Flipped Half Up

High Five for Friday
I almost called this “The Piggy Flip”. . .but that doesn’t sound pretty, does it?

But if you grew up knowing the style “piggy flip”, thats exactly what we are doing here. 

But I strategically leave a center section separate so as to not show the part. 

You’ll understand when you watch the video. . .

Refer to this post to see what products are in my hair. 

Earrings: Target, Summer 2011; Striped top: T. J Maxx, Spring 2012

Spring is here! Time for new jewelry!


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Nancy says · 02.06.12

Very adorable! And so easy!

Kim says · 02.06.12

Super cute and should actually work with my hair! 🙂 Thank you so much for these – you’ve made my mornings less stressful since I found your tutorials!

Laura says · 02.06.12

I just bought those earrings at Target this weekend! I LOVE them paired with the navy and white – I am going to have to copy that look! I love your hair style too. Somehow you make it look fresh and not straight from the 90s like I remember it 🙂

Danae Hope says · 02.06.12

So cute and easy! Love the earrings too…I have them in yellow 🙂

Kristin says · 02.06.12

How long is your hair when its not curled? I tried to get it cut like your pictures but it just has been somewhat of an ordeal and not what i wanted! Not looking cute like you always do..lol!

Jen says · 02.06.12

The last two shirts you’ve worn in your blog (the pink one and the blue / white stripe one) I also have! I guess we both have great style! 😉 … Now, if I could only get my hair to do what yours does. (A neverending battle.)

Motivated Mommy of two says · 02.06.12

I love the hairstyle, you have so many good ones that I am just now sure where to start. I love the earrings they are really pretty.

Deb says · 02.06.12

Okay, you win…..best hair in the world!!

{annie_loo} says · 02.06.12

I cannot wait for my hair to grow out so I can try some of your wonderful tutorials! Do you ever run out of different things to do?!?!?!! GREAT HAIR GIRL!!!!

Anonymous says · 02.06.12

I am so excited to accessorize and wear pretty coral this spring/summer!! I LOVE it!

ctlogcabin says · 02.06.12

Another Great Video we all want your haircut …. so do you take appointments ?? LOL Thanks .. learning alot Hugs ~ Connie xox

Mrs. Baker says · 02.06.12

that is so cute! I love trying all your hairstyles!


Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says · 02.06.12


Jacqueline says · 02.06.12

I LOVE the pop of color with the earrings paired with the navy stripes!! The hair looks gorgeous as always!

Darcie Watson says · 02.06.12

I used to have the little tool that you used to accomplish this look with a full ponytail, I think they called it the topsy tail. ah the memories! that thing hurt!! LOL
I’m going to try this tomorrow!!

I also love those earrings btw!!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 02.06.12

Growing up, I knew it as Topsy Tail! 🙂 Your hair, the earrings, the striped sweater = YES!

Eskyborn says · 02.07.12

Everything looks great! Gorgeous hair, earrings, clothes, etc! I’m gonna try this tomorrow!

rhaynes says · 02.07.12

I have had my eye on the earrings from target for a while now. I would have never thought of putting them with a blue striped shirt. Also, I love the hair. I wish mine would curl that good. Plus, I would love to thank you for your blog. I enjoy it so much. You are so creative. Thanks, Rachel 🙂

Anonymous says · 02.07.12

Liked Nicoles facebook page! Thanks

jacks says · 02.07.12

I tried this style today and I love it! Super easy and super cute. Thanks!!

Gwyn says · 02.07.12

I love the “Piggy Flip”! I can’t get the name out of my head now and will have to try this!

Mandy Lanier says · 02.08.12

I wish you could style my hair every day!!! I absolutely love reading your posts!!! I have thin, fine, straight hair, a little longer than shoulder length. Do you know how I can give it body or what products I could use that wont make it greasy looking?! Thanks in advance! 🙂

Julie says · 02.08.12

I have been told many times that I have great hair. However, YOU girl make these styles look so effortless. Even though I’ve never struggled styling my hair – I cannot get mine to look as cute as yours!! Thanks so much for your step by step process. It makes TRYING new styles a little less frustrating. Now if I could just get them perfected 🙂

Shiloh Barkley says · 02.08.12

can’t wait to try this!

Mr. Lessmann says · 02.08.12

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous says · 02.09.12

Hi Kate,
I love reading your blog! We seem to have similar style and taste. So when I saw your outfit on this entry, I went straight out to TJ Maxx for the striped top. Of course, I could not find it! Oh well, I’ll just keep looking! Hopefully my local TJM will stock this item soon!

Anonymous says · 02.11.12

Hey, i was just wandering if this could be done with long hair?

Kate says · 02.13.12


Melody says · 02.15.12

I love this. I did it today and it was super simple! I have to try it with curly hair next time. Thanks!

Sarah-Jane says · 02.17.12

I just discovered your blog and I am totally addicted! But I can’t get this video to play! I’m dying to see how to do this with my hair. Please help!

Vicky says · 04.10.12

GREAT tutorials! Found your blog from a friends blog at http://craftdisasters.blogspot.com/2012/04/i-got-award-thanks.html I knew this one as a Topsy Tail, and I still have the little tool & style booklet from the 90s! I’m glad it’s still a relevant style! 🙂 By the way, I’m sooo jealous of your hair! You’ve got all that volume & texture. Mine is pretty, but it’s flat, thin, almost stick-straight, and waist length. A lot of the messy styles you have tutorials of look fabulous on you, but they never end up looking good on me. Oh well! I’ll be following your blog, though, and see what styles of yours I can make work for me! 😀

Lori says · 06.23.12

Just found your blog from a friend on pinterest. I absolutely LOVE your hair and styles! I am a stay-at-home mom and always tend to just put my hair in a simple pony tail. I am excited to try all your styles!! Can you please share the style cut you have?? Thanks for all the great tips!!

Anonymous says · 07.03.12

You are so awesome! I loovveee this blog!!

Mariah Madison says · 11.20.12

I’m sorryI just have to comment on this. These hairstyles are amazing! I cant wait to try them myself! I enjoy your pointers and i love your blog!!!

Leslie says · 01.15.13

My mom used to call it a “topsy-tail”. Love this look 🙂

CDmommyOfTwins says · 01.26.13

just wow. You are such a sweet girl!!!! Thank u for sharing all these tutorials!! I cant wait to try some 🙂

kvalentini says · 01.02.14

I love your new profile pic and the shade of red you have on your lips. What is it? I must have it! Gorgeous!

zahra abidar says · 02.15.14

I actually have short hair and never wanted to gow it longer till I saw these wonderful hair

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Love This!!! says · 05.25.14

Super cute hair. You are adorable and these pictures and video are SO CUTE! Thank you!

Jack says · 12.26.14

Really good!

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