAllie

Shana says · 10.11.18

I LOVE the Cuyana tall leather structured tote and I agree it is a big money saver to carry one bag all season or year 🙂 Great choices!!

Marianna Lucas says · 10.11.18

Love this idea! Those totes are so cute.

Janell Vigil-DiResta says · 10.11.18

The last one shows a shoulder strap too but when I click the one online doesn’t have one.

A Sparkle Of Grace says · 10.11.18

I love your style Kate! I pretty much just wear black and white, so it’s easy to put an outfit together.

A Sparkle Of Grace

HANNAH says · 10.11.18

Do you usually get your Madewell bags monogrammed?

Kaz says · 10.11.18

Such cute bags! I like to find one bag I love and carry it for a good long while too.. rather than switching all the time.

Vijayta says · 10.12.18

EXACTLY the post I needed to see (and show my hubby 😃)! Thank you for your classic style suggestions! I am eyeing the Madewell small crossbody transport!

Mimi says · 10.14.18

Great post! I love the idea of having fewer, better bags.
How do you keep your things organized inside a bag that doesn’t have several pockets, I’m curious?

sunny says · 10.26.18

so beautiful! I especially like jeans. I recently selected one on the Internet. Do you think it looks good?

Tina Siuagan says · 03.07.19

I’ve been eyeing on Cuyana and Madewell for quite sometime. This post is helpful! Thanks.