Layering with Stripes

Balancing a Bold Lip


I was reading Emily’s post on her top fall outfits and saw this adorable sweater that I immediately pursued buying. They were out of the grey + black and white stripe version, though, and it allowed me a chance to think . . . and I realized how easily I could recreate this look with things I already have!

Grey sweater? check.

Striped shirt? check.

That’s pretty much my entire wardrobe actually.




sweater is old from J. Crew Factory (similar), denim, boots, stripe shirt is old from Banana Republic (similar), bag is old from Kate Spade (similar)

I’m a big “staples” girl when it comes to my wardrobe, but this was a fun way to make an otherwise simple grey sweater look a little bit more fresh and new!

For more fall style inspiration, check out here and here!


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Ashli says · 11.17.16

Hey Kate, your outfit is so on point!

Kate says · 11.17.16

Thanks Ashli!

Karly says · 11.17.16

Great Idea! I do this all the time with inspiration from my favorite bloggers on Pinterest!

Alyssa says · 11.17.16

I love how your outfits are always so practical! I can totally pull together some pieces from my wardrobe and recreate this! Love it!

Kristen says · 11.17.16

I adore this outfit! You look fabulous. I need to recreate. Thanks for the tips!

Claire Talks Beauty says · 11.17.16

I like to do this with black too ! I find this tip great with this kind of colors 🙂

Claire From

Dorothee says · 11.17.16

Relaxed, effortlessly chic and that bag really completes it perfectly. I always enjoy reading your blog, all the best from Germany!!

Kim says · 11.17.16

I love this outfit! That sweater is so cute. And I need some new boots like that!

Kim .. My FAVORITE oversized sweater!

Christin says · 11.17.16

Great idea resourcing from your own closet! I need to remember to do that and think outside the box!

Kristen says · 11.17.16

Love this outfit! It’s a fun update for classic pieces. 🙂

Emily says · 11.17.16

Love this outfit! I bought an almost identical gray sweater at Gap Factory store a couple of weeks ago!

Carolina says · 11.17.16

Great idea! I have that same sweater and I love it.

Blush & Pearls says · 11.17.16

I have to admit, I have a thing lately with white and navy blue stripes. I have several sweaters in this pattern and it’s taking over my wardrobe…great look!

Blush & Pearls by Angela

Dominique says · 11.17.16

Are those pockets on the sweater?! Love it! Sometimes I overthink when I’m trying to do layers but I should try to keep it more simple…this outfit looks great!


Mary says · 11.17.16

I love that mirror! Where is it from??

Jen says · 11.17.16

I second this. That mirror is perfect!

Marta says · 11.17.16

That’s a great outfit! And sometimes we don’t even need to go shopping to get completely new pieces, you showed just that!

Bee Sam Beauty says · 11.17.16

Luckily live in a place where I can layer most of the year. Darling bag!

Krystal says · 11.17.16

I think your version is even better! Love your style!

Ma says · 11.17.16

I always love the way you mix black, grey, brown and white.
Thanks for the inspiration, I am going to hit up my closet to try something similar 🙂

Michele says · 11.17.16

I appreciate how you used brown boots instead of black ones. I always feel that brown is such an under appreciated neutral, and my first thought with that top would have been to go to black. The brown with the grey/black/white on top looks so much more casual and less intentional than the black ones would….I love looking pulled together without looking like I spent a long time mulling over what I was going to wear.

Beth says · 11.17.16

Nice, you just turned a “tall girl problem” into a fashion solution! No sleeves are ever long enough for me at 5’10”, so 3/4 length is my norm all fall and winter. Thanks for the idea and you look great as always.

Michelle says · 11.18.16

I was thinking of writing a capsule wardrobe post, and for a striped shirt would be #1. So many things you can do with them. My favorite is under a vest, for sure!

Debbie says · 11.18.16

Could you someday do a post on your home? Love things like the wall color, which sounds boring but is such a great foundation shade for the home😉

Tiffany W says · 11.19.16

I like your option better than the original sweater! My comfort zone is neutrals also so it’s nice to see a cute spin that you put on them!

Sharon Murphy says · 11.19.16

I need this mirror! Where is it from??

Mel says · 11.29.16

I love the look!! Perfect for everyday!!! Especially love stripes!!

Mel |