3 Easy Things to Start Doing TODAY for Great Hair

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These are 3 simple and easy things to do to give yourself your best hair ever this year!

  1. Brush it out before you wash it! Wet hair is more elastic than dry hair, so if you wait to comb it out when it’s wet, you could be snapping and stretching out your hair in a way that could cause damage. Brushing out your hair before you wash it not only smoothes out your hair, but it helps loosen up any build-up or dry skin too! *if your hair is very curly, this isn’t always recommended. I’m not a curly hair expert so I’d recommend asking your stylist how to best prep curly hair for washing!
  2. Instead of thoroughly rinsing out all of the conditioner, leave the tiniest bit behind to provide some slip to your hair. For example, if you usually spend 15 seconds rinsing out your conditioner, next time only rinse it for about 13 seconds. You can figure out the right amount through trial and error, but a bit of conditioner left behind will soften and protect the hair.
  3. Work a deep conditioner or hair mask into your weekly routine. These are different than regular daily conditioner and can go so far in really restoring the health of your hair.

You can find a few of my favorite hair masks and treatments in this post!


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Jennifer M says · 01.02.23

What do you recommend for dry shampoo alternatives? My favorites have recently been in the news for causing cancer…Yikes!

Christie says · 01.02.23

I wash my hair 1-2 times per week. I typically use a hair mask rather than a conditioner. My hair seems to do better with this. Do you think this is okay to do? My hair is pretty frizzy otherwise. Thank you!

Liza Koshy says · 01.05.23

Kate – how many Clare V bags, Bagging Rights totes and $150 sweaters would equal the vet bill for Grits? Please enlighten us about how much it’s going to cost in terms we can understand.

Kate says · 01.08.23

If those are the values you are interested in, I can tell you it’ll be quite a few of each. Thanks for your concern.

Becca says · 01.09.23

I was hoping you would answer the question about the dry shampoo that Jennifer M asked, yet once again you bypassed genuine questions to respond to snarky comments.

Jen says · 01.18.24

To all of the ladies that post snarky comments and act passive aggressively-

“You once again pass up answering a question to respond to a snarky comment”

Please stop. I’m in absolute awe of the entitled, unkind and selfish behavior displayed. Maybe my eyes are opened by it because my husband has a career where I watch people treat him similarly to this and unrealistic expectations increasingly grow day by day.. and I see the effects it has on the person.

I think it’s great that Kate will answer our questions but let’s be honest.. you’re all stretched thin.. I’m stretched thin in life… clearly she’s running a house and family and a myriad of other things. I love all of the content but how can you expect every.single.thing. To be answered? You realize how many followers there are? Take a step back and look at the situation for what it is. Don’t cop out and say that’s what she’s getting paid for or her employees. Let’s just grow up and move on from the current times of instant gratification and if you want to know.. figure it out on your own 💜 we are big girls and we can- let’s stop harassing innocent people to get our way. if people were acting that way toward you or your children- how would you feel?

I’m pretty certain that none of us enjoy being torn down. I’ve put a false name and email because I wish to remain anonymous but hope and pray my words mean something to someone. I hope it opens a couple of eyes. I’ve been a fan of this blog for years and frankly, I applaud the growth, the efforts and all while raising a family and balancing all of life’s expectations.

Kudos to you and your team Kate and just keep your eyes focused on the One who deserves all of our honor and praise 💜

Susan says · 01.16.23

It would be nice if you responded to questions that we ask you. I will no longer be following you.

Arsal says · 02.09.23

Thank you so much kate for sharing this. I hope this wouldn’t affect my hairkair Root touch up which I’m using to cover my gray area.

Lynette says · 02.21.23


Kelly Vanlaeken says · 05.09.23

Hi! I moved to a new town and the water is absolutely terrible, my hair does not style the same at all, even w numerous water filters. Do you have any recommendations? Please and thank you, kelly

April Gaskell says · 05.09.23

I do all three of these things from your recommendations and each of them have made a noticeable difference in the health of my hair! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and tips that are easy to action.

Jennifer mcveigh says · 08.18.23

I am a hairdresser and I absolutely love following all you do and all your recommendations!!! I tell all my clients to follow you!

Tracy says · 11.10.23

Can I get all hair care that you love! I have fine, thinner hair. Thx!