Fresh Market Pizza

The other night while I was driving home from work, I texted called my husband to see if he was going to be home at a reasonable hour and if I should pick up a frozen pizza. He answered Yes and Yes.
I had to go to the Fresh Market anyway to get my coffee (have you had their whole bean French Vanilla coffee? I grind it right there in the store. It’s delicious!) so I thought I could just grab a pizza there.

But then I thought to myself, “Does The Fresh Market carry pizza?” If you have been there, you may understand why I thought that. It’s sort of like a smaller, less cult-following Whole Foods. They have a lot of natural and organic products, and probably the best produce around!

I found the pizza section, which was about 1/8 the size of a standard grocery store’s pizza section, and grabbed this:

The box was cool, so I figured the pizza would be too.
It came out of the package like this:

So I grabbed some mozzarella and sprinkled it on top. I like cheese.

Here it is all baked and ready:

And it was a winner! The flavor was delicious! It may be my new favorite pepperoni pizza. I’m just going have to watch myself if I keep stopping in to The Fresh Market to pick up pizza and coffee. . .because it wouldn’t take me long to walk through every aisle and fill my cart.

Happy Saturday! 


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jenn says · 10.29.11

i love The Fresh Market :o) i haven’t ever tried their pizza or their coffee!! both, of which is a BIG deal in our house!! i *might* have to make a stop over that way sometime this week!! you are right about produce…it’s the BEST!!!

Mara @ What's for Dinner? says · 10.29.11

I’m in love with FreshMarket! The spring blend coffee is the stuff of dreams.
I’m new to your blog and just love it, especially since my hair is quite similar to yours 😉

Denise :) says · 10.29.11

I love Fresh Market, too. Luckily, it’s way across on the other end of town from me, and I’m only by it regularly once a month. Even then that sometimes taxes my wallet! LOL! 🙂

Susan says · 10.29.11

Yum,looks good, unfortunately no Fresh Market in my area.

Just wanted to say that I just started blogging and came across your blog and I love it. Thanks!

Savannah says · 10.29.11

That pizza looks delicious!!

Chelsea says · 10.29.11

Hey Kate! Pizza looks yummy!

Just a couple questions… I can’t find the posting about your hair dryer, but I know you said you used rusk speed freak. What do you think about purchasing on ebay or something like that? I know hair products can be diverted, but can the tools be “diverted”?

LC says · 10.30.11

I LOVE Fresh Market! But you’re right, not good for the hips or the wallet!

Julie Nabours says · 10.30.11

I just stumbled across your blog on pinterest. . . I am hooked and IN LOVE!!! Your tips on styling and makeup are outstanding! So glad I found this 🙂

Fan for life!

Gayle | Ideas Woman says · 10.30.11

So Kate, what is the price of the pizza? Trying to get an idea of prices for you compared to Australia.

corners of my life says · 10.30.11

I recently walked around a Whole Foods market in Fort Collins and was overwhelmed. Fresh Market is definatley more my style. Thanks for the tip

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter says · 10.31.11

Kate! I thought about email this to you, but what the heck I’ll leave a comment! I’ve loved your blog for a long time now, and I’ve even feautured you! But it wasn’t until tonight that I finally have had time to sit and watch your hair tutorials. I just wanted to say, thank you so much! I had so much fun watching you style your hair, and I just learned so many tips from you that I can’t wait to try this week. It’s fun when you can get to know your favorite bloggers a little bit more by watching video tutorials. You seem like such a fun gal! Your hair is gorgeous, and so is your blog! Thank you!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 10.31.11

@Gayle: I think it was around $4.00?? It was buy one get one!

Ashley says · 11.03.11

We have a Fresh Market here in TN and for some reason I thought it was a local store. Silly me. Now I feel like the girl who never gets out!

newbalancenicole says · 11.07.11

I totally add extra cheese to my pizzas too! I love cheese on anything 🙂

Anonymous says · 06.03.12

Try their fresh pizza – it’s even better!

William says · 11.17.14

The deli pizzas at Fresh Market, in the refrigerated meat section, are the best ever. My favorites are the Greek, Thai Chicken, and Heirloom Tomato pizzas. They don’t make all of them everyday, so I always call ahead and pre-order the one I want just in case they haven’t made it that day. Sometimes you can get same-day, but I usually call the day before and they have whichever one I want ready when I arrive. I just go to the deli and tell them my name and it’s already made fresh and ready. I highly recommend the Greek variety. It is loaded with olives, red bell peppers, feta cheese, and whole roasted garlic cloves, and it absolutely delicious. And for $7.99 it beats any other pizza for even double the price ! I have also made a routine of Fresh market coffee, trying a new variety each time I visit. I grind my own beans at home so all I have to do is pick up a bag and pick which flavor I want. Chocolate Cherry Kiss and Vanilla Maple are two of my favorites. Their Sumatran and Ethiopian varieties are superb as well, if you don’t like the flavored coffees. Definitely my favorite destination for pizzas and coffee !

John Fritschner says · 07.01.21

So . . . . how long do you cook the pizza and at what temperature? I bought one today from Fresh Market, and while it looks delish (and was on sale!) it came with no baking instructions. and neither does this blog. Can anyone help?