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Ask Kate: What is a hair bond?

Well, the first week of school is in the books! I have underestimated how much mental energy I spent thinking about the boys when they were gone all day! I am so used to having them home, and even though I love their school and know they are happy, I missed them terribly! It felt like an extremely productive work week, personally, and that is always a gratifying feeling!

I shared a post recently about how we were prepping for school with some systems and routines, you can read it here.

I’m still hearing from people that the White T-Shirt Contest post was helpful, and I love that! I’m curious: what would you like to see next? V-neck t-shirts? Straight Leg Denim? 

Did you know I have an Amazon Storefront where I’ve compiled my favorite things from Amazon? From home favorites (like the organizational bins I use in my pantry) to clothing purchases I love. You can check out my picks by clicking here!

My boys have outgrown some of our kid dishes so I found a melamine dish set on Amazon that has exactly what I need for the kids! 4 bowls, 4 large plates, and 4 small plates. They are melamine so they won’t easily break, and dishwasher safe as well.

I tried this dress on when it arrived in the mail this week. My first instinct was not love as the shoulders were a bit puffier in real life than displayed on the website, but after sharing it on Instagram I’ve been influenced to give it another try.

And here are a few things I mentioned on Instagram Stories recently that you may have missed: 

Laneige lip sleeping mask – the best!

Anti-Slide pads for mules – very helpful for keeping your foot in the mule.

Flare/Bootcut Jeans 

Shani Darden Retinol Reform

Favorite Jean Jacket – I’ve had mine for many years and it just gets better with age.

Faux Boxwood Spiral Plants

Planters from Home Depot 

Hair Dressers Invisible Oil Soft Texture Finishing Spray from bumble and bumble – A really nice texture spray that adds definition without stiff hold.

Black Jeans

White V-Neck Tee

Brownie Knife – An essential for cutting baked treats (from brownies to banana bread) out of metal pans without cutting the metal.

Tortilla Land uncooked tortillas – so delicious!

Urban Decay All Nighter Lightweight Loose Setting Powder

bumble and bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo

Forver Mood “Caked Up” Candle

Velour Fluff’n Brow Pencil 

Benefit POWmade for brows

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – A favorite easy to use eyebrow pencil.

FlutterHabit Lashes – Their new glue really is better!

Lashify Lashes

Patrick Ta “She’s That Girl” Cream and Powder Blush – hopefully in stock soon!

Revlon Photo Ready Insta Highlighting Stick in Rose Gold Kiss – a very subtle stick highlighter

Always Pan by Our Place – I just ordered the pot since I love the pan so much.


This week’s discount codes (#partnerships): 

amika: Use code SMALLTHINGS10 for 10% off your purchase

One-Third Clothing: Kate15 will give you 15% off

Bagging Rights: KATE10 gives you 10% off any items at

Miranda Frye: “Smallthings10” will get you 10% off and free shipping!

Spanx: Use code “KateXSpanx” for 10% off plus free shipping!

Beddy’s: Code “SmallThings” saves you 20%!

Questions from Monday’s Q&A Box:

Do you use a planner? No, I use iCal on my phone!

Purse or mom bag that you carry? I have a daily purse just for me, but occasionally will carry around a tote bag with things I need for the kids.

How often do you wash your hair? Almost daily, sometimes I’ll skip a day.

Do you have a favorite eye cream? I really love the Bobbi Brown Eye Base!

Should I buff my nails before polishing? Yes!



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Andie says · 09.10.21

Where is the green dress in that photo from? I checked your Liketoknow it and I couldn’t find it!

Kate says · 09.10.21

which one 🙂

Megan says · 09.10.21

The front one. So pretty!!

Melanie says · 09.10.21

Straight leg denim and/or leggings contest post would be great for all various price points. Have a great weekend!!

Molly M Gray says · 09.10.21

Hi Kate – Thanks for the great links. Is the Always Pan heavy? How would you compare it to a standard non-stick or a Le Creuset enamel over cast iron pan?

Kate says · 09.10.21

No, it’s not! Much lighter than my cast iron pan.

Kris says · 09.10.21

I would love to see a post on V-neck t- shirts. Good ones are sometimes so hard to find.

Danielle says · 09.10.21

I always adore your posts sweetie!

Danielle |

Rebecca Leigh says · 09.10.21

I am obsessed with lips, I’ll look for that mask the next time I’m in Sephora! I would like to hear your thoughts on straight leg denim.

Allie says · 09.10.21

Where is the green blouse in the photo from? It is so cute!

Kay Erickson says · 09.10.21

C-neck AND straight leg try on please!!!

Theresa says · 09.10.21

YES straight leg denim please. This millennial is intimidated

Kristin says · 09.12.21

The first green dress on the front of the rack on the top photo of this blog post – I love it!! I cant seem to find it on your amazon storefront or like to know it page. Could you share where you got it please? 😊

Andie says · 09.12.21

The front one! I saw it in a post on LTK but it was makeup that was linked!

Kate says · 09.13.21

Oh yes, it’s from Old Navy!