Everything You Need For Family Photos

A Cozy Winter Look

Look at these babies! This was from 2019! I wish I could go back to my kids at this age for one day. This already feels like a million years ago.

Family photo season is upon us and you may be wrangling kids, posing with your pet, or both, so here are a few helpful posts and recommendations to get you fully prepped and ready for a photography session.

Read this post to see the 3 things I do to ensure my makeup lasts all day.

If you need a flattering eye makeup look, check here.

You can watch a demo of my “not a filter” makeup routine here!

If you are looking to add a hint of color to your skin, check out my favorite self-tanning products from this post.

A very pretty hairstyle that looks good no matter what texture or length is a half-up style. Practice this a few times before the shoot day!

and if you need a hair tool recommendation, I have a handful to share with you here!

Need a lipstick recommendation? I’ve got you covered.

It’s nice to be able to pull out your favorite full-coverage foundation for a day that you are getting photos taken, and I love this one!

Watch this quick video from the posing queen herself, Caralyn, on how to pose for a photo!

Need a new dress? I rounded up a handful of very pretty options here.

Don’t forget to polish your nails! Use the Dazzle Dry system for the longest-lasting polish!

If you’re struggling with what to wear, or figuring out what color looks good on you, consider having your colors done by Created Colorful. I did this and it was very eye opening!


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Anne says · 10.26.22

Excellent tips, thank you!

jules says · 11.17.22

so pretty…..mind sharing where the dress is from?

jules says · 11.17.22

nevermind. 😉 i just realized your babies are babies in this pic.

Marilyn says · 03.11.23

What color season are you when you had your colors done?