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I’m moving full steam ahead with the new “I’m not going to save outfits” goal! I really hope you are too if that is something you are trying to do. It’s been great to feel like I’m really getting a lot of wear out of these clothes that I’ve bought.

This dress is from Banana Republic Outlet Fall 2011–The great sweater is from J. Crew Outlet Fall 2010–The tights are H&M for about $5.00–The shoes are Nine west Outlet Summer 2011 for $25 (plus 10% off since they were the floor model and the one had a tiny scuff on it!)!

I like to shop at outlets. Can you tell?

Do you have many navy items? I’ve just recently introduced it into my wardrobe and I like it. It’s sort of another neutral that can be paired with most other colors. 

Now go put something on that you have been “saving”. You’ll be happy you did. 


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Beth says · 10.27.11

Such a pretty outfit! And what a bargain for the shoes, they are beautiful.

Tiffany says · 10.27.11

Kate, almost EVERYTHING in my closet is navy! I’m obsessed with it! I’ve actually been working on NOT buying so much navy. If I see a shirt and I like it, I force myself to NOT buy the navy and get a different color. I recently picked up an army green button-down from Old Navy on sale for $1.50! =)

Reese and Leigh says · 10.27.11

I love navy! I always joke that the only colors I wear are black, white, grey and navy but it’s true haha. Also navy works for basically any season- great pieces to have in a wardrobe!

Traci says · 10.27.11

Love your outfit! I have those same shoes in that color and nude. Love them and have received tons of compliments! Can’t wait to meet you at my appt in Dec! πŸ™‚

Shannon Dew says · 10.27.11

so so cute!!!!

thisismarriedbliss says · 10.27.11

Cute Outfit! I love Navy…used to be the only colour in my closet…until I started dating my husband πŸ™‚ – he loves color!

Renewed Upon a Dream says · 10.27.11

I love outlets too! There are a couple of outdoor outlet malls near us, we buy a good majority of our clothes there as well.

Katie@MyDarlingDays says · 10.27.11

Sooo super cute! I love this outfit!!

LindsayNicole says · 10.27.11

Love love Love your blog! Love your new layout as well… guess great styles minds think alike! I recently just bought a Navy blazer and want to wear it with EVERYTHING! Best investment in a while~

Hepsacola says · 10.27.11

Love the outfit. I am now on a huge gray and navy blue kick since reading your blog. I have always bought tons of black, but I am enjoying using gray and navy blue as a basic!

Cindy Swanson says · 10.27.11

Awww, this is TOO adorable–everything! The cardigan, the dress, the tights, the shoes, your hair, your pretty self. Love!

Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

Shannon says · 10.27.11

So glad I am not the only one that LOVES shopping at the outlet mall. Now that we finally have a Tanger close to Raleigh it is going to be the death of me! I love navy and grey, but recently decided to start adding in more fall colors to my wardrobe (rusty orange is a new fav).

Lindsay says · 10.27.11

Love the skirt! You could do so much with it! You look fab as always. πŸ™‚

Crystal Seed says · 10.27.11

That outfit is SOOO cute!!

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims says · 10.27.11

very cute! love the sweater, and i also love hitting up the outlets as much as possible as well πŸ™‚

MaryBe says · 10.27.11

You are super cute in that outfit!
PS love your blog! Your hair/makeup tutorials are my most repinned pins on Pinterest!

Cigar Heiress says · 10.27.11

I am obsessed with navy! I have Tanger outlets where I live and only shop them!

Shoni says · 10.27.11

This is an outfit I would totally wear. Looks super cute on you!

BTW, I should probably introduce myself…just found your blog last week and am hooked.

Looking forward to lots of awesome hair tutorials! πŸ™‚

Tammy says · 10.27.11

Love LOVE your outfit !!! I don’t wear enough navy, you have me thinking maybe I should wear it more often !!!!

Rachel says · 10.27.11

Ha, I’m so glad that someone else saves outfits. I need to start wearing them, too, and stop saving them.

SalBug says · 10.27.11

Kate – you HAVE inspired me! First with a flat iron tutorial – my hair has never been silkier or shinier. I get compliments every day. And secondly I am wearing a dress today, which I haven’t worn to work in years. Because of you. I had purchased it thinking it would be good for church, but after reading your post I decided to shake things up. Folks at work are wondering what the heck I’m doing with a new look, and I’m loving it! Keep up the inspiring work.

Anonymous says · 10.27.11

Love the look! I enjoy your blog and look forward to my email each day, thanks for being such an inspiration!

Brittany says · 10.27.11

I love the sweater. Those are my go-to items for work, easy to pair with business casual items. Loving the dress with tights, so fall!

Kristen says · 10.27.11

Ohhh I love your outfit! Especially the dress, you look so cute

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: says · 10.27.11

You look so cute! I’m a big fan of outlets, especially when I’m shopping for my girls. You just can’t beat the prices!!

Kelsey says · 10.27.11

Love your outfit! Navy is one of my favorite colors to wear and I can’t get enough of it.

kinseymahan says · 10.27.11

Outfit saving is one of my worst habits. It’s been so bad at times, I’ve literally NEVER worn an item when I eventually get rid of it (after I’ve had it so long that it’s not even in style/the right size anymore). Since I started my new job, I’ve made a concerted effort to get outside my comfort zone style wise, and I agree that it feels great!

lori says · 10.28.11

i need to do this, too! i love shopping at outlets- my parents have a tanger near them that are fabulous! they have all my faves- loft, j.crew, gap and banana republic! and i LOVE navy. like way more than black or brown.

β™₯Kylie says · 10.28.11

Cuuuute sweater!
I looooove outlets, too! Wish the few in the area were a bit closer, but then again, that might not be the best thing… πŸ˜‰

Phil and Darby Hawley says · 10.28.11

Kate you’ve inspired me πŸ™‚ After I read your post yesterday I went home and when through my closet. Today I’m wearing a shirt that I bought on my honeymoon (4 years ago) that I was waiting for the perfect time to wear. You’re right, don’t wait; just wear it!

Ryann says · 10.29.11

your hair looks extra cute in this post!!

Ophelia says · 11.02.11

navy is an awesome staple color to have!! it goes great with just about every color! super cute cardigan btw πŸ™‚

Kandid Moments by Kathy says · 12.18.11

Where did you find the sweater? And the outfits will look great w/ cowboy boots, too!