Spring Break Trip Cancelled? Get Your Tan from a Bottle

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Self-tanning is one of those things that I like to do from time to time, but it certainly isn’t a thing that I *must* do. I really only use a self-tanning product when the mood strikes, if I’m going to an event, or just want to take the edge off of my pale skin coming out of winter.

I’ve shared a few different posts about self-tanning products in the past (here! and here!) but I wanted to give an update on what products I’ve been loving the very most, and a share why I love these few pictured above.

In order of preference:

One. St. Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse. This is the most used of the bunch because it doesn’t require any rinsing off. You simply apply it to clean skin and live your life. It develops over time into a very natural looking gentle tan color. It requires the use of a mitt, but truly couldn’t be easier to use.

Two. Loving Tan 2 Hour Express. This provides a darker and slightly more red-based tan color than #1 and requires to be rinsed after 2 hours. It applies very easily and is a darker colored foam so you can see exactly where you are putting the product. I love how natural this tan looks if I want a darker option than what I can get from St. Tropez Bronzing Water Mousse.

Three. Tan-Luxe The Body and The Face self-tan drops. This is a very easy to use tanning product because you simply add a few drops into your favorite moisturizer and rub it in. It does not require a mitt but I would recommend washing your hands after use! You can control the depth of color via how many drops you use. I like to use 5 drops on each leg, then I use about 6 drops for my entire upper half. For my face, I just use one drop.

Four. St. Tropez Gradual Tan Classic. This was my “gateway” product to self-tanning. It’s an easy to use moisturizer that you apply to your skin directly from the bottle. It doesn’t require a mitt, but you should wash your hands after use. It develops over time so it may take a day or two to really see a noticeable difference. It’s VERY hard to mess this up and this would be a great first time option for those of you who are interested in trying self-tanning for the first time.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.07.20

Great product recommendations! Hope you’re staying safe and healthy! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jéssica Ferreira says · 04.07.20

ive never tried telf tanner just cause im so scared of it ruining my clothes or just looking too orange hahah maybe ill give it a go though during this quarantine

Stay safe!
Beijinhos Jessy

Melanie says · 04.07.20

Perfect timing as I just attempted using self tanner last night for the first time! I tried the Tanologist water treatment. I did a super light amount in fear but woke up this morning pleasantly surprised. I applied it last night with a mitt, it’s clear so not ideal especially for newbies, and is supposed to be rinsed off after 1-4 hours. I slept in it overnight and showered this morning. Have a soft golden glow, not orange or streaky at all. I found it at Target for only $16.99. So far seems like a nice, affordable option. I also purchased the St. Tropez mousse which I plan on trying soon. Thanks for your post!

Sheila says · 04.07.20

Have you tried the Isle of Paradise drops?

Angela says · 04.07.20

Now is the perfect time for me to finally try some self tanners since I’m stuck at home with no one to see my mess ups!

Ashley says · 04.07.20

The only safe tan comes from a bottle! Awesome reviews. I very much appreciate them! Tweeting this now!

Andrea says · 04.08.20

I’ve heard great things about St. Tropez and Loving Tan! My holy grail is Bondi Sands

Barbara says · 04.08.20

I want so bad to use and love self tanner! I’m from Florida and have sun tanned a lot in my younger years. Now, I have tons and tons of dark sun spots all over…from head to toe. When I try self tanner (And I’ve tried A LOT) it seems to only make my sun spots darker. Any suggestions?? Desperate!

Kim Burleson says · 04.10.20

Great post ! I would like to try and have a little in the past with drugstore products but I really do not like that self tanner scent that so many have ! Of the products you shared which have the least amount of odor or scent ??
Thank you !

Melanie says · 04.10.20

The Tanologist I tried from Target had a very mild scent and didn’t bother me at all!

Anne says · 04.16.20

When using Tan Luxe do you use light to medium or medium to dark?

Kate says · 04.17.20


Anke Piel says · 04.25.20

How many times in a week do you apply the Tan Luxe drops to your face? Doning it morning or evening, what do you recommend? I am new to this self-tanning an would like to know. Grettings from Anke

Debbie P says · 03.25.21

Thank you so much for your amazing tips. You posted a story about how to apply the St Tropez water mousse with a link to a video – can you post again here?

Kelsey says · 04.02.23

I didn’t know I’m supposed to rinse off Loving Tan!! Oh no! I bought it last summer & didn’t know!

Kate says · 04.02.23

It’s fine to leave on, I leave mine on for 24 hours usually and then rinse!