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Well, we have started school and everything kicked off swimmingly! My boys are together at the same school, and Emily is spending another year at the preschool we’ve sent all the kids to over the years. Each of the kids was excited for the new school year, and they all transitioned really well.

The most dramatic shift in our daily life is that Emily is alone during the days with our nanny. It’s sweet that they have this one-on-one time together, but it’s a dramatic shift from usually having her brothers to play with all day! I’m excited to watch Emily grow this year and I’m certain she will enjoy getting to make a lot of the play-based choices during her day.

Some of you may remember that we chose to homeschool Luke last year. He didn’t get into the school David got into (they use a lottery system, it’s not a reflection of academics) so instead of having Luke do kindergarten on the computer, we opted to pull him out of the school system entirely and do a homeschool curriculum. It is not lost on me that it is unique that we were able to make this decision for him, and the timing of meeting an extremely wonderful nanny that was willing to take on a homeschool program was truly a gift.

Luke thrived last year, and I was surprised about how I felt when I started taking down some of the “classroom” type decor in our playroom. It was really amazing to witness the skills that he developed last year. He’s a strong reader, good at math, and generally enjoys learning. I was very trepidatious about taking on the responsibility to homeschool, but I’m so glad we did it and very grateful that we all had that experience.

David was thrilled to be back in a classroom and meet new friends. You have never seen a more proud boy as he walked Luke and me through the school during the “Meet the Teacher” time. And David is like the mayor of that building, saying hello to literally every staff person we passed in the hallway. It’s a smaller school, and I love that there is comfort and familiarity from teacher to student, despite not necessarily being in the same classroom.

David lives for recess, PE, and anything that involves playing with other kids. His room is set up in a table format, versus regular desks, and I know he will make friends quickly!

Emily is doing less school than in the past this year, which was a specific choice in order to continue employing our nanny. They will be working on some pre-school-related academics at home, and I’m looking forward to seeing Emily practice the alphabet and writing her name!

I always prefer when my birds are in the nest, and even though it’s hard to let them go out and become more independent, the chance to see them beam with pride over nailing carpool pick up line, or excitedly tell a story about what they did that day, is so rewarding to me as their mom. I’m so proud of them for enduring a very strange time in life, especially as it relates to their school time, and finding happiness through all of it.


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Carol says · 09.13.21

I have never posted before but I had to today. I’m 74 years old and love to read your blog. I have been a big fan of yours for many years. In fact, what made me write today is your post today about your children. I just wanted you to know that I started following you when you were pregnant with your first son. I have loved reading all of your blogs. I am a grandmother and I’m sure both of your parents are very proud of you and your husband. I will continue to read your stories.
Much love to you and your family.
Carol S.

Sherry May says · 09.13.21

They are growing so fast, thank you for sharing so much of your lives with us. It was so fun watching your hair and makeup tutorials years ago (and I still love all of that) but enjoy the posts and stories about the family just as much.

Davis as the mayor of the school……that’s so cute. Wishing them all a fantastic year.

Sherry May says · 09.14.21

Davis = David (sorry for the typo)

Diane S says · 09.16.21

Wishing everyone a great year. I love that you shared this part of your life with us. You are a great mom!