High Five for Friday

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Linking up with Lauren From My Grey Desk today! She hosts a High Five for Friday “link” party every friday. All you do is look over your week and pick your top 5 things!

1. My dad recommended this book to me and I cracked it open this week. I only have 1 chapter read. . .but so far it’s quite interesting!

2. I REALLY needed a mani. So I got this CND Shellac mani the other day. The color is Romantique. LOVE it.

3. Cookout French Fries. Need I say more? Best fries ever. 

4. Tuesday’s New Girl episode was hil-arious.

5. I got home from work last night and saw that my Real Simple magazine had come in the mail AND my sister brought over a bag full of Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. THE best. 
If you do a High Five for Friday post make sure you link up over at From My Grey Desk


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Allyson says · 02.03.12

Zoey Deschanel is stinkin’ funny. I also love her hair…no bangs in my future, but I’d sure like mine to curl like hers. 🙂

Veronica and Daniel says · 02.03.12

I love the show New Girl – and couldn’t stop laughing after the end of the show with the damp towels! So funny 🙂 And I love your nails!

Anonymous says · 02.03.12

If you haven’t already read the book Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent I so recommend it!!


Emily says · 02.03.12

LOVE the show New Girl. Hubby and I laughed out loud throughout the show:) Your top 5 are pretty much in line with me this week:) Happy Weekend

:: Laura :: says · 02.03.12

New girl is on my list too! Why is my towel always damp!?

Elise says · 02.03.12

Cookout french fries. My ultimate weakness. I’m so with you on this!! Why are they SO gooood???

Anonymous says · 02.03.12

CookOut is one of the “Southern” things I miss! Their milkshakes are crazy good, and the corndogs(so bad, yet so good) and my husband wants me to add Cheerwine to the list!

Kathleen Joffer says · 02.03.12

My church did a teaching series on Heaven and Randy Alcorn did a Q&A one of the weeks. To listen go to: http://www.ajesuschurch.org/teach_search and in the search field type on Heaven (a couple other teachings will pop up but under the series name it will say Heaven. It is an awesome 5 part series that teaches biblically about Heaven.

Jessica says · 02.03.12

New Girl is a must watch for me every week.
Love the douche bag jar haha – too good!


T Shaw says · 02.03.12

I know this has nothing to do with today’s post, but I’ve been wanting to ask you, What is the best cut/style for fine hair? Currently my hair is long and I have bangs as well, but I just don’t know that that’s best because my hair looks limp all the time. Is it better to have a short cut with fine hair? I have a newar approching hair appointment and I’m trying to decide what to do.

TheYellowRose says · 02.03.12

1) Love that mani! Where did you get it done?

2) Cookout’s cajun fries are the best ever, but I always have a hard time choosing between those and the hush puppies.

…and now I want both.

Michelle @ A Healthy Mrs says · 02.03.12

Love Shellac manis — totally worth price! And that polish color is a great neutral!

Happy Friday!

Luann says · 02.03.12

The new girl…best show an a must see weekly. She cracks me up!

2 cheers for the weekend

Erin and Andrew Dodson says · 02.03.12

Happy Friday to you too! And I was equally excited to see my Real Simple arrive!

Have a good weekend,

Melody Holmes says · 02.03.12

Great Idea! I absolutely love your blog!!! And now I am following your sister. You all are awesome!! You are by far one of my favorite bloggers!!

Mrs. Baker says · 02.03.12

I’ve heard that book is really good! enjoy!


Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire says · 02.03.12

I feel the same joy for Real Simple. To add chocolate chocolate chip cookies to that would just be happiness overload!

Leah says · 02.03.12

Love New Girl!

Lil' Woman says · 02.03.12

Love New Girl…Zooey is such a cutie!!

Lauren Margaret says · 02.03.12

Beautiful mani! And yes, New Girl had both me + Mike laughing our butts off. I love the quotability of that show 🙂

monster cakes says · 02.03.12

New Girl is my favorite! I’m pretty sure we all wish she was our best friend. Have a great weekend!

Christi Lynn says · 02.04.12

oh i loved the last new girl episode haha it was wonderful.

Irisha says · 02.04.12

Your new CND Shellac mani is lovely, Kate!

Blaine says · 02.04.12

The book is FASCINATING!!

Anonymous says · 02.04.12

New Girl is HILARIOUS! My hubby even watches it! I love this idea of “high five” and reflecting on good moments throughout the week. A mani would be on top for me as well…. Love that color!!!
– Abby
(a fellow Summit women’s Bible study attender 🙂

Mrs. Blanton says · 02.04.12

I love your blog and all the wonderful tips you give. I featured you as one of my favorite YouTubers on my blog. I am just starting out in the blog world, but have been addicted to reading and finding them for out about 3 years now. I wanted to share you because you are one that I go back to time and time again 🙂 Thanks and keep it up. Check out my blog and follow if you like

Megan says · 02.04.12

I am so excited to have found your blog! Your tutorials are so helpful and inspiring! You have become an instant favorite!

Allison says · 02.04.12

Your manicure look so good! I may have to invest in one of those. 🙂

Anonymous says · 02.04.12

I love “Heaven”!! It’s such a great! Even though it’s long, you should definitely read the whole thing (at least the first half) 🙂

The Darling Davis' says · 02.05.12

I’m so glad I found your blog, and so is my hair:) I’m excited to try some of your tutorials!

Beth says · 02.05.12

I am in the middle of reading Heaven right now too…actually only about 1/3 of the watt through, but I’m finding it very interesting! hope you enjoy it! 🙂

ps. lovin your hair tutorials! I just wish the products you use daily are sold around here in Canada. I’d really like to give that hairspray and aquage uplifting foam a try!

Wendy says · 02.05.12

I haven’t watched New Girl yet, but it’s on the list! I haven’t tried the shellac yet. I’ve heard some gals like it and some don’t. But I think I’ll give it a try one of these days.

Cambron says · 02.06.12

I love seeing my Real Simple magazine in them mail! I can’t wait to dive into the March issue! It looks so colorful and fun!

Nikki says · 02.10.12

I know you have your hands in water all day long, Kroger’s pharmacy area has a product called “gloves in a bottle” it is great for folks that have their hands in water a lot.