The long-wear lipstick test!

If you follow along on the insta place, you may seen an occasional style post. I utilize for a handful of reasons, the main one being it usually takes you to the exact item I’m wearing, versus me just sharing the brand and hoping you find it.

But sometimes doesn’t work (seems like more often than not actually, so that’s pretty annoying), so from time to time I thought I’d do a little round up here.


Top Left: Dr. Scholls Madison slip on sneakersAG jeans (similar less expensive option)

Top Right: Charcoal sweaterRescued necklacePeera Cut Out Bootie

Bottom Right: Soft spun roll sleeve tee

Bottom Left: Heavy knit shift dress, Sam & Libby ankle boots

You can tell my style is easy, comfortable, and neutral! I like being able to mix and match different pieces, versus being locked in particular outfits or styles. So, if that kind of clothing is right up your alley, you are in the right place!

More style ideas here and here!


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Ashley says · 10.14.16

Love this! What cami are you wearing underneath the charcoal Target sweater?

Kate says · 10.14.16

an old one from Tj Maxx!

Rachel says · 10.14.16

I was going to immediately demand to know where that cami was from too! I feel like it makes the outfit! Love that one Kate!

Sarah says · 10.14.16

Has anyone heard of Lace and Grace?? I just discovered this brand this morning ironically and wondered if the “lace extenders” were worth the money….

Melissa Young says · 10.14.16

Do you have a blog about how to style booties? Like you are wearing above? I have a few different pair. But I never know whether to cuff the jeans, don’t cuff the jeans, by ankle length jeans to wear with them or what? I’m letting these beautiful shoes sit in my closet and not be worn!!! HELP!

Sarah O says · 10.14.16

I rarely wear mine either. Maybe twice. But they were expensive so I don’t want to get them dirty. lol So they sit in my closet looking pretty.

Amy says · 10.17.16

Just searching in Pinterest usually helps me keep up with the latest details on how to wear things like booties and blanket scarves, etc.

Desiree White says · 10.14.16

Is it bad I got excited that the sneakers were Dr. Scholls? I am officially old!! lol
ps I love your Snapchats! My kids are always like who are you talking too? lol

Hannah says · 10.14.16

LOVE the Rescued necklace!!

I’m finally adopting a more casual neutral style and these pieces really inspire me. Modest, feminine, and flattering. Perfect.

Erin says · 10.14.16

I second the booties post!! Can you please do a blog post on how to wear them!!! I am so lost lol!!! 🙂

Laura says · 10.14.16

I agree, regarding the! Drives me crazy sometimes. But thanks for a great post. I love Target and how you put together pieces from your closet…new and old 🙂

Samantha says · 10.14.16

I love these style posts. You always have the cutest wardrobe! I also have to have that striped shirt from your Snapchat last night 🙂

Leah says · 10.14.16

Kate, what size did you order the Old Navy striped dress in? Love it! Thanks!

Casey says · 10.14.16

I love love love your style!

Emily says · 10.14.16

I love the striped dress! Your style is wonderful. I love the neutrals.

Kelly says · 10.14.16

I want to know what brand/color that gorgeous red lipstick is?

Michelle says · 10.14.16

Me too! GREAT color!

Kelly says · 10.16.16

yes! what color!! It’s a gorgeous fall/winter color 🙂

Rebecca says · 10.14.16

I really like your style. Being comfortable is a real factor in what I wear too because theres nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in clothes.

Dana says · 10.14.16

I agree about Liketoknowit! I hate it now and have totally given up on even trying to use it anymore. But I LOVE your style and get a lot of ideas from your blog! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

Sarah O says · 10.16.16

Same here. It got to where they were just sending me emails with a bunch of random bloggers in it but none of the posts that I had actually clicked on.

Joy says · 10.14.16

girl, you always have the BEST Target finds!
P.S. the bangs are SO SO fab. my favorite hairstyle on you — ever!

Heather says · 10.14.16

I just bought my first pair of black booties and jeans are about all I know to wear them with! I love the idea of a post on how to style/wear them!! I love your style too!

Angela says · 10.14.16

Love the look! Can you show us how you did your hair? Beautiful!

Laken Williamson says · 10.14.16

I’m going to order the Dr. Scholl’s shoes! Would you say they are true to size?? I’m typically an 8.5! Thanks!

Jacqueline says · 10.15.16

I LOVE your style and get a lot of ideas from your blog! Thanks so much for sharing!

Michele says · 10.15.16

That bag in the picture with the Old Navy dress? Details, please!

Susan Jeffries says · 10.15.16

I have been a reader for years, but I don’t comment much. I just LOVE your new haircut!! It is perfect for you – just amazing! And thanks for helping me create a more neutral wardrobe. I still love a printed piece now and again, but I have also switched to more neutrals thanks to you.

Lesley Evans says · 10.15.16

Thank you SO MUCH for doing this!! I am not a like to know it fan:( Never works so I appreciate the details in this post so much!!! I bought the old navy dress too and I LOVE IT!! Love following your blog!! You are a breath of fresh air:)

Pattti says · 10.16.16

Those bangs…I can’t even`(focus on anything else you are showing) – seriously love them – sexy and classy and trendy!

Shanna says · 10.17.16

I don’t even understand how works. Looking at some of your past IG posts, the link isn’t clickable and I can’t even cut/paste. You go through all that effort to post details on this link however inevitably you get a ton of “where did you get…” questions. So you’re just better off direct linking in the post. Including wall paint colors, duh.

Kate says · 10.17.16

You need to sign up with liketoknowit via the website, then when you “like” photos w/ the link, you’ll get an email. You can also manually enter the link into a search bar 🙂

Shanna says · 10.17.16

Thanks for taking the time to tell me more!
We’re such an instant gratification (lazy?? maybe i’lll speak for myself lol) society that I wonder how many readers are that dedicated to sign up for that. (Vs just commenting “where did you get that”)

Karly says · 10.18.16

Love your blog and your simple outfits. Sometimes its nice to know where certain items come from. Its not a big deal to me to know where that basic black or gray shirt that I can barely see came from. That’s meant to be funny! Lol and I refuse to sign up for like to know it. I rather just wait and come read your blog to find out! 🙂

Have a great day, Kate!

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