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Desperate times call for desperate measures so I shared a “how to do a basic men’s haircut” video on IGTV this week. The feedback has been so encouraging and kind, I’m glad to be able to help those of you out who may suddenly be behind the chair since all the salons are closed during “Stay At Home”.

I uploaded it to YouTube (even though it’s the wrong size and that’s slowly killing me) so if that is your preferred method of watching tutorial videos, you can find it here!

A few other links + loves:

Andreea broke down her very favorite makeup items for a basic makeup kit in this video!

Studio McGee launched a home decor line with Target and I cannot wait to explore the line. I love Shea’s style and I’m sure I’ll find pieces I love from the collection. Mara wrote a little bit about it here!

Lauren shared a bit about her home decor style in the new house.

This bread looks delicious!

The glass mugs I drink my coffee in in the morning can be found here.

Rainy days in the spring call for a classic trench and this one from Target is one of my favorites!

These glue-on nails got pretty good reviews and may be worth trying in case you aren’t able to get into your nail salon for a while.


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MaryEllen says · 04.03.20

I would love to see a “what to do now that your hair salon is closed” for short, highlighted hair! Ugh! I usually get my hair cut every 5 weeks and by week 5 i desperately need it!! 🙁

Patricia Kaelin says · 04.03.20

Very helpful video! Clear directions!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.03.20

I would never dare cut anyone’s hair – you’re awesome, Kate! Have a great weekend! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Becky Bass says · 04.03.20

Hoping and praying you and your family stay well. Thank you for your lovely smiles and uplifting us 🌺

Bee says · 04.03.20

Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding your video to YouTube!!! I have trouble watching on IG for some mysterious reason! I’m so excited that you put that one on the YouTubes too!! Stay-at-Home makes me excited for small things! 😉

You stay well, Kate! Thanks for the cheery posts and fun tips!

Pam says · 04.03.20

This is perfect right now! Thanks for posting. I’m doing a cut later on my T.

April says · 04.03.20

My husband has a significant bald spot on the back of his head and is very thin on top, but he doesn’t like clippers used on his hair and doesn’t like it too short. Any tips for how to cut his hair? I’ve used a tutorial similar to yours on my 4 year old and it turned out pretty good, but I’m at a loss when it comes to my husband.

Janet Smith says · 04.03.20

Thank you so much for this video! I am going to show this to my husband. I’m not sure that he will allow me to do this on him but like you said desperate times call for desperate measures!

Sarah says · 04.03.20

I would love to see a tutorial for cutting little boy’s hair! That is another necessity during this quarantine and I need all the help I can get!

Megan says · 04.04.20

Very informative video! Gotta ask… would consider doing a very basic video for women too? No layering or anything crazy just how to trim the ends? I know cutting your own hair is usually a huge no-no but my ends are getting split SO bad already! I cringe to think what it’ll look like when the salon reopens! Using deep conditioning masks a couple times a week, but it still looks pretty fried! Worried it’ll only continue to split further up the hair shaft. Help! Lol

Carolyn Mui says · 04.04.20

yes to this! really basic…no layering, just to trim the ends!

Megan says · 04.06.20

Hi Carolyn! I found a couple videos about “dusting” split ends. It’s a technique that gets rid of the damage without cutting any length off the bottom. I’m going to give it a try!

Colleen says · 04.04.20

Thank you Kate and Justin! I cut my husband’s hair today following your tutorial. It came out pretty nice! What a helpful, thoughtful lesson. Have a great day.

Karissa says · 04.04.20

THANK YOU for sharing this!! My husband is growing a rat tail and still has daily zoom meetings for work that he can’t look like a ragamuffin. And luckily he already has the same haircut as Justin. This was the info I needed to help him out in the meantime!

Lauren says · 04.05.20

Such a great video, may have to give it a try if my husband gets desperate.
Could you share links for Emily’s hair clips and hair ties?

Kimberly says · 04.05.20

THANK YOU!!!!! I cut my husband’s hair using this video and it turned out great. Started with a #8 guard to practice then got braver and ended up being happy with a #6. Listen to Kate and START CONSERVATIVE!

Joanne says · 04.05.20

Love the tutorial! Need to trim my two teen boys hair and totally lost. What brand and model of clippers are you using? I did follow the link in your Instagram video but they aren’t available here in Canada. Thanks!

Kimberly says · 04.07.20

Our clipper is a Wahl and has held up great for many years. Not sure if available in Canada though.

Kitty O'Doherty says · 04.05.20

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video and your very clear instructions! Dan needed a cut badly (his hair is similar length as your husband’s) and I’ve never cut a man’s hair in my life. He’d been asking me to do this the last 2 weeks, while I was avoiding and hoping he might enjoy having longer hair. My only experience is in butchering my own bangs (so if you want to do a video on that, please do!) He bought clippers and knew he needed a 4, so that part went well, and I probably could blend a little better, but it turned out really good! He liked it (and he’s verrry picky)! So with this shelter-in-place thing going, I’ll probably be doing another cut soon. I can’t thank you enough! Be well and be safe!

Alyssa F says · 04.05.20

Thanks for the great video, Kate! My husband let me try it out and he thought I did pretty well! Can you link a set of clippers as well as good scissors please? I used my dad’s old clippers and my kitchen scissors lol. Thanks again!

Michelle says · 04.06.20

Your haircutting video is the first one that’s made complete sense to me. I cut my son’s hair several years ago with disastrous results. Maybe I will be brave enough to cut my family’s hair soon. And thanks to your husband for being such a great sport!
Praying you all stay healthy.

Anda Teal says · 04.06.20

Is there any way I can high/lowlight my salon coloured hair with drug store products. Im sure Im not alone in this quandary. My hair is largely gone grey, but I have soft blonde and deep blonde lowlights.

Been following you for a few years on FB and Instagram.
Many thanks.


Hena Tayeb says · 04.06.20

I help my husband with his hair.. but he keeps it really buzzed short.. so not really too hard to do.

Kerry says · 04.08.20

I did it on my son’s hair!! Not great, but not terrible. Thanks so much for sharing, I really appreciate it!

Jenna Mazzillo says · 04.09.20

Hello! In the men’s haircut video do you need special hair scissors? If so, which do you recommend?

Myndie says · 04.13.20

Thank you so much for this! I’d love it if you would post a tutorial on how to trim your own bangs. I can forgo a haircut as long as I need to, but I’m going to have to start hacking away at my bangs any day now or I won’t be able to see. 😂

Cristin Hardy says · 04.13.20

Did I miss a place where you linked recommended scissors, combs, clippers that would work? Do you have any links for those sorts of things for men’s haircuts? Thank you in advance! 🙂

Katie says · 05.02.20

Thank you so much for this!! My husband finally agreed to let me cut his hair and it turned out great because of this awesome tutorial!!

KLM says · 05.07.20

I don’t see clipper or shear recommendations here or on YouTube page. Thought you said that you would do that.

KLM says · 05.07.20 Reply