Sorry if you hate feet.

My sister and I came in from a nice dinner out over the summer, and plopped on the couch. My husband came home later and looked at us weird.
“What?” I asked.
“What are ya’ll doin?”he said. (did you read that in a southern accent? You should. He’s a southern boy)
“Nothing. What do you mean?”
“Your feet. Look at them.”

We both looked down, and then turned to each other in shock. We were doing the exact same thing with our toes without even knowing it.

A while back, someone said, when meeting my sister for the first time, “Oh my gaaaawd, ya’ll are twinkies!” 

We enjoyed a hearty laugh and have been referring to each other as twinkies ever since. 

Not twins, twinkies.


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Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs says · 10.28.11

So precious!! I love sisters!

Jane says · 10.28.11

You guys are too cute! Even your polish looks to be the same color!

Amber says · 10.28.11

Twinkies! C’mon! That is such the southern term 🙂

The Harleys says · 10.28.11

This is so cute… I have 3 younger sisters and we all look the same. It is something that is pointed out each time we run into someone that knew us at a young age. Even though our personalities are different at times, I wouldn’t trade my sisters for anything in the world. Sister love is something that you cannot explain. Thank you for sharing you twinkie with us.

Happy in red says · 10.28.11

Teehee!! And yuo have tats on your feet… ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch (did I say ouch?) 😉 Am very glad to find you in the ‘always have your toenails painted’ camp.
Have a great weekend,

Tina says · 10.28.11

Haha I never heard “twinkies” before, but I love it! Having a sister is the best:)

Lauren says · 10.28.11

LOL that’s hilarious! Given the fact that i’m a southern girl too, I always say “yall” and if I ever do please excuse me! I don’t have a sister, but envy those that do! 🙂 I know it would be alot of fun!

amy says · 10.28.11

love this! me and my sis are so dang similar my hubs and her hubs often say we have our own language. love “twinkies” going to start using that one 😉

Malissa says · 10.28.11

Cute! I found your blog thru pintrest (LOVE your hair tips!). Are you twins? I have an identical twin sister and my 9yo little boy always calls us twinkies! lol

Hi, I'm Kate says · 10.28.11

@amy: we totally have our own language too.

Abbey says · 10.28.11

I grew up in Dallas and in elementary school we would have “Twinkie Day” for Twin day when dressing up for spirit week.

Hi, I'm Kate says · 10.28.11

@malissa: we aren’t! We are 3 years apart but we constantly get confused as twins. Or should I say, Twinkies!

Tiffany says · 10.28.11

I just moved to Michigan from Southwest Missouri about 4 years ago. I was told by a co-worker that his daughter and I looked a lot a like. When I met her recently I said, “hello Twinkie, nice to meet you.” She looked at me sorta strange….when I recounted my experience to my husband (who grew up in michigan) he said “what the heck is a twinkie?? She thought you called her a hostess snack cake!” Horrified….just horrified.

Chelsea @The Nail Network says · 10.28.11

I’ve nominated you for a Liebster blog award (you run such an awesome blog, seriously!); you can see more in my latest post on The Nail Network. 🙂

THE ABBEYS says · 10.28.11

Had to comment…love this post! I have two younger sisters. The youngest lives in TN near me now. We are four years apart and are always asked if we are twins! Even my husband put his arm around my sister one day, thinking it was me. Our parents can’t tell us apart over the phone. I have never heard the term “twinkie” other than a Hostess snack cake…kudos to earlier comment. (We were raised in the north.). I can’t wait to tell her about this new term I’ve learned. We have so many similarities that we joke we are truly twins but that my sister just chose to hide out a few years longer. 😉
Sisters are a blessing…continue to enjoy yours!

Lindsay says · 10.28.11

LOVE this! And those are really cute little toes. 🙂

Melissa says · 10.28.11

What does your tattoo say?

beka says · 10.28.11

Ahh this reminds me of my best friend – when we were very young (like, four years old) we would dress alike, do our hair the same ways. People always asked if we were twins and we would say, in unison, “no we’re twinkies!”

Cute 🙂

Anonymous says · 10.28.11

Made me laugh! I get asked all the time if my daughter and son are twins. Makes me laugh because they are both adopted. I am an identical twin and people aways comment on how we have the same actions.
Cristee Trowbridge

Alayna says · 10.29.11

What does the foot tattoo on the right set of feet say? I love foot tattoos…thinking of getting one myself but trying to settle on the right thing.

Jen says · 10.29.11

Any time I am acting, dressing, or in other ways resembling someone, I say we’re twinkies. I’m not really sure where I picked it up, but I’ve said it for years.

Lindsay says · 10.29.11

That’s so adorable. My parents were visiting me recently and my mom and I were walking (everyone says I look just like her, I don’t see it, but that’s besides the point) my dad pulls my boyfriend aside and says, “they hold their purse the exact same way, on the same shoulder.” I look at my mom, both our purses are on our left shoulders and we are holding onto the strap with our left hand. Its funny how family members will do something so similarly. I guess my mom and I are “twinkies” too.

Reply says · 10.29.11

This makes me think of my sister and I. I refer to her as my clone!

Hi, I'm Kate says · 10.30.11

The tattoo on my sisters foot (on the right) says “walk in love”. 🙂