The Braided Bun

I stumbled across this lovely photo a few weeks ago and loved her updo. It’s dressy, yet young. It can be done with or without bangs, so it’s versatile! 
Here is the tutorial for you:
Refer to this post to see what’s in my hair. 
I added a little ruffle flower in before I snapped the photos! The one I used was a pin, but I slipped a bobby pin through the closed pin and then pushed it into my hair. 
the braided bun
(shirt: J.Crew Outlet, the earrings are made by me, but are not available for a few weeks!)


  1. Anonymous says

    I can’t wait to try this! Could you tell me what is the kind and color nail polish you have on in the video?

  2. says

    Oh I love it! I just got a similar braided hairdo for a Marine Corps ball Saturday and loved it…so I’ve left the braid for two days!! I need to practice so I can figure out how to do it myself.

  3. says

    I “pinned” this pic on Pinterest awhile ago just hoping someone would do a tutorial – and you did! I LOVE your blog and your tutorials! Is it possible for readers to send you pics they find online and request other tutorials??

  4. Janelle says

    You are truly talented! I love how you can just whip this up in a matter of minutes :) can’t wait til my hair is a little longer, I’ll totally do this!

  5. says

    cute cute cute cute cute!

    I’m still on the hunt for the polybands. All clear ones I get snap instantly. Have looked in Wal Marts and Targets all over the Triangle.

    Getting bobbies from Sally was one of your best suggestions ever!

  6. says

    I love this tutorial! Quick question for you about an alternative for Aquage: I’m Canadian and from the research I’ve done, I’m pretty sure this product is not sold in Canada. Do you have another recommendation for a similar product? Thanks in advance :)

  7. says

    Kate, did this today and have received so many complements. Evidently Lucky magazine features this style this month. Who knew?

    For the commenter above, my hair is long. And thick. And coarse. I just pulled it back through a little bit more and then pinned the crazies down. I counted and it took 9 bobby pins total. I’ve never been able to keep my hair in buns until Kate’s tutorials.

    Her cheater pony tail is my new fave thing too.

    Thanks Kate!

  8. says

    I am loving all your hair demos. You have motivated me to grow my hair. Unfortunately, it is currently in the “yuck” stage….but I am hanging in there.

    Keep posting!!!

  9. says

    This tutorial is so amazingly helpful! I’ve been seeing this style around Pinterest a lot lately, and I absolutely loved it, but I had idea how to do it myself! I can’t wait to try out your techniques myself. As always, your tutorials are amazing! Thanks for posting this!

  10. says

    @kristinwithani I had a hard time finding the polybands she suggested at my Target, but I did find them at CVS if you have any of those in your area. Also the bobby pins I picked up at Sally’s were junk but I found some at Ulta that were amazing!!!

  11. Laura says

    Kate,I love all your fun hair styles! I think I have similar hair length and texture but could never do it like you. Really, how long is your hair when it is wet and just straight? Does it go past your collar bone? I can’t figure out how long it really is.

  12. says

    I LOVE this! Absolutely beautiful. I like that it can be dressed up or down. As I’m with my little one all day, I hate to wear my hair all the way down – but I want to look polished, even when I’m just going to the grocery store. This is a perfect combination! But can I do it…that’s the question!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. Tabitha says

    Hi Kate!
    I just recently found your blog and I must admit that I love it! Your hair tutorials have been awesome especially as my hair gets longer, I do the same thing over and over again. So I’ve started to try yours and they are really easy. In fact today I did my hair in this braided bun for school (I’m a fourth grade teacher in KS). Some of my girl students asked how long it took me to do my hair this morning and I said ten minutes. Well they thought it had taken me HOURS! lol Anyway just wanted to say thanks!

  14. says

    Thank you so much for linking up to Show and Share last week. Make sure to come back this week with your latest project. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I featured your braided bun tutorial and let you know you were the most viewed links come on over to see what I had to say and grab a featured button from my sidebar. Thank you.

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW

  15. says

    Hello~ Love your tutorials…unfortunately I have the thickest hair of anyone my stylist has ever known. And as much as I try, I just haven’t been able to duplicate any of your cute styles. Any suggestions?

  16. Anonymous says

    Are you using bobbie pins or hair pins? Or does it matter? I just didn’t know if you calk them the same thing and if they are even different from one another?

  17. says

    I just found your blog on pinterest this morning. I was looking for an easy updo for a work Christmas party tonight. I just practiced this one and love it! Thanks for getting me out of my hair rut :)

  18. Anonymous says

    Just found you on pinterest and I love all your hair tutorials! They are great :) I am not normally very good at thinking up cute ideas for my hair so I really appreciate people like you who post how to do pretty hair styles!

  19. says

    I successfully did this to my hair this morning. Thank you for the video!! I also learned to French braid after watching your videos a couple times.

  20. Anonymous says

    What product do you recommend for volume. I have stick straight hair and love how full and bouncy your’s looks. Any tips?

  21. says

    I love this and have always wanted to do the braid look but my hair is super straight and a little but longer then yours. Should I just forget it or is there something I can do? Mine would either fall out and or not have the same volume. Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks

  22. Jenefer says

    I’m new to your blog and just love it. I have been trying out your styles and not only have they worked and stayed in all day but everyone has been commenting on my hair. Tried this one today and everyone loved it. Thanks so much for making it simple and please please please keep them coming.

  23. Anonymous says

    Kate I have a beautiful flower pin that I want to wear but its pretty big. I don’t think it will look right to wear it with this style, it will look like I have two buns on the side of my head. Any ideas of how I can wear it? Thanks so much!


  24. Melanie says

    I am so glad I have found your blog. I always felt so hair disabled. I never knew how to do such cute things, aside from flat iron or curl. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I am so grateful, now my hair is so much cuter!

  25. says

    Did this today for work and I absolutely lovelovelove it!! It’s perf. for short hair. I cut my hair bob stylish and thought that it was the worst decision that had ever made until I found your website!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  26. Breanna says

    Like a lot, I found your blog through pinterest! Your posts and style is SO refreshing & inspiring! This hairstyle has helped me realize why I usually don’t like when I French braid my own hair– I pull it too tight. I love the “loose” look of this braid. Keep up your great work!

  27. says

    So easy thanks to your awesome video tutorial! My hair is so similar to yours, I think I can do all of your styles! I did the braid w/ bun today and got so many compliments! Thank you, keep putting up new tutorials, I LOVE them!

  28. Anonymous says

    KATE! Ever since I was in jr. high I’ve been utterly remedial at doing my hair. I was a swimmer, and my hair just melted away and was useless. So I never really learned to do it. At all.

    This past weekend my dear hubby and I went to a formal ball and I needed an updo. Getting a pro to do it just isn’t in our budget right now, and I seriously felt like I needed to just bite the bullet and learn how to do this! (I mean, c’mon. I’m in my FORTIES! It was time.) I was absolutely terrified, but your video gave me confidence to try. I went out and got some Aquage and Kenra (BEST. ADVICE. EVER.), sat with my laptop IN THE BATHROOM WITH ME and step-by-step curled my hair and put it up in this style. It took me longer than most, I’m sure, because I wanted it to be exactly right for the dance, but it came out AH.MAY.ZING. and I was SO PROUD of myself that I finally, FINALLY did my own hair!! All my fb friends are laughing at me, but for me it was a really big deal. Your instructions are fantastic and it really did make it easy.

    Thank you so incredibly much for sharing your knowledge with us. Thanks for not assuming we all know the basics (products, curling, bangs, etc.). Thanks for having styles that are current, but not bizarre or unwearable. I am adoring your blog, because you are giving me confidence in an area where I’ve never had any. (All in all, I have no problem with confidence… only in the world of hair and makeup to I revert to being 12 again.) Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Can’t wait to try more of these styles now!

  29. Anonymous says

    Adorable…thank you for taking the time to share such fabulous hair styles. For the first time in 20 years I have long hair and love having your blog as a resource. I have two girls and we love your ideas. You are simply beautiful too!

    Thanks again!!!!

  30. Anonymous says

    i really love all your tutorials you make it look very simple. however i have really long hair so its hard to compensate for that. i wish you would demonstrait on long hair models more!

  31. Anonymous says

    You have such a pretty profile! The pictures of you from the side are defiantely the prettiest ever!!

  32. Anonymous says

    Your earrings are so cute, where did you get them? GREAT demo, thank you for sharing ~ you’ve definately inspired me!

  33. abzehner says

    You make this look so easy! Going to try it tomorrow morning! Hope it’s as easy for me as you make it look!

  34. Anonymous says

    I styled my hair using this tutorial for an outdoor wedding last weekend (Louisiana humidity + hair down is usually not a good combo!), and I loved it! I got so many compliments, so I of course told people to check out your blog! Thanks and keep the cute styles coming!

  35. Anonymous says

    Wow! I absolutely love this… I had to go try it! You do such a nice job at explaining how to get the look that we’re going for. Thanks so much!!! I’ll be back to try many more :)

  36. says

    I love your hair tutorials. Have treid a lot of it and the people around me always like it! thanks for sharing and please keep on doing tutorials! greets from switzerland

  37. Anonymous says

    This is awesome and you make it so easy to do! Thanks. I love your tutorials and now I have cute hair all the time:)

  38. Aurelie says

    Thank you for all your great tutorials! I’m based in France and have discovered your site thanks to Pinterest. Now, I know how to hear my hair! :-) Please continue like this!

  39. says

    I just got my hair that was nearly 2 feet long cut down to a shoulder length inverted bob! I am so glad I have found your blog to help me with all these cute styles!

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