Half Up Braids

I’m loving the braid trend right now (along with everyone else on pinterest) so here is a simple way to pull your hair out of your face with some braids! It can be done on almost any length hair (if you can pull it half up without braids, you can probably pull it half up with braids!).

Refer to this post to see what’s in my hair. 

**I’m wearing a new lip color by MAC called Bare Again.

**If you want to cover the bobby pins a little more, like I did, just grab a bit of hair near the pins and pin them so they cross over and hide the original pins.

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    Another great style option!
    I have always loved braids, but haven’t wore them in years because of my age. This is a nice way to sneak it into my style rotation when I let my hair go curly.

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    I absolutely love your blog! I think I have learned more about how to do my hair in the past weekend from reading your blog than I have learned in my entire life! Thank you for being so helpful and taking the time to do so many tutorials. I wish I lived closer so you could be my new hairdresser! Happy Monday hun!


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    Hi Kate, ok, I just tried the formspring thing and I’m not computer smart enough to figure it out so I’ll just post here – sorry :(

    I’m getting my haircut this week and was wondering how you would currently say your hair is cut? And also the bangs…I have bangs but they aren’t working well, I think my last cut on them was terrible! Thanks!

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    So I tried to do this, but my hair is growing out from a graduated bob, and it wouldn’t work, so I decided to do a “bangs” twist with bobby pins and it turned out really cute! Basically just on one side. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Gorgeous!! I have really enjoyed all your tutorials!! And I agree with Elizabeth….I’ve learned SO much from you and wish I lived closer so that you could be my hairdresser. And I found you through pinterest;)

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    Thanks for another great tutorial!

    I’d love to buy that necklace as well but can’t find it in the shop, can I custom order it?


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    Hi Kate! I just found your blog and I cannot thank you enough. Your videos are fabulous and I’ve learned so much! Can’t wait to work on these styles. You are fantastic!! : )

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    My sister loves your blog because it has given me the inspiration needed to pretty myself up. She says that you’ve helped me become a girl :) hehe.. Thank you so much for your tutorials, I love the hairstyles and can’t wait to see what you do next!

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    Wore my hair like this to work today (I am a hairstylist) and everyone loved it…I even taugh two clients how to do it…so much fun

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    I would LOVE to learn how to do a waterfall braid across the top of the head.. I can’t figure out what to do with the hair that I end with in the front.. You are amazing.

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    How do you always look so darn cute?!? I know you post videos, but my hair never seems to look like yours at the end :( I buy all the stuff and do all the tips…sigh…..I’ll just watch the videos and do my best. I asked for a new blow dryer and straightner for Christmas…HA!! Maybe that will help me out. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

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    Seriously girl I LOVE you! you are so stinkin talented. I can’t wait to grow my hair out a little bit so I can do your fun dos. my favorite part is you have mid length hair and do the cutest things. Thank you for sharing them all. I wanted to drop by to let you know that I featured you this week on my show and share post. Come check it out and grab a feature button. Thank you so much for linking it up. http://tyandwhitneyulrich.blogspot.com/2011/11/show-and-share-13-and-features.html

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    I love your hair ! I have tried to style mine with the curls you have but I dont understand how to get my hair after I curl it and try to give it volume to not be so frizzy. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them !!

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    I love your blog & all the awesome hair tips! when it comes to styling my own hair I like the “pull it up in a messy bun & slap a headband on for some bling” look. having 100 thumbs, and curly hair isn’t always conducive to a great styling experience. your tutorials are super easy and actually make me want to spend time doing my hair again! thanks do much for sharing :0)

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    I love your hair and your blog. I am too afraid to cut my hair that short, but is there a way that I could get more volume or a cut like yours with longer hair my hair is a little longer than chest length?? I would also love to have side bangs but I am afraid they will bug me I think they are so so cute though. Any tips would help thank you!

  16. Hannah says

    I’ve been doing this hairstyle for awhile now only I do it by french braiding my bangs into the braid on that side of my head. I think it adds a nice touch and gets those annoying bangs out of my face for the day :)

  17. Anonymous says

    thanks your awesome! i cut my hair short a month ago and it looks so boring i hate it. you showed me some new stuff that i cant wait to try :)

  18. Anonymous says

    I am soooooooo hair challenged this was the only tutorial I could do and have it look half decent. Do you have any suggestions?

  19. Carie Green says

    Hi Kate,
    thank you for the great ideas. Many beauticians do not like to give away their secrets. Thank you for not being one. I too, would love to buy those earings and necklace.
    Thanks for giving us some trade secrets.

  20. says

    I just came across your blog last night and LOVE it! I am always looking for different ways to do my hair, but have difficulty sometimes. I’m really hoping that your videos will help me look better! I can’t wait to try some of these new styles. Thank you for taking the time to write or video how to do these styles for the rest of the world : )

  21. Anonymous says

    This is so beautiful! I did this today, and it turned out great! :) Thank you so much! I love your tutorials, I’m always looking for ways to style my shorter hair!

  22. says

    I would love a hairstyle like yours. If I went to my local salon, what would I tell them to do? I have hair that is a bit layered but have always wanted the body on top but it’s so thick that it pulls down. Any suggestions? Also, love your bangs but am TERRIFIED of cutting my long lengths. Thanks for info.

  23. Jesse says

    I just found your site tonight and love it!!!! I love this cute style. I have shoulder length hair and no bangs. Do you think this would still work. Unfortunately I do not have time to curl in the morning.

  24. Jen says

    I am the MOH in a wedding next weekend and am going to recreate this hairstyle. Thank you for the inspiration!

  25. Jesse Lee says

    How long is your hair here before you curled it? I love love your hairstyles but I have always had extremely long hair and I need a change. My hair is very thick and heavy. I want it short but not so short I can not put into a ponytail ( I work outside ).

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