“Messy” Ponytail
Last night, Lauren and I went out to eat downtown Raleigh at a restaurant called Gravy.
Here is my cat named Gravy. 
He loves my husbands shop bench in our garage. 
Grits became jealous when I was snapping photos of gravy.
show off. . . 
But then he got camera shy: 
ANYWAY, we went to Gravy and it was delish. It’s an italian restaurant–apparently they call Marinara sauce “gravy” in Italy.
After we filled ourselves to the brim, we asked for the dessert menu. We ordered this Chocolate Torte. It.was.amazing.

And then, all to quickly this happened:

After dinner and the best dessert ever, we decided to walk around the city for a bit.

The nice thing about Raleigh on a sunday is that there is nobody downtown!

And then this happened:

We really wanted to see what the big deal was.

And we definitely got a good laugh, but probably no more planking for us. 🙂


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Jessica says · 09.20.11

lol! I had to take a second look at those pics because I didnt read the captions first hehe 😛